Top 30 Sims 4 Toddler Mods – FREE Download [UPDATED]

Who doesn’t adore TS4’s Toddlers? These may be the cutest incarnations of this age group yet, compared to prior (unmodded) editions of The Sims games!

That is why they are deserving of more attention – and more mods.

These must-have Toddler modifications and item packs are divided into three categories:

Mods that change, modify, or add to the gameplay are known as gameplay mods. Mods, CC, and stuff packs that contain items that may be utilised in-game for their intended purpose are known as functional objects (i.e., comfort, interaction, lighting, etc.).

Clothing and decorations are examples of Non-Functional Objects/CAS Items. They have no effect on your gameplay and cannot be interacted with. They either add realism to your game or are simply adorable to look at.


Let’s get started!

Best Sims 4 Toddler Mods FREE Download

1. More Autonomous Social Interactions for Toddlers by Brandi_Mane93




Have you ever left a Toddler alone with Blarffy to practise their communication skills? Autonomy Off players may not realise it, but autonomous chatty Toddlers have a tendency to become… repetitive.

Brandi Mane93, the mod’s designer, was certainly aware of this. As a result, this mod was born.

And believe me when I say that it makes a noticeable impact.

Toddlers can use 11 Social Interactions independently in this setting (that were previously only possible when specifically selected). They can now talk about trucks, princesses, toys, parties, and their favourite colour without you having to prod them. So you may say goodbye to the tedious and repetitious blabber.


2. Ultrasound Scan Mod by littlemssam




Simmers that like a more family-oriented approach to gameplay (as opposed to the “forever Young Adults living their best lives” approach) will likely enjoy this version.

Even though I prefer the latter to the former, I thought this mod was cute and clever.

Littlemssam’s mod adds a Gynecologist for your pregnant Sims to attend for an Ultrasound Examination during their second or third trimester. This visit will inform you the number of babies you can expect and their gender, just like a genuine ultrasound.

Because this is a Rabbit Hole excursion, your Pregnant Sim will be gone for 60 to 90 minutes in-game.

You’ll find an Ultrasound Scan in their Inventory when they return. Hover your mouse over it to learn more about the soon-to-be-born Sim!

It only gets cuter from there. Your Sim can have the scans framed (mod included; 9 swatches) and placed on the wall, just like any other happy, expecting parents (or parent)-to-be. They can also make a duplicate of the scan and send it as a present to their relatives and friends.

Your Sim will get a Happy Buff just by looking at the framed scan. Definitely a plus!


3. Education System Bundle Mod (Preschool Mod) by Stacie




Stacie’s Education System Bundle mod, easily one of the most remarkable mods on this list, is not to be taken lightly.


Other mods are offered in this all-in-one package, but the Preschool Mod is the one we want for our Toddlers.


Yes, your little ones can now join their older siblings for some sun, fun, and education (and a bit of socializing, I believe).


Toddlers will be taken to a Rabbit Hole, where they will be able to develop talents and character qualities based on the interactions you choose for them. If you want them to learn and acquire talents but don’t have the time to do it yourself, this is an excellent addon to have.


Some of these interactions are as follows:


  • Ask for Help – this boosts Bladder, Attention, and Hunger. Skill and Character Values gain are halted.
  • Fun, Manners, Imagination, and Movement are all enhanced when children play with toys. Skill and Character Values gain are halted.
  • Listen to the Teacher – Quickly improves skill and character value. FAST DECREASES FUN

The creator’s notes contain a complete list of accessible interactions as well as instructions on how to install them. Kids, read before you download!


4. Toddlers Have Less Nightmares Mod by Candyd




At 3 a.m., a sad little Toddler enters my Sim’s bedroom and screams my Sim awake because they had a nightmare… it can be pretty heartbreaking.


90% because my Sim has work in 6 hours and her Energy bar is still menacingly red, dammit, and 10% because TS4 Toddlers look heartbreakingly unhappy when they’re sad.




This mod is the ultimate solution to both problems. As the name implies, it greatly minimises the likelihood of your Toddlers being awakened by nightmares.


Because nightlights aren’t always enough.


So, according to the basic calculation, TS4 Toddlers have a 50% chance of having nightmares.


For Toddlers with the Independent characteristic, this is multiplied by 5. Your Toddler will have ten times less nightmares after they achieve Thinking Skill level 3.


This mod adds three new formulas to the game that are slightly more favourable:


  • There’s a 20% possibility of nightmares (divisions and reductions still apply)
  • 10% probability of nightmares (again, depending on Toddler’s Thinking Skill level and personality factors)
  • If you can’t be bothered anymore, there’s a 0% risk of nightmares.

Simply select which formula best suits your playing style and download that flavour. I don’t recommend installing all three files because they’re essentially redundant and could conflict with one another.


5. No Puddles Under Bathtubs from Splashing Toddlers Mod by littlemssam




The “unreachable mess” problem has to be one of the most irritating glitches in TS4 (at least for me). Like when your child creates a mess and 98 percent of the paint splatters go up beneath the bed, unclickable and hence uncleanable?


It’s those annoying bath-time puddles that wind up under the tub for Toddlers.


Your Neat Freak Sim is constantly Uncomfortable when they use that restroom, so you know they’re there.


The only way to get rid of those puddles is to go into Build Mode, relocate the tub, return to Live Mode, have your Sim mop the puddles, and then return to Build Mode to put the tub back where it belongs.


It was a good time.


This is why, thank you, I prefer littlemssam’s mod.


It reduces the probability of puddles appearing while Toddlers splash to 0%. No more bothersome, unreachable, unmoppable puddles that irritate my Sim, please.


6. Let Friends Age Up Mod by littlemssam




This is another mod that I didn’t realise I needed until I came across it.


Though it isn’t Toddler-specific, I believe it would be the most useful for Toddlers because (1) there aren’t many of them, and (2) socialising with Toddlers is challenging due to their limited encounters.


Littlemssam’s mod essentially allows you to age 20 Sims at once with a single cake.


This Magically Modded Cake can be used to mature all Sims on the same lot as long as they are all on the same lot. To age up the Sims, simply instal the mod and click on any ordinary Birthday Cake (as long as you can place candles in it, it counts).


This mod is really handy for Simmers who play with ageing off (read: me).


When your Sim’s child reaches Childhood, instead of leaving behind all of their Toddler buddies, they can all Age Up at the same time. You won’t have to locate new acquaintances for your Child Sim this way.


7. Meeting New Sibling Will Change Relationship Mod by Szemoka




This mod is hilarious, not to mention a very true depiction of what it’s like to meet new siblings.


I didn’t mind that the Meet New Sibling interaction resulted in nothing more than a moodlet.


Until I discovered this mod. Then I realised how much of a squandered chance that was, because the concept is dead on. I have a younger sibling, and it took us years to set aside our irrational animosity toward one another.


This mod adds realism to the game by altering the Sibling’s relationship with the new Baby based on how well they are received. The relationship gauge is automatically lowered to the red when you have an Unwanted Sibling.


And if you ever want that bar to turn green, you’ll have to get those siblings to hash out their issues as soon as possible. Classic.


8. Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers Mod by Evvi




It hurts me that we can’t use mods to aid lessen our suffering as part of the 100 Baby Challenge.


Because this mod is a beautiful two-in-one wonder that my present Matriarch could absolutely benefit from.


When playing in Kiddie Pools, this mod basically allows Toddlers to gain and develop their Movement Skill! Because, as the creator puts it so succinctly:


“Who has time to let their toddlers have some pure, unadulterated, non-skilling fun?” you might wonder. ”


Who is it, exactly?


I believe that a Toddler should be fine-tuning their motor skills in a Kiddie Pool because there is movement involved — not simply splashing and flailing, at least. As a result, this mod is a useful and smart download that you should absolutely get.


For the Kiddie Pools, you’ll need the TS4 Seasons Expansion Pack.


9. Breastfeed Toddlers Mod By PolarBearSims




Another useful and practical download. Because I’m all about making life easy for your Sims.

This mod by PolarBearSims replaces the Cuddle interaction in the main game with the ability to Breastfeed their Toddler like a baby. One famous Sims whirlwind, a few seconds of quality Parent-Toddler cuddling, and there you have it. The Hunger bar on your Toddler’s screen is totally full.

(Please keep in mind that this is only feasible between the Toddler and the Parent Sim.)

It’s far more efficient than putting them in a high chair or grabbing a serving. Toddlers climbing up on couches or plopping down on the floor to eat are adorable animations, but the actual procedure takes far too long at times.

Last but not least, this mod does not have a custom animation.

The Parent Sim and Toddler will still conduct the Cuddle animation if you choose the Breastfeed option. Don’t worry; just look at the Toddler’s Hunger and Fun.

If it’s slowly filling up, the mod was appropriately installed.

10. Child Can be Carried by Adults and Child can Care for Toddlers Mod by Sofmc9




This mod may appear strange at first, but believe me when I say that it is well worth putting in your game.

It essentially serves two purposes:

  • Adult Sims can transport children.
  • Toddlers can be cared after by children.
  • While both are fantastic, I’m looking for the component of the mod that allows a Child Sim to look after Toddlers.

They can Carry Toddler, Put Toddler to Bed, and Change Toddler’s Diaper if they “take care.”

Consider yourself a busy Single Parent Sim with far too many Toddlers, exactly the perfect number of Children, and far too few Teens. What would you not give for an extra pair – or three – of hands?

Your Child is changing Toddler Number Two’s diaper, sparing them from a bright red Hygiene bar, while you’re washing Toddler Number One.

It’s great, to put it that way.

Although the creator’s notes mention some potential animation flaws, the mod appears to be fully functioning, according to the comments.

Toddler Functional Objects Mods

11. Drink-o-Baby Mod by Around the Sims 4




A mod that provides Toddlers more items, enhances gameplay, and adds realism to the game?

Please accept my request.

The Drink-o-Baby is a brilliant piece of Sims technology that serves as a bottle warming and smoothie/juice maker exclusively for Toddlers. It gives your Toddler liquids in seconds, similar to Quick Meals, but in baby bottles and colourful Sippy cups.

This is very beneficial if your Toddler is hungry but your Teen Sim ate the last Mac & Cheese portion.

Simply walk over to the Drink-o-Baby, pick your beverage, and leave. For your small one, an instant bottle or Capri Sun-like juice pack.

It’ll satisfy their hunger long enough for you to make a Garden Salad or Grilled Cheese.

The actual cocktail menu is quite vast.

Water, fruit juice, and milk in baby bottles are the most basic. You can give them sippy cups (9 styles and 9 varieties) or puree packs for additional tasty options (6 variations). Strawberry, mango, banana strawberry, sweet potato, and blueberry apply spinach are all possible flavours.


When you enter Build/Buy mode, you’ll locate this wonder dispenser in Kitchen Appliances.

12. Nutri-Baby Mod by Around the Sims 4




Around the Sims 4’s Drink-o-Baby mod has a Food variant. It’s equally as useful, practical, and intelligent as its counterpart.

Nutri-Baby, like Drink-o-Baby, presents a variety of new rapid food options for the hungry Toddler who needs food now.

The food options are dishes that you would regularly serve to a toddler in real life, which adds to the realism.

Consider Gerber mush, ham and mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and peas, and pizza. In addition, each dish has its own mesh. There are no Fruitcake or Scrambled Eggs recolors here.

The majority of the meals are served on colourful food platters with little pieces. The rest (particularly, the mush) is served on plastic “mush plates” that are kid-friendly.

Simply click on the Nutri-Baby and select the meal you’d like to offer your Toddler, just like you did with the Drink-o-Baby. You have a fresh dish of food that will easily fill your Toddler’s Hunger bar in a matter of seconds.

They’ll interact normally if you serve it to them on the floor or in their high chair.

For a frazzled Sim parent juggling five or six children in one household? Believe me when I say that this is a blessing.

13. Toddler Playpens Mod by Around the Sims 4




Toddler Playpens are the subject of this episode of “why didn’t EA think of that?”

Playpens for toddlers that are functional.

To put it another way, you can keep your Toddler in a “open-enclosed” place where they can actually accomplish things and not feel cramped.

Where do I begin to express how brilliant this is?

You won’t have to be concerned about them wandering around and perhaps interacting with stuff (or other Sims) you don’t want them to. You won’t have to turn off their autonomy to keep an eye on them in this excellent square-foot playpen.

Did I mention that Toddlers won’t make any messes inside the Playpen?

This mod is fantastic.

To use, go into Build/Buy mode and purchase the Playpen. Pick up their Toddler with the Parent Sim. You’ll see an option to Put [Toddler’s Name] Down Here if you click the empty spot in the centre of the Playpen. The Parent Sim will place the Toddler in the Playpen when you click that.

Put all of your Toddler’s toys in their own Inventory before putting them inside the Playpen so they may play. The Playpen’s toys cannot be clicked on.

14. Mini-Chairs & Mini-Tables for Toddlers Mod




This set features the tiniest, tiniest chairs and tables you’ve ever seen, and I’ll never be able to get over it.

This mod provides us with Toddler-sized seats and tables to utilise with our adorable little ones. They can sit, eat, and drink Drink-o-Baby milk from a nice warm bottle.

To put it another way, they’re all completely functional.

They also level the playing field (literally). There will be no more clambering onto the couch or wrangling with the couch pillows.

Don’t get me wrong, the animation is cute, but come on. Toddler-sized tables are more adorable.

Splat Mats and Chair Boosters are also included in this stuff set, according to the author. Your Toddler should be able to sit in standard dining chairs and eat at a regular dining table when used together.

I highly recommend reading (and re-reading) everything before downloading because the developer offers thorough instructions on how to utilise the chair boosters and splat mats.

15. Tiny Twavellers Mod by Felixandre




I mean it (nearly) literally when I say this stunning, adventure-themed goodie pack has everything and the kitchen sink.

67 total pieces of useful objects, decorations, and everything in between are included in this fully-stocked custom content collection. It’s jaw-dropping, and I almost couldn’t believe it until I saw it in person.

Because many of the products in this Felixandre pack are focused at Toddlers and Children – specifically decorating their bedrooms – it is called that.

With all the green, brown, wood, and animal flavours going on, the theme is definitely “Jungle Adventure Meets Animal Safari.”

Rope swings (that aren’t working) can be used as chairs by your Toddlers. Bamboo-framed couches and loveseats are available. There are earth-toned Toddler beds and adult beds with separate foam and bedframes, allowing for a great deal of personalization.

Yes, the foam and frame can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire. There are a lot of swatches. There are numerous possibilities.

A canvas draped like a tent, a magnifying glass, a miniature safari hat, a squishy Freezer Bunny, a Toddler-sized (toy) alligator, and a flamingo head that you can mount to the wall are among the other ornamental objects.

You’ll just have to get this things pack and try it out for yourself. There are simply too many fantastic items to list.

16. Pokémon Toddler Bed Mod by NicoletteAunreel




Look at it this way: even with the Toddler Stuff Pack, there are only a few Toddler beds to select from.

And what is it that each bed has? How about six to twelve swatches? A lot of the samples are also solid-colored, which is disheartening.

My thesis is that children require vivid colours, dynamic patterns, and a disproportionate quantity of cuteness. In my opinion, any mod that can fulfil is a winner.

These adorable Pokémon beds are perfect for the task. They’re vibrant and rich, with distinct graphical characters.

With only one bed adjustment, your Toddler’s room has gained 200 percent more individuality.

And if you’re seeking for more Pokémon-themed TS4 content, look no further. We’ve got your back.

17. Baby Animals Toddler Beds Mod by Shanany




These handmade Toddler Beds by Shanany will melt your heart with swatches that will make even the most manly of men coo. They come in six distinct colours – or six beautiful baby animals – that form the perfect backdrop for any tiny Toddler, and trust me when I say that they will make you soft.

An orange fox, a doe-eyed panda and their mother, a cuddly penguin, a humorous hedgehog, a sleeping koala (my personal favourite), or a friendly giraffe await your Toddler.

The graphics are just flawless. The colours of the bedframe even match the animals!


18. Plushies (Playable Freezer Bunny) Mod by Veranka




If you’ve been a long-time Simmer, you’ll recognise Freezer Bunny. Freezer Bunny’s solid pink tush never fails to draw attention in EA’s ongoing “Where’s Waldo” game with their audience.

Your Toddler can now grasp said tush for some great snuggles, courtesy to Veranka’s mod.

I’ve never understood why there aren’t more Freezer Bunny toys or merchandise because I find him utterly cute.

So, until I saw this mod, I had no idea what I wanted.

It introduces Freezer Bunny, Llama (another classic Sims character), Sly Fox, and Kitty plushies that are functional (read: squeezable).

They are available in two sizes. Your Toddlers can simply play with the smaller ones. The larger versions are simply decorative.

19. Freezer Bunny Daycare and Stuff Pack Mod by SimDoughnut




So, in addition to the playable Freezer Bunny plushies, I discovered an absolutely adorable Toddler item pack featuring the Freezer Bunny.

And it’s a monster of a thing pack.

There were dozens of items on the walls, furniture, toys, clutter, and so much more.

It would be terrible if I didn’t find that darn bunny so cute. Freezer Bunny building blocks, Freezer Bunny cereal boxes, a Freezer Bunny Toddler bed, Freezer Bunny wall decals… If you don’t like him, you might want to avoid this download.

However, if you are, believe me when I tell you will not be disappointed.

The creator’s comments contain a detailed explanation of the stuff pack as well as a list of must-have CC (which is actually Veranka’s playable Freezer Bunny plushie). Before you download, be sure to have a peek!

20. Functional Dino Slide (with Custom Animation) Mod by necrodogmtsands4s




The default game includes one or two Toddler slides, but our Dino Slide mod adds a fully working slide with custom animation and a Happy Mood Boost.

Sims who use the slide will bounce off at the end and sprint around, either to avoid the next person or to queue up for another try.

It’s a cute sight to see.

This slide has its own tiny side sign in addition to being an extremely lovely blue slide with giant dino eyes at the end and stairs painted to look like scales (or whatever those ridges on the backs of dinosaurs are called). Toddlers, elders, and people of all ages can all benefit from it.

Unlike the Toddler Slides in the original game, this cheery little dino slide promises family fun!

21. Elephant Slide Mod by ayumea




Although this custom slide does not have its own animation, it is just as adorable as the Dino Slide. I felt compelled to include it.

The design is basic; the slide is framed by a spherical, Bambi-eyed baby elephant (complete with weeny tusks poking out at the side). The young elephant’s trunk serves as the slide.

Wait until you see the slide in-game if you think the description is cute. There are five wonderful colours to choose from, as well as a tonne of Toddler-sliding action. The mesh and animation will only work if you have The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff addon installed.

22. Solace Baby Swing Mod – TS3 to TS4 by chic4house




A mod that can spice up boring or repetitive base game stuff will always be appreciated by me.

That’s why I love retextures and recolors so much. It’s fascinating to watch how the Sims community reimagines and conceptualises even seemingly little objects.

What I’m trying to say is that CC’s baby swing is just brilliant.

It’s just a disguised toddler high chair! It doesn’t actually swing back and forth, but it appears to!

Bonus points for making the game more realistic (because I’ve seen a lot of real-life toddlers softly swinging in baby swings) and for changing the high chair into something with a bit more personality.

Non-Functional/CAS Objects

For more CAS mosd you check our list of best cas mods for the sims 4.

23. Pampers Cruisers Diapers Mod by kratoscheky




For whatever reason, there isn’t a lot of themed content in TS4 Toddlers and Children. Where are the Freezer Bunny diapers and Llamacorn bibs, for example?

This kratoscheky diaper set is based on Pamper’s Cruisers diapers, and it’s perfect for my demand for themed Toddler items. They’re adorable, realistic, and include figures with wide-eyed expressions sticking their heads out.

The developer even went above and beyond by editing the Toddler outfits in the TS4 base game to make it appear as if the Toddlers are wearing diapers underneath the clothes.

Depending on the garment type, there is extra padding, extra lines, or extra poof.

You may either download the altered, “pampered” (get it?) garments and diapers as a single.package file or simply the diapers. It adds a little something extra for your small Sim tots in either case.

24. Superhero Onesies and Masks for Toddlers Mod by SimsDollhouse




It’s no longer simply for Halloween that people dress up!

Not with SimsDollhouse’s gorgeous Superhero onesies (and matching masks). I don’t agree with the cliche that “boys love superheroes and girls love princesses,” but you have to admit, these onesies are adorable.

Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Batman, or The Flash can all be played by your young toddler.

(As an added bonus, you can finally convince DC to collaborate with Marvel.)

By the way, the Superman onesie is the only one without a matching mask. Under Facepaint, you’ll find the other four masks.

They’re also suitable for all ages, so if your Young Adult Sim ever feels like horsing around like a superhero, you can do so.

25. S77 Toddler 02 Funny Animal Onesies Mod by Sonata77




In the Sims 4 game, I know we have quite a collection of Toddler onesies.

Who, on the other hand, is going to say no to free clothes? Particularly those that make your Toddler look like a small panda.

If it wasn’t clear already, I strongly recommend these.

Although there are various animal-themed onesies in TS4 – not to mention a full-fledged Bear costume – this patch gives your Todd four new animals to try out: tiger, panda, giraffe, and zebra.

They’re also accessible for both men and women.

26. Little Witches Mod by StoryLegacySims




Maybe I’m just overly enthusiastic about Halloween, but look at how cute this is!

Tiny toddler-sized witch hats, matching gowns, and a creepy skeleton necklace all add up to one beautiful little witch tripping around your Sim’s house.

Put on some green facepaint, maybe a miniature broom (unfortunately, no CC for that), and make a cauldron out of a trick-or-treat bag (again, no CC in my mod, but I’m sure there are some out there). Voila!

Your female toddler can now dress up as a witch for Halloween.

27. Little Pirate Set Mod by Renorasims




The boys get to sail the Seven Sim Seas while the girls get to hover around on brooms and transform folks into toads.

Renorasims’ hopelessly cute Pirate Costume Set is really a collection of things from The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff SP that have been meticulously altered to fit our tiny tots.

You’ve got the whole shebang in a few.package files: hat, earrings, costume, and boots!

28. Little Elsa Anna Dress Mod by SweetDreamsZzzzz




Let it Go may have been overplayed in the past. But Elsa’s (from Disney’s Frozen) gown will never go out of style.

Anna’s dress, on the other hand, will always look cute.

So when I stumbled across this CC (while still on a Toddler Halloween Costume High from the previous mods), I only gave it five seconds of thought.

It’s adorable, it’s accurate, and who am I to stop your Toddler Sim from dressing up like the royals of Arendelle?

29. Let Me Be a Toddler Mod (Hair for Our Sweet Toddler) by Birksche




This mod pack now includes four lovely new hairstyles for your adorable Sim Toddler.

Despite the fact that Sims 4 Toddlers have far more hair options than Sims 3 Toddlers (vanilla base game), I wouldn’t call the present range “diverse.”

Maybe it’s “more than a handful,” but the point is that it’s not a lot.

Toddlers’ CAS options, from hair to clothing to accessories, are severely restricted. That’s why we have cool CC like these to give our Toddlers some personality. It’s fine if you just prefer one or two of the four hairstyles.

Each of the haircuts has its own distinct.

The files in the bundle are listed.

30. Alphabet Pacifier Mod by Simiracle




Aren’t they adorable?

Toddler pacifiers in teeny-tiny sizes with beautiful script fonts. There are two colours to choose from: blue and pink. All 26 letters of the alphabet are included in each rendition. It’s charming, it’s basic, and it’s exactly what I’d anticipate a kid to have in real life.

A bright pink pacifier with a ‘S’ for Sam, or a blue pacifier with a tiny cursive ‘A’ for Alex, for example.

And, while it may not seem like a major deal, I appreciate that the designer did not limit the hues to masculine and feminine. Both male and female toddlers have no trouble using the blue and pink variations of this adorable pacifier.



I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 toddler Mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.

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