6 Reasons Why Manga is Becoming More Popular Than Comic Books

Manga and Comic books are both drawn forms of art where an artist draws out the entire story. Both these forms of art have their place in the industry, but we have seen manga gain an incredible amount of popularity.

Manga has become so popular that One Piece, one of the most popular manga has sold over 490 million copies all over the world. This is a huge achievement is on par with some of the best-selling fiction literature works such as the Harry Potter Books series and Dr. Seuss.

Similarly, there is many other manga series that have been making rounds in the world.

So, what could be the reason behind this massive fame of manga?

We are going to explore what we believe are the primary reasons behind the popularity of manga in the world.

So, let’s talk about why manga is more fun than comic books

  • Wide Range of Genres

Manga has a massive range of genres. You can get manga for children, teenagers, and even adults. Comic Books on the other hand are primarily targeted towards kids and teenagers.

The best thing about manga is, you can even find separate manga series for boys and girls, with a focus on different subjects. You can check out the different manga genres on mangastream replacement platforms if the site mangastream doesn’t work for you.

  • Consistent Art Style

The art style of manga stays consistent through the years. Since most manga goes on for many years, you don’t see a lot of changes in the art style and the character designs.

Comic Books on the other hand go through a lot of changes. This makes fans a little bit mad when things don’t go their way. Having a consistent art style creates a sense of familiarity which is more engaging for the fans.

  • Manga Series Can Last for Years

There are certain manga series that has been running for over 2 decades. This is a huge achievement that is quite rare in comic books.

If you look at the average release period for a manga and compare it with comic books, the difference between them is as clear as day and night. Manga is released on a monthly basis, and it lasts for many years on average.

  • Manga Has Better Character Development

Although it is a matter of subjective opinion, we believe that the manga has better character development. Since manga series has to go on for years, they cover every character in great detail.

Manga creators are great at coming up with amazing storylines for even the side characters. This is what makes them stand out in terms of portraying character development.

  • Access to Manga is Easier

Manga is way easier to access than back issues comics. You can find a lot of free and paid online manga websites to read the manga. You can learn about the best manga platforms at Pastnews. You can buy physical manga prints from popular online stores as well.

If you have a comic book store nearby, then it is most probably going to have manga as well. Since the manga is not yet completely common, ordering online or reading from a website or app would be the best option.

  • Manga Introduces You to a New Culture

If you read the slice of life manga series, you get to see the Japanese culture in great depth. Manga creators take pride in their culture, and they don’t hesitate when talking about it in their work.

Some manga series can be realistic in terms of portraying Japanese culture. So, if you are interested in learning about how things work in Japan (culture-wise) manga can be a great source of information.

Final Words

Although it has already become quite well-known all over the world, it is still something that is yet to see more growth and recognition.

And from what we have seen so far, the future of manga seems quite promising in western culture.

Now, if comic books want to make the same impact, they need to be able to adapt to some of the standards of manga and take inspiration from that to get the same results.

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