Top 40 Sims 4 CAS Background Mods – FREE Download [ULTIMATE Collection]

Please don’t get me wrong. As much as the next person, I adore the lovely blue-green-white gradient of TS4’s CAS arrangement.

However, the background can become monotonous at times. Also, it’s tedious.


Especially if you’re the type of Simmer who prefers to spend time making Sims rather than playing them.


Hey. There are no conclusions to be drawn here.


Although I prefer to “explore the entire game,” I have pals who are absolute geniuses at designing stunning Sims. Don’t worry if your CAS is starting to feel a little drab.


Hundreds of CC creators are more than willing to make alternative Sims 4 CAS backdrops for our enjoyment.


Because this list is so long, I divided it into three sections: colours and patterns, scenes and backdrops, and pop culture scenes and concepts. Enjoy!


Patterns & Colors of CAS:

It’s all really simple.

These are CAS backdrops with simple designs, colours, and patterns that aren’t intended to depict anything in particular (i.e., a street scene, a building, etc.).

Best Sims 4 CAS (Create A Sim) Background Mods

1. Luumia CAS Overhaul 2 Mod




Let’s start with something straightforward and straightforward.


Luumia’s CAS Overhaul 2 provides some excellent alternatives to the basic CAS setup in The Sims 4.


You can choose the colour of your CAS background from five pastel gradients and seven solid colour options, in addition to immersive lighting (which gives your Sims a lot more depth) and an eye specular remover for Pets.


If you don’t want any fuss, mess, or frills, here is the place to be. I prefer the solid white background because it makes all of my Sims’ colours stand out.


2. SnowKimx’s Cute CAS Mod




This CAS BG reminds me of the wallpaper in a spacey, galaxy-obsessed kid’s room, and I love it.


The chalk-outlined cotton-candy clouds and doodled stars and planets on a soothing blue background?


It’s far too adorable. You must give it a shot.


3. busra-tr’s Rainbow




If SnowKimx’s BG was for the star-gazing kid, busra-Rainbow tr’s CASBackground is for the full-on artsy kid who enjoys fingerpainting and hand-print painting.


It’s a full-screen of rainbow splotches that’s almost entirely psychedelic, with a splash of multi-colored lava lamp thrown in for good measure.


And I don’t mean that in a bad sense.


4. KatVerseCC’s Stars n Colors Mod




KatVerseCC’s Stars n Hues CAS Background is a good mix of “unicorn drink colours” and “real sparkles,” to use a trippy term.


Who’d have guessed that this pairing would work?


I didn’t, but the designer is certainly a visionary.


It’s not as wallpaper-y as the other two, but it’s still a lot of fun.


5. KatVerse’s Striped Studio CAS Mod




We’ve returned to wallpaper territory, but I can’t say I’m disappointed.


Not when the wallpaper is as adorable as this.


Simple candy-colored stripes give a simple but wonderful backdrop for all of your lovely Sims.


There are also eight colour possibilities if you want to change it up from time to time. Mint and purple have to be my favourites.


6. UrbanSims’s Fall CAS Backgrounds Mod




As a result, clicking the link will take you to a page with different CAS backdrop colour sets.


The first pack, the creator’s Fall CAS Backgrounds set, is the one I chose.


If golden, earthy, and warm tones aren’t your style, I recommend checking out the other packs on this page.


I also experimented with the Urban Pastel CAS Backgrounds collection. Talk about your pink bubblegum.


In any case, there are 18 stunning solid colour selections in the Fall CAS set to pick from. They’re all warm, golden, earthy tones, as I indicated previously.


What’s even better is that each hue has its own download link, so you can just choose the colour that appeals to you.


I chose #9, a subtle mossy green that drew my attention immediately.


7. KatVerse’s Camo CAS Background Mod




The Military career was introduced to us in the StrangerVille game bundle.


Why not put a soldier in front of a matching background?


KatVerse has created another another one-of-a-kind CAS background with a camo design.


It might not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially if your Sim has a lot of greens and browns – but lighter colours really pop. This is a big positive.


8. KatVerseCC’s Marble CAS Background Mod




Is KatVerse/KatVerseCC responsible for anything on this list?


Nope. You can’t dispute, though, that they make fantastic backgrounds.


This marble background is no exception, with its blue-white-gray colour scheme.


Because I’m infatuated with water themes and patterns, I felt compelled to incorporate this.


It’s all liquid stripes and creative ripples. It reminds me of a massive floor-to-ceiling artwork in a high-end art gallery where my Sims would go on vacation.


To summarise, I adore it. I hope you do as well.


9. KatVerseCC’s Grey Grunge CAS Background Mod




This one has a picture studio backdrop vibe to it, which I think is a lot of fun.


And if you can get bespoke CAS poses for your Sim, you’ll be able to get some absolutely amazing images.


Especially if your Sim favours grunge-style streetwear and casually urban attire.


10. KatVerse’s Colorful Gradient Mod




If the rainbow splotches in item 3 were too bright and distinct, and the solid colours in item 1 were too basic, I offer a reasonable compromise: a gradient.


Three KatVerse gradients in particular.


I went with the third option, which is a nice delicate blend of blues with a touch of purple, and I have to say, it’s stunning!


When you zoom in on your Sim, you’ll see a wonderful soft colour wash.


11. KatVerseCC’s Wooden Floor CAS Background WF01 Mod




This one resembles the grunge background, but it’s less “artfully scuffed.”


There’s also a wooden floor.


In all honesty, I like this one because of its simplicity.


It also has a “performing arts” vibe about it.


Your Sim is ideally positioned to appear as if he or she is standing on the floor, while the lighting above create the illusion of a stage.


Zooming in also doesn’t pixelate the texture much, which I think is fantastic.


12. KatVerseCC’s Stars CAS Background Mod




This one reminds me of a prom photo studio backdrop in the greatest manner possible.


Darker colours blend together with the black background (and some shades of black vanish), but the lack of functionality isn’t a problem for me.


Not when my Sims are standing in front of such a lovely and elegant backdrop.


Zooming in blurs the stars a little, but I think it looks really cool that way.


As though you swiped a star brush across the top of the image in Photoshop.


Backdrops & Scenes:

These CAS backgrounds use scenic photographs to mimic an actual physical place.


They resemble blown-up landscape photographs that your Sim can stand in front of.


Nature-like backgrounds (such as parks, trees, and woods) and modern, metropolitan scenes are common subjects (like buildings, housing interiors, commercial backdrops).


13. Nowa2000’s Fantastic Landscape Mod




This fantasy world background collection by Nowa2000 gets things started.


It’s a collection of ten CAS backdrops, all of which portray imaginative and futuristic environments.


The third choice, for example, has some rather alien-looking plants growing in the background, while the second option appears to have an actual spaceship in the background.


Because I’m a self-proclaimed fantasy fanatic, I loved the fantastical aspect of this pack.


Option seven has to be my fave because I’m a sucker for ruins.


14. KatVerse’s Forgotten Grotto HL04 Mod




This (again) beautiful Maxis-Match-masterpiece by KatVerse is a CAS background.


The elements, notably the rocks and crystals, have the same clayified feel as all Sims 4 things.


This makes it one of the most immersive CAS backgrounds on the list; it seems as if your Sim has gone into some kind of forbidden grotto for the sake of a really cute image.


15. KatVerse’s Winter Wonderland Mod




I’ve come to terms with Frozen’s cultural impact on this generation.


It’s so powerful that it makes me (and many others) think of Disney’s Queen Elsa and her famed musical belting whenever something has to do with winter, snow, or ice.


This CAS BG kit for Winter Wonderland is no exception.


No, I’m not going to make a snowman.


However, there is a CAS backdrop choice in here with a snowman (cuddling up to jolly ol’ Saint Nick, no less).


16. KatVerseCC’s Enchanted Forest Mod




Why isn’t this image in the Pop Culture Scenes category?

Because, while the designer may have used a snapshot of her Merida Sim as inspiration for the feature photo, she never indicated that this was the Highland forest from Brave.

In reality, it might be used as any generic magical forest in which you choose to place your Sims. It also looks fantastic in pictures.

With my own redheaded Sim, I was able to capture some fantastic screenshots.

17. Littledica’s Old School CAS Room Mod




Now for something a little more up to date: an old schoolroom environment.

It’s a basic notion that was handled brilliantly, in my opinion.

The objects in the backdrop have the same clayified Maxis Match texture as the Forgotten Grotto component, giving them real depth and substance.

So, even though you’re only in CAS, it seems less like a blown-up, printed-out backdrop photo and more like an actual in-game location.

There are six different designs to select from, and the artist even included a recolor kit!

18. thorben.maerz’s TS2 Inspired TS4 BG Mod




How about a nostalgic jolt? Do you recall the TS2 CAS setup?

That red brick room with the mirror, the window, and the artwork on the walls?

thorben.maerz, a Sims creator, has replicated that exact room using Sims 4 items and textures.

They also turned it into a TS4 CAS BG for us newer Simmers to enjoy.

Also, the light and shadow detail is fantastic. It gives the impression of being very interactive.

19. Annett’s CAS Backgrounds “Room” Part 2 Mod




This CAS Backgrounds “Room” bundle by Annett (part 2), like the previous item, reminds me a lot of the CAS setup for The Sims 3.

Maybe it’s the reflection in the mirror. Or maybe it’s the view out the window. Maybe it’s the perspective.

It’s most likely all three.

All I know is that seeing the sample photographs hit me like a tonne of nostalgia.

This set comes in three color/design variants. The mauve-y brown one was my favourite.

20. Annett’s CAS Backgrounds “Town Streets” Mod




The parts in this Town Streets CAS BG kit are quite noisy.

I’m talking about automobiles, buildings, lights, pedestrian lanes… the backdrops have a lot going on.

Those who want a cleaner, more minimalist surroundings while making their Sims will be disappointed.

But what about people who prefer images with a sensation of speed, movement, and activity?

These backdrops are just stunning.

You have a choice of seven distinct town streets to explore. Background 5 appealed to me because of had sepia, vintage feel.

21. Annett’s CAS Backgrounds “White Room” Part 1 Mod




Back inside for a breather, I provide you with Annett’s latest CAS backdrops collection.

In the sense that it’s a succession of white rooms, this one is muted and quieter than the last piece.

That is all there is to it. That’s the pitch, in a nutshell.

Just for fun, your Sim is posing in several (almost eerie) antiseptic white rooms.

Each background option looks crazy gorgeous to me, thanks to the lighting and shadows, as well as the original concept.

There are seven options, but you can’t download each one separately (don’t worry, you can instal them separately).

22. Arch’s Custom CAS Backgrounds Mod




This flat mesh from Arch can be used to build bespoke CAS backdrops by plastering screenshots over it.

Unfortunately, the post does not include specific directions on how to do so.

Instead, it provides us with two really cool CAS backdrops to enjoy: an art room and a city street.

The texture is the main distinction between these options and Annett’s CAS BG sets. The CAS backgrounds created by Annett resemble photo backdrops at a photography studio.

The backgrounds have that wonderful clayified texture that makes CAS screenshots look in-game. This is a feature that I really enjoy.

23. Annett’s CAS Backgrounds Autumn ’17 Mod




We’ve returned to the open air.

There’s no disputing that the Autumn 2017 CAS BG set is lovely, although that could just be my undying passion for autumnal hues at work.

There are a lot of alternatives in this pack as well. There are nine of them, to be exact.

And they’re all bursting at the seams with different colours of red, orange, and gold.

The backgrounds aren’t like Maxis Match, but the light and shadows in a few of them – particularly backgrounds 1 and 7 – make them feel quite immersive.

24. Annett’s House “Autumn Wood” by Frau Engel Mod




We might as well have a nice, holiday-themed cottage in the woods if we’re going to have an enchanted forest with a bunch of Fall backdrops, right?

This ten-piece CAS background set is as one-of-a-kind as they get.

The items have a lot of richness and depth, making all of the backdrops look three-dimensional.

It’s not quite clayified, but it’s also not quite green-screen-esque.

25. Annett’s Christmas Eve by Frau Engel Mod




Now that you’ve seen the outside, it’s time to go inside.

The interior of the Autumn wood log home seen in the previous piece isn’t specifically revealed, yet the narrative works effectively.

It’s even the same person that made it!

The inside of what appears to be a very nice, very homey wooden house decked out in Christmas décor is shown in this Christmas Eve bundle.

There are nine different configurations in total, each highlighting a different room of this oddly cheerful home.

There’s a kid’s room, a kitchen, a corridor, and a master bedroom and bath — it’s everything there. And it’s all very stunning.

The kitchen (#8), the kid’s room with the enormous teddy (#14), and the hallway (#12) were my favourite rooms (and the ones I had the most fun getting screenshots of).

I also got to wear EA’s Ugly Winterfest Sweaters for the first time.

26. Nowa2000’s CAS Background Set “Jungle” Mod




Out of all the Scenes & Backdrops, this CAS background bundle is perhaps my personal favourite.

When The Sims 3: World Adventures first came out, I was a major fan. I diligently worked my way through all of the pyramids, tombs, and booby-trapped Champs Les Sims manors, putting in hundreds of thousands of hours (and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Simoleons) in the process.

Don’t get me wrong: The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure is also a fun way to explore the wilderness.

World Adventures, on the other hand, was irreplaceable for me because of the absolute mayhem, local antics, and lack of boundaries.

This set of seven CAS Jungle backgrounds reminded me of that chaotically random expansion pack for some reason.

And for that, I strongly advise you to get these adventure-themed backgrounds.

27. Nowa2000’s CAS Background Temple Mod




Do you recall the first tomb I sacked in TS3 World Adventures? The Maw of the Dragon

It is, I believe that is everyone’s first tomb… although I could be mistaken.

Nowa2000’s magnificent Temple CAS background reminds me a lot of that tomb. Especially when you go to the big room with all the yoga mats and fire pits.

So, similar to the Jungle Pack from the previous item, I had to download and test the BG.

10/10 would allow my Sims to shamelessly pose in front of this backdrop for the rest of their simulated lives.

28. Nowa2000’s CAS Backgrounds Wasteland Mod




The Wasteland CAS BG pack – also from Nowa2000 – takes us back into urban/industrial area.

Unlike the previous backgrounds from this creator, I had some reservations about included this set on the list.

I’ll admit it: some of the background versions were a touch too pixelated for my taste. This is especially true when zoomed in.

Most of the backdrops (especially #2 and #3) had a strange, two-dimensional vibe to them, which added to the “green-screened background” narrative.

But, in the end, the notion – and, unexpectedly, background #2 – won me over.

I think it’s a fairly cool set of wasted, devastated landscapes that adds a lot of colour to your game.

29. Annett’s CAS Backgrounds “Graffiti” Mod




These CAS backdrops are really loud.

However, there’s no denying that they’re really cool.

Six ideal locations for your super-urban, profoundly street-savvy Sim. The backdrops are also of excellent quality.

When you zoom in – and I zoomed in all the way to the facial portion, mind you – there’s not a lot of pixelation, and there’s plenty of ambience to give each variety its own distinct feel.

#6 and #5 are my personal favourites.

I’m not sure what to say. I prefer dirty street art.

30. Annett’s “Bathrooms – Part 2” Mod




These are a 180 from the last two articles, but I thought we needed a break.

Is it really necessary for Sims to pose in bathrooms? That appears to be the case.

I think I can see the appeal, especially because the bathroom backdrops in this bundle range from slick to elegant to lovely.

#3 (the blend of marble and earthen tones just appealed to me) and #8 (look at all the shower knobs!) were two of my favourites.

Sometimes all you want is for your Sim’s background to scream wealth and elegance, and these bathrooms certainly do.

(With the exception of #2, which appears to be a shared… place, but the rest are fantastic!)

31. Annett’s “Dressing Room” Mod




Is posing in a dressing room always preferable to posing in the bathroom?

That’s what I’d say. I mean, it’s still a matter of personal taste, but I think the CAS backdrops in this pack made my Sims seem – and feel – a lot more sophisticated.

See? I dressed them in robes, towels, and everything else.

However, I couldn’t pick a favourite from this collection. Every single one of the changing rooms here is really gorgeous!

There wasn’t a single option that was eclipsed, from the lights and shadows to the arrangement and the oh-so-luxurious elements.

It’ll be difficult to choose and instal only one.

32. Nowa2000 CAS Backgrounds Heaven and Hell Mod




Hey. For TS4 CAS, if we can have futuristic/post-apocalyptic wastelands, overgrown jungle ruins, and straight-up luxury bathrooms… We can certainly add some delectable flavours as well.

Nowa2000’s Heaven and Hell CAS BG set includes some truly stunning backgrounds.

I like how it isn’t just the usual “clouds and light versus brimstone and fire.”

Seriously, each plane has its own set of variations.

There are two versions of the Heaven background: one with steps in the back and one without.

What appears to be a temple from the Greco-Roman era?

The Hell background comes in four different variations, each with its own blend of fire, ash, debris, and ruin.

Like how I snuck in some wings as well?

Pop Culture Scenes & Concepts:

Last but not least, here are several CAS backdrops for the Sims 4 based on popular culture.

We have it all: games, novels, and TV shows.

There are also some CAS backdrops here that are based on real-world environments from The Sims 4.

What’s more, guess what? I’m going to start with those three.

33. KatVerse’s Realm of Magic Backgrounds Mod




As one of my favourite TS4 game bundles, I hopped on this download right away.

And it’s a good thing I did, because the graphics are fantastic. Not at all.

I had my typical red-haired Sim pose in front of the Magic Realm doorway in a quasi-cosplay of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Archie Comics version), and I loved the result.

This collection has a total of five (beautifully designed) background variations. The ones with the portal viewed from the Magic Realm and the portal seen from Glimmerbrook are my favourites.

34. KatVerse’s Sulani CAS Backgrounds Mod




This Sulani CAS BG set by KatVerse is an absolute treat to have in your Mods folder, whether your Sim is in a magnificent half-Sim, half-fish monster (TS4 mermaids are the most beautiful) or they’re just enjoying their best (island) life.

The scenes are distinct in-game photos that properly portray Sulani’s beauty.

For the sun-kissed Sims, there are two sunny options and one “starry night by the sea” option for a more romantic atmosphere.

35. KatVerse’s Sylvan Glades HL02 Mod




Last but not least, a CAS background from one of the TS4 Hidden Worlds.

The correct terminology are “secret lot” or “hidden area,” but Hidden World is more appealing to my dramatic fantasy nerd self, okay?

The Sylvan Glades are only accessible via the gorgeous, colourful tree (supposedly called the Sylvan Tree) adjacent to the Crick Cabana lot at Willow Creek, as you undoubtedly know.

While I think it’s a shame you can’t do much in that region than meander around and fish, I can’t deny that the images are stunning.

They also work really well with a CAS background.

36. KatVerse’s Sabrina Background Mod




So, while we’re on the subject of Sabrina the Teenage Witch…

I’m not sure what to say. Growing up, I was a huge comic book enthusiast.

Besides, it’s just a plain background with the silhouette of a well-known character.

The concept is unusual, and the quality is excellent. There isn’t much to complain about.

At the very least, I think it makes for a unique – and intriguing – CAS experience.

37. KatVerse’s Disney D02 Background Mod




I’m trying to think of a clever Agrabah/Aladdin/Sims 4 connection, but I’m stumped.

Remaking the Agrabah marketplace and the Royal Palace into a rather detailed Sims 4 CAS setting is fantastic, in my opinion.

Is there any other reason to get this background other nostalgia and a profound affection for vintage Disney classics? Not at all.

But there were sufficient justifications for me. When I saw the example photo, I hit the download button right away.

(I may or may not have tried putting my Sims in Aladdin-themed outfits.) We’ll never find out.)

38. KatVerse’s The Vampire Diaries Background Mod




Even though I’ve never seen a single episode of Vampire Diaries, I recognised the Salvatore Boarding House.

If you’re a fan, this is a fun and unique backdrop for your Vampire Sim to pose in.

If you’re not, it’s still a charming setting. Also of good grade.

Zooming in has no effect on the pixelation.

39. KatVerseCC’s Alice in Wonderland CAS Background Mod




Alice in Wonderland is such a lovely, iconic, and whimsical piece of pop culture that seeing a CAS background for it didn’t surprise me in the least.

This is one of the more artistic pieces on the list, especially because the developer uses immediately recognisable Wonderland components without making the entire background look tacky or over-the-top.

Without being screenshots from the original animated film, the Cheshire Cat’s frightening grin, the Red Hearts background, and the gigantic flowers with faces (which is the background I chose for my Sim photo op) are all so unmistakably Alice in Wonderland.

Get these backdrops if you like the tale, the world, or maybe just the style.

40. Joyzilla’s World of Warcraft CAS Background Set Mod




Finally, we have a very awesome CAS background bundle.

I present to you the Sims 4 edition of World of Warcraft.

Not at all… However, you have to acknowledge that the level of detail in each scene is just wonderful.

There are ten different backgrounds to pick from, all of them are stunning. And it’s accurate.

Every emotion, I believe, has a different variant.

Isn’t that a lovely flower field? Check.

What are these mysterious ruins? Yep.

A flower coven that is both lovely and foreboding? I’ve got you covered.

Each variant has its own download link, and the featured photographs clearly show the various backdrops.

I only tried #8 and #10 to get a sense of each scene, but I can confidently state that the detail and quality are both superb. There is no pixelation or needless blurring in this image. Give them a shot and let us know what you think!


I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 CAS Background Mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.


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