The Best Sims 3 Mods List [Updated]

Are you a sims player? Here is one of the best sims 3 mods list. These mods are widely used in-game to enhance the gaming experience while playing.

The game is a bit older now and many peoples are now playing sims 4 since there are many updates in the latest versions. But there are plenty of people who still love to play the Sims 3 for obvious reasons.

That’s why we have come up with something very essential. Exactly, the sims 3 mods list which are one of the best ways to enhance the gaming experience.

These mods list contains all of your favourite mods that will help to customize each and everything from Baby hair colours to dresses, faces and you can even change Sims 3 worlds.

I will update this list regularly so that you can get the best sims 3 mods that I personally use to get benefit in-game.

Best Sims 3 Mods List – FREE Download:

Here are some of the best and recommended sims 3 mods list. You can also download these mods from the links given.

Sims 3 Essential NRAAS Mods:


These mods are very widely used and essential, you should download these and try them first before others.

Story Progression – This mod is used to replace EA’s story progression in a much better way. There are some other optional modules for this mod, you can also download them. Career, Extra, Money, Relationship, and Skill.

Master Controller – This master controller mod allows you to take control and change everything inside your Sims 3 world. Simply, it allows the user to select any Sim in the world. There are some optional modules including Integration, Cheats, and Progression that you should download.

OverWatch – This mod is really helpful as it cleans all the junk files and eliminates errors periodically while you play the game. It also helps in reducing the lag that comes around when you try to save something.

Mover – Mover mod is used to retain the opportunities and dreams of Sims which you switch active households. It also removes different restrictions such as “Requires Adult” and “Greater than 8”.

Retuner – This mod allows you to retune different things in Sims. You can simply use this mod to reduce the price of groceries, books, and other things. It helps in lowering the bills. 

Error Trap – Even though of data corruption and other timely errors? Error Trap mod helps catching and correction of errors and data corruption.

Saver – As the name suggests, saver mod is used to save after a given amount of playtime. 

Debug Enabler – This mod is used to debug some important EA commands so that you can use them in-game. Most commonly, it is used to reset stuck objects.

If you want to know about the settings of NRaas mods, you can click here and if you want to know Story Progression settings, click here.

Sims 3 Baby and Toddler Mods

Sims 3 Babby Toddler Mods

These mods are very special in the Sims world as they impact babies and toddlers in the game. Many people search for the sims 3 baby mods. So, I have provided them below. You can try these mods to change baby interactions in the game.

Baby Clothes with Legs – Don’t want to see burrito babies? this mod will impact outfits that give your babies little legs. Wanna try? Checkout this mod below.

Baby Hairs – This mod helps make baby’s hair more prominent as they are born. You can easily see the baby’s hair colors after they are born.

Faster Toddler Training – This mod allows toddlers to learn skills very quickly(at 1/3 the time) and encourages Sims to teach toddlers different skills automatically. Also, you will need to register an account to download this mod from the SimsAsylum website. You can use your Gmail address too.

White Formula Default Replacement Bottle – This mod helps you to replace the default green milk baby bottle with a white milk bottle. No need to see green milk anymore.

Sims 3 Career and Role Mods

Sims 3 Career Mods

There are some mods that affect careers and roles in the Sims world. Moreover, these mods can be used to change the character’s role.

Careers – This mod helps in modifying a lot of features that are correlated to careers. People mostly use it to give their Sims “Unemployed” career to prevent them from being assigned as coworkers in different kinds of jobs. There are other options as well such as self-employed and academic careers.

Job Overhaul – An interesting mod that will help Sims attend interviews for jobs they want and it’s also possible they won’t get the job!

Register It allows you to select which Sim you want to perform certain roles in town such as cashiers etc. Also, you can use this mod to let your playable Sims work jobs in your favorable town instead of random townies.

Create-A-Sim / Genetics Mods

Sims 3 Genetics Mods

Ever thought to change the playable Sim? Yes, you can use different mods such as Sims 3 dressing mods, to change Genetics and other things.

Dresser Mod – You can use this mod to change accessories such as body hair, makeup, add new hair to all sims. Also, it has the ability to invalidate different CAS parts that you don’t want in your town. And you can replace them with random choices of your own when a sim rolls them on their outfit.

Eye Color / No Mutated Hair – This mod forces the newborn Sims to have eye color and hair color similar to their parents or grandparents. It also helps in preventing a random(mutated) color from being chosen.

Zoom-In CAS Camera This mod allows you to zoom in closer in CAS to edit your Sims and Pets.

Sims 3 Default Replacements Mods

This mod section contains some special yet technical custom content. Basically, these are some of the replacements which I am currently using and you can use them too in-game.

Actually, I like the default Sims 3 hair textures, so I use them as in-game hairs and I also have a ton of store hairs so I have a large, matching selection.

Sims 3 Environment Mods

Sims 3 Environment Mods

Do you want to change the environment in some way? These mods are used to do so and are equivalent to Sims 2 neighbourhood mods.

Blue Skies & Sunshine Lighting Mod – There is a default lighting mod that overrides lighting in all worlds. It makes the Sims environment looks nicer, also, get rid of that awful bloom in the default lighting. I use St. Claire’s water version and that’s what I will recommend.

Enchanted Environment – This mod replaces the EA sun, moon, clouds, rainbows, stars, frozen pond texture, and other snowy footprints with much nicer versions.

Sims 3 Miscellaneous Mods

There are some sims mods that don’t fit in any category so here we go!

Always Put Books Away – Instead of leaving books sitting around, this mod will help you to let put books away. Again you will need to register an account at Sims Asylum to download.

Go Here – This mod replaces the “Go Here” interaction with one that can be stacked in the queue, allowing the user to better direct the route of a sim. It also changes other things such as makes inactive sims less likely to go home. Also, restores haunting ghosts in the graveyard, fixes some common routing errors. Moreover, it also allows Sims to Teleport to another location.

Moar Interactions – It helps in fixing some errors of EA interactions and also adds new interactions.

No or Fewer Automatic Memories – Want to stop the memory scrapbook from filling up with useless memories? Use this mod to stop it. You can use the “Only Important Memories” version.

OMSPs – One more slot, please. Use this mod to add more decorations and clutter to the surface.

Once Read – This mod will help you to replace all the read book type interactions so that they only select books your Sim hasn’t read already.

Porter – This mod allows you to pack and move your family in-game to new worlds while keeping your jobs and relations intact.

Realistically Slower Cars – Want to control vehicle speed? You can do that with this good mod. It will slow down all the vehicles to a realistic speed in-game.

Relativity – Basically, this mod is used to change the speed at which the time flows during the sim-day.

Tagger – Tagger mod helps in overhauling the map tagging system. Mostly it is used to change the lot address and to see Sim’s net worth. Also, it is used to see sexual orientation from the map view.

Time Shifter – This mod helps you to set the time of the day, and similar to set hour cheat in Sims 2. But use it with caution as your entire neighborhood will be affected.

Sims 3 Money Mods

Sims 3 Money Mods

Money is really fascinating even in games like the real world. Everyone needs endless cash and that’s what these mods are for.

Apartments & Roommates Fix – This mod is used to easily manage the rental properties and landlord/tenant system. It also allows you to play as a Landlord.

Minimum Wage – Do you want to lower the pay and increase the hours of all Sims 3 Careers? if yes, then this mod will help you do that. Depending on the career track in question, all starts at $8 or less and the amount you can get as a raise has been lowered to 0.04%. It makes the game more harder and fun.

Online Banking Mod – Just like the real world, this mod adds the functionality to all computers to use online banking such as deposit/withdraw money from the bank account.

Tax Collector – This mod easily allows the user to manually collects Tax money from your sims. The money can then be used in various situations like improving any school or library within the town or financing a children’s home.

Sims 3 Posing Mods

Sims 3 Pose Mods

Everyone loves posing while taking pictures, isn’t it? These mods help in posing for Sims in screenshots.

Sims 3 Pose Player Mods – That’s a buyable object that plays any installed poses by name. You will need to download some pose mods to go with the player. There are plenty of them, you can use Studio Girl for Poses.

Screenshot Backdrop – Adds the functionality to a color castable backdrop that helps taking screenshots in front of full bright color.

Sims 3 Pregnancy Mods

Sims 3 Pregnancy Mods

These are the most favourable mods ever requested. Sims 3 Pregnancy mods affect the pregnancies in the game.

Less/Frequent Male Pregnancy – You know what it is right? I prefer using the “High” chance version.

Pregnancy Progress Controller – Both for humans and pets, this mod adds a set of pie menu Pregnancy Options to all sims teen and above. There are plenty of features in this mod like choosing the sex of the baby, terminating the pregnancy, show status, etc. I use it mostly to stop pregnancy while I’m playing rotationally so that Sims don’t give birth unless I’m playing them.

Teen Maternity Clothes – Actually, that’s not completely a mod, you will still need some teen maternity clothes if you want teen pregnancy. Recommendations are Woohooer that is used to enable teen pregnancies.

Also check: The Sims

Sims 3 Romance Mods

Sims 3 Romance Mods

Everyone loves romance. These are Sims 3 romance mods that affect love, Romance, and woohoo in the game.

Retuned Attraction System – Basically this mod overhaul the in-game attraction system. I use the “Variety Attraction” flavor.

Sleep Freedom – This feature is really helpful as it overrides the EA requirement that teenagers be related to sleep in the same bed together. It comes under romance mods because I use it so that the teens can sleep with their young adult partners in the same bed.

Woohooer – This mod adds risky woohoo, teen, woohoo, and another feature that is teen pregnancy. Also, it improves the romantic system of the game.

Sims 3 Shopping Mods

Sims 3 Shopping Mods

Like there are many other mods for specific functions, you can also use sims 3 shopping mods. They work differently for shopping, selling things in player-owned shops.

Cosigner – This mod does an important function and that is to replace the “Buy” interaction on the consignment register with one that allows the sale of potions, rocks, metals, gems, insects, relics, and sketches. If you have Pets installed then there will be a new interaction called “Sell Pet” that will be added.

No Fridge Shopping – This mod does something cool and that is to replace the meal-making interactions on the fridge with custom ones that check whether Sim has the required ingredients to make the meal or snack or not.

Produce Stand – This mod simply allows your Sims to sell anything such as produce and prepared food from their home lots.

Shop for Clothes – This mod adds interactions to the clothing rack object that came with ambitions, allowing your Sim to “shop” for different clothes.

Shop from Inventory – Through hacked registers, this mod allows you to sell items you have assigned as the store inventory. So basically you can create any type of store or shop you like.

Written Word –  This mod adds all the sim written books into the bookstore listing under the “General” section.

Sims 3 Wish Mods

If you want to play with wishes, dreams, and other opportunities in the game, these Wish mods are for you.

Dreamer –  This mod simply allows your sims to satisfy unlocked dreams when their criteria are met. If you tuned, the mod will stop the timeout of unlocked dreams.

Disable Hopscotch Wishes –  It stops your sims from getting different annoying wishes to play hopscotch all the time.


These are some of the updates which are done lately. Moreover, you will find more updations from time to time.

May 20, 2020

  • Added Debug Enabler to Essential Mods.
  • Also, Created a new Wish Mods section.
  • Also, added Disable Hopscotch Wishes.
  • Added Consigner to Shopping Mods.
  • Also, added Go Here to Misc Mods.
  • Added Written Word to Shopping Mods.
  • Also, added Once Read to Misc Mods.
  • Also, added Dresser to CAS Mods.
  • Added Relativity to Misc Mods.
  • Also, created the Baby & Toddler Mods section.
  • Added Faster Toddler Training to Baby/Toddler Section.
  • Also, added Baby Clothes with Legs and Baby Hair to Baby/Toddler Section.
  • Added Baby Skin to Default Replacements.
  • Also, added Sleep Freedom to Romance Mods.
  • Also, added Apartment & Roommate Fix to Money Mods.
  • Added Job Overhaul Mod to Career & Role Mods.
  • Also, added Always Put Books Away to Misc Mods.
  • Also, added Produce Stand to Shopping Mods.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Sims 3 Mods?

The best Sims 3 mods include

  • Essential Mods
  • Baby & Toddler Mods
  • Career & Role Mods
  • CAS & Genetics
  • Default Replacements
  • Environment Mods
  • Miscellaneous Mods
  • Money Mods
  • Pose Mods
  • Pregnancy Mods
  • Romance Mods
  • Shopping Mods
  • Wish Mods
  • Updates

How to install Sims 3 CC and Mods?

Here is the complete tutorial on how to install sims 3 mods 2020. Watch now!

How to enable CC in Sims 3?

Sims3Pack files into your Downloads folder. Then open your launcher, and select the Installed Content tab. In this tab, there should be a box you can checkmark – Run with Custom Content. To install your CC, click the Select All button


How to install Sims 3 Custom Worlds?

Open sims3pack, just double-click it or right-click -> Open With Sims 3 Launcher. To install the. world, cut/paste it from where you extracted it, usually into: [installation folder, NOT My Documents] \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ GameData \ Shared \ NonPackaged \ Worlds


Hope that you liked the best mods list. If you want to say anything, you can let us know.

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