What are the best countries to celebrate New Year’s 2022?

New Year is an occasion which everyone is excited for. Whether you are celebrating it with a glass of champagne or a wholesome party, everyone has some way in which they celebrate. 

Fortunately, there are various countries which are famous for hosting New Years’ events. From London to Paris, there are many places that visitors travel to during this time. 

Following are the most popular countries that you can visit to spread Happy New Year Wishes and enjoy this occasion to the fullest. 


This is one of the best destinations. This city provides an amazing experience to all those visitors who want to have a thrilling New Year’s night. The fireworks over the Sydney Harbor are mesmerizing. The cruises offer a remarkable experience with fancy food and drinks. There are several hotels where you can stay. There are a lot of things as well that you can do during your stay. It is an ideal place to celebrate this New Year, especially if you are planning to do it with your family. 


Venice is the perfect destination if you want to experience the mesmerizing canals and interesting architecture. A lot of tourists come to spend their vacations here. You can start the New Year celebration with a lavish dinner and end it with a boat ride. People who are fond of theatre spend New Years in this city. You can also attend the party at the St Mark’s Square. It is an amazing place for couples. 


As soon as the clock strikes at 12, you will spot amazing display of fireworks all over the city. It is amazingly satisfying to watch these fireworks. People from all across the globe gather at the Burj Khalifa to experience the fireworks. There are many hotels in the city that you can stay at. From booking a dinner cruise to enjoy performances at Dubai Opera, there are a number of things to do. You can watch Happy Year Videos of Dubai to get an idea. 

Cape Town

If you want to get mesmerized by the lively ambiance of the city, then Cape Town is the place to visit. It is one of the best cities to visit during this time. It is rated as the best destination in South Africa. You can view the fireworks from Signal Hill or the Table Mountain. You can also enjoy the dinner at NYE cruise. It is ideal for friends and families to visit. 


The celebrations of New Year’s Even take place on a massive scale in London. You can view the fireworks which happen on the London’s Eye. The fascinating countdown party may be enjoyed at the famous Big Ben. You can engage in various parties and enjoy the stunning views of the city. This city is also famous for the various distinctive cuisines that you can find. It is perhaps, one of the best places to visit in New Year.

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