Top 35 Sims 4 Traits Mods FREE Download – [UPDATED]

We can choose from a wide variety of attributes in The Sims 4. However, if you like to have a large number of Sims in one town, many of them can become tedious.

It gets to the point when all of the Sims share the same attributes. This is where a shot of much-needed diversity comes in helpful.

As a result, owing to the efforts of a group of talented modders, I’ve produced a list of the best Sims 4 custom traits add-ons that you can freely download.

All of these mods are completely free, and you can get them by clicking one of the links below. Take a look and let us know what you think.

35 Best Sims 4 Traits Mods List

1. The Singer Trait




It’s so aggravating that singing isn’t even a skill, and you can’t make a living doing it.

Even the musical branches force you to choose between playing the piano and playing the guitar! Dammit, why can’t we all be singers?!

This characteristic, on the other hand, will prevent you from pursuing a career as a vocalist. There are career mods that allow you to pursue this, but the singer trait will give your sim a natural talent for singing and help them master the vocal arts.

Bring it over to The Sims if it doesn’t line up in real life.

With the vocalist attribute, you can bust your local chords and outperform the rest of the musicians in your virtual city.

2. Drama Queen Trait

drama-queen-trait Sims 4



With the Drama Queen trait, you can transform into a typical movie girlfriend.

This mod will cause every sim with the trait to have a temper tantrum over the tiniest of issues, making them extremely irritating to live with or deal with.

Many individuals are like this, and I’m sure you’ve dealt with your fair share of drama queens. It’s time to bring virtual reality closer to reality.

This also appears to be a feature that may have made its way into the base game, so if you’re seeking for vanilla-friendly qualities, you’ve found one of the greatest.

3. Gamer Trait




In the Sims world, you can become a true gamer.

You will be able to level up your gaming ability far faster than the typical sim if you have the gamer attribute.

The Gamer Trait mod is the one you’ll want to instal if you think you’re skilled enough to become a streamer and make money from it.

Isn’t that exactly what The Sims is for if you can’t experience it in real life?

It’s not easy to play video games well. Some people, though, have a natural talent for it.

This attribute will transform your Sim into one of these individuals; take use of it to earn those streamer simoleons.

4. Kids Traits




The Sims universe’s kids don’t seem to have enough traits to choose from, and this hack seeks to fix that.

When you instal this mod, you’ll be able to choose a lot more qualities for your offspring, allowing you to play with greater variety even at the early stages of a sim’s existence.

With these characteristics, you may make toddlers’ lives easier and the game more enjoyable.

5. Culinary Inept Trait




Okay, I’ll be honest with you and tell you why this trait is so high on my list: I’m a poor cook.

I can cook a mean chicken, but the flavour of the food I produce falls far short of my expectations.

It’s taking a long time for me to improve. Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Yes, this mod transforms the Sims into identical replicas of me. Yay!

It also adds realism, as sims usually take up cooking quickly, even if they haven’t done it before.

With this mod, you can experience what it’s like to make horrible pancakes like me.

6. Zoophobic Trait




After you apply the zoophobic trait, your sim will never be able to look at another wild animal the same way again.

It will make your sims excessively fearful of the sim world’s wild creatures, and you’ll have to deal with it to keep them from panicking.

Strange, but most of the people on this list are just plain weird.

It’s a nice little attribute that adds a little difficulty to the game without making it too difficult.

7. Shy Trait

shy-trait Sims 4



Finally, a mod that speaks for us introverts!

It makes us appear bad, but we are a little like this trait depicts.

With the shy trait, the majority of your social encounters will be awkward, and your sim will fail at the majority of them.

This is one of the characteristics that makes the game a little more difficult.

This is a trait that some of us use in real life, and if you want your Sims to act like you, this is the one to add.

This appeals to me more than the other socially awkward characteristics since it appears to be more “realistic,” if that makes sense.

8. Reaper Trait




Instead of hacking the game to make the Grim Reaper a playable character, you may simply add the Grim Reaper attribute.

This mod changes the behaviour of certain Sims to resemble Death.

They will be unable to die, and as time passes, they will grow apathetic to the fact that they have been living for so long. Causing strange side effects such as a lack of desire to be around them.

Yes, this is quickly becoming a really gloomy situation.

In any case, it’s a one-of-a-kind mod that stands out from the rest of the trait mods on my list.

I really enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will as well!


9. Siren Trait




Sirens are flirtatious creatures who can engage in social interactions far better than any other sim in the game.

You’ll be able to improve your social skills considerably faster than in any other sim (and this also includes mischief).

The only drawback of playing one of these sims is that their relationships and bonds with others deteriorate far more quickly than your normal sim’s.

Your sim will be in a flirtatious mood as a result of this.

It is far more appropriate for women than for men, as it makes significantly more sense in terms of the trait’s impacts as well as its substance.

10. WooHoo Lover Trait

woohoo-lover trait sims 4



The Woohoo lover trait turns the sim who has it become a woohoo addict.

When your sims participate in woohoo with other sims, their emotions will be boosted.

Let’s face it, a lot of folks that play the game are nuts. And it’s for this reason that mods like this one are so popular.

In any case, the Woohoo lover trait is without a doubt one of the greatest for a bizarre Sims 4 session.

All buffs endure for 4 hours, so plan ahead and use your new woohooing abilities strategically.


11. Internet Kid Trait

internet-kid-mod sims 4



This seems like an odd characteristic to have in an adult.

The Internet Kid characteristic, on the other hand, is the one you want if you want your sim to spend as much time on the computer as you did when you were younger.

This effectively transforms every sim into a computer nerd who never tyres of staring at a screen.

To me, that sounds a little too similar…

It’s intended to be used mostly by sims up to the age of adolescents, as having the trait on them after that might be a little strange.

But don’t worry, it also works on adults. In our fantasy games, we can all become PC addicts.

12. Baby Maker Trait




Are you having trouble conceiving?

Don’t worry, my buddy; there’s no need to visit a reproductive clinic when you have the Baby Maker characteristic.

Your male sims will be considerably more likely to have a baby with whomever they choose to sleep with after installing this update.

I must reiterate, as I have with others on this list, that enormous power comes with great responsibility.

With this add-on, they’ll truly become freaks of nature, and practically every woohoo will end up with them producing offspring.


13. Depression Trait




We’ve all experienced depression at some point in our lives, right?

That isn’t just my opinion. And if that’s the case, I’d like my sim to accompany me.

Your sim will be prone to the same emotional troubles that we all experience when we’re depressed if they have the depression trait.

Your sim isn’t clinically depressed as a result of the attribute.

However, it gives the impression that it is.

In any case, if you desire a hard game, this is one of the trait mods that I strongly advise you to get.

14. 7 New Traits Teen Pack




It’s past time for those adolescent sims to be able to experience more of the emotions that real teenagers do.

As a result, this patch introduces seven new qualities that can only be acquired by Sims in their adolescent years.

The traits all have their own unique icons that blend in with the rest of the game’s traits.

Variety is always appreciated, and if you’re looking for it, the New Traits Pack is the way to go.


15. Mama’s Witch Trait




No, this isn’t a mod for a negative attribute.

Don’t be too harsh on witches — they’re not all wicked!

The Mama’s Witch Trait mod makes witch sims nicer and more open to others, as well as allowing them to learn some talents far more quickly than other sims.

They can’t be tense or bored, and they’ll be concentrated at all times. You have to believe me when I say this is a really favourable trait mod!


16. Insecure Trait




This is a good little mod that makes your sim feel constantly ashamed by being the most insecure person in the room.

It also prevents people from feeling confident, so expect to struggle if you want to keep a relationship or find that special someone.


17. ADHD Trait




Are you looking for a new challenge?

So, give this mod a try and let me know what you think.

It causes sims to become bored much faster, as well as making it difficult for them to sustain any kind of serious relationship with others.

They’ll be friendlier and easier to get along with, but they’ll find it difficult to concentrate at work or school.

There are a few advantages to it. However, it will primarily increase the difficulty of your playing (which can be fun too).


18. Boyfriend & Girlfriend Material Traits

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Material Traits



Sims with these two complementing attributes are far more likely to enjoy their time together.

Being with their spouse will instantly improve their mood, and finding that special someone will ensure that they are the happiest sims in their respective blocks.

This mod is a must-have if you’re looking for a serious romance playthrough!


19. Author Trait




Yes, you can aspire to be a published author.

However, you will be able to have the trait as well with this mod!

Add this feature to one of your sims to experience the excitement of creating imaginary settings and make it a hobby.

It’s a great addition for anyone aspiring to be a best-selling author, and it’s also a lot of fun if you want to design a sim that lives off writing earnings.


20. Naïve Trait




Here’s a fun characteristic that reflects how many individuals are in real life.

The Nave add-on makes it so that sims can’t easily pick up social skills.

However, because they lack the inherent social characteristics, they will be less embarrassed in certain situations with others.

They’re also considerably more open to other sims because they don’t believe they’ll be injured. As a result, there’s plenty of room for chaos.

21. Bipolar Disorder Trait




The Bipolar Trait is another trait that makes the list not because it’s particularly entertaining, but because it’s highly accurate.

It causes your sim to have extreme mood swings and essentially turn into a madman.

You’ll notice that your sim suddenly becomes depressed for no apparent reason. As your Sim god, I’m sure you understand why.

This is a realistic mod, however it will be difficult to play with, just like the autism and worried qualities.

Many humans suffer from this, thus it’s only normal for sims to experience it as well. This mod makes it possible!


22. Anxious Trait




This is the characteristic mod to get if you want a tough but realistic trait mod.

The Anxious Trait mod renders your sim unable of controlling their anxiety, resulting in an increase in panic episodes and an inability to maintain control in many situations that would not be problematic for other sims.

Because it’s based on a real sickness, expect this attribute to take you to a new level of realism.

It won’t be enjoyable, believe me. That’s why I’ve included it in the list!


23. Spiritual Trait




With the spiritual attribute, you may connect with yourself and nature, making your sim feel more connected to the things we can’t see but that make us feel more pure.

For many people, having good karma is crucial.

It will now be crucial for many sims as well.

It’s time to keep your sim in the purest of states of mind by balancing the energies that float around.


24. Two-Faced Trait




“Two-Faced Sims are dishonest, backstabbing, and untrustworthy.”

Damn, I’m sorry. That’s a fantastic description.

I’m guessing this personality attribute is inspired by a real-life person or a painful breakup… But, hey, let’s not whine and hope things are looking up now!

Sims can now be untrustworthy jerks thanks to this mod. That should have been included in the base game.


25. New Emotional Traits




These incredible emotional attributes are simply supercharged versions of other game traits.

You’ll have a Stoic sim, for example, who is always calm and collected.

You might also have an Egghead sim, who is a genius that is always talking about nerdy things and may tyre other sims with their jib-jab.

I adore this because it genuinely makes each sim more distinct than they are in the main game — individuals experience intense emotions all the time, and Simland should be no different.


26. Blessed & Cursed Traits




I’m sure you can guess what these attributes do – they essentially modify a sim’s life without allowing them to choose what happens.

The cursed trait will make your sim’s life a living misery, whilst the blessed trait will make them feel as if they are in heaven.

Which would you want to have? I know which one is unquestionably more enjoyable.


27. Feminine & Manly Traits




Your sims will feel more linked to their roots thanks to the Feminine and Manly qualities.

And, depending on random conditions, each of these tweaks comes with an additional status change.

Your male sim’s mood can be changed to make him more confident, or your female sim’s mood can be changed to make her happier.

Even though these attributes don’t change all that much, it’s a fun little mod.


28. Arrogant Trait




Arrogant sims are self-assured (having confidence is their default emotion), and they despise defeat.

They experience negative status changes as a result of failure or embarrassment in front of others.

It’s a well-designed attribute, and I like having the option to make my sim a haughty jerk if I’m doing one of “those” playthroughs.


29. Autism in Sims 4




This is a serious trait mod, but it’s one that everyone who wants a realistic experience in their game should have.

The Autism characteristic causes Sims to behave as if they have autism, such as repeating the same tasks over and over, having difficulty talking, and engaging in any type of social activity. And they can only talk to other people on a few things.

It isn’t a mod that will improve your Sims in any manner.

However, it adds a lot of realism to the game and, metaphorically speaking, puts things into perspective for your fellow Sims.


30. Handsome Trait




The Handsome Trait is ideal for individuals who want to make a good-looking sim who is noticed by others.

This characteristic makes it much easier to make friends, and every female sim will be significantly more interested in your male sim than any other female sim.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

So be careful how you use your enticing good looks to influence others.


31. Bossy Trait




This appears to be a feature that could have simply been included in the original game.

As a result, it’s one I’m adding to my list.

The Bossy attribute makes any sim who has it feel superior to the others, leading them to believe that they can rule over everyone else.

It makes the game a little grating. But, because we all have to deal with people like these in our daily lives, why shouldn’t those who live in the Sim World suffer the same fate?


32. Hobby Traits




This mod offers a characteristic that will help you if you don’t want your sim to be an outright alcoholic but yet want them to enjoy a few drinks.

The patch adds four new hobby traits to the game, including the Bar Drinker feature.

Isn’t it adorable?

There’s also Chess Lover, Coffee Lover, and Beauty Lover.

Before your sims are “born,” get them invested in something they enjoy and choose it for them.

33. Lifestyle Traits




This patch introduces four new lifestyle features to the game, two of which are highly political in nature.

You may choose whether your sim is a Republican or a Democrat, which I find amusing given how much the game avoids politics.

However, I’m included this mod since it adds the Meditator and All-Rounder qualities to the game, both of which are wonderful additions.

34. Lot Traits




The Lot Attributes bundle allows you to choose certain traits for a lot, giving your towns and cities a higher level of customisation.

You’ll be introducing a lot of new options and customizability to the game environment with Lot Traits.

Banks, airports, train stations, bakeries, and much more are all located in this area.

With this patch, you’ll be able to choose from all of them as lot traits! Isn’t it a little like Sim City?


35. Alcoholic Trait




Okay, I know you thought this was going to be a fun list, but I’m going to start with the darkest of all the traits.

The Alcoholic Trait causes your sims to get reliant on alcohol, causing them to become depressed for no apparent reason.

And they’ll only be happy if they’ve had a few drinks.

It’s never too early for alcoholic sims to enjoy a drink.

You can either control them or watch them break into their minibar and create a morning margarita.



I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 traits mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.


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