Sims 3 Apartment Cheats | How to Create Apartments in Sims 3 Late Night

Sims 3 Apartment Cheats

Many people still struggle to find the way out to build apartments in Sims 3. Sims provide the go-to environment for its users that even when the Sims 4 is the topic, fans are still going crazy to play the old Sims 3 game.

There are different ways that allows you to create apartments in the game including some cheats and mods. Sims 3 mods are also covered on our blog, you can check for mods there. But today we will be looking for easy way to build lots in Sims 3 by using cheats.

While creating apartments, we took some notes as what we experienced and what are the Do’s and Don’ts.

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How to build apartments in Sims 3?

Building the house of apartment is easy as usual. You can still create house or apartment building as you would do normally. And that includes furnishing, decorating and recoloring the objects and furnishings.

Follow the steps:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window where you will type “testingcheatsenabled on” and that will allow you to use cheats in game.
  • Again Press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window, type “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings on”.
  • This will add extra space and you will see room markers that you need to use to edit anything on that lot.

You don’t need to furnish/decorate the rooms or spaces that you’ll be putting the hidden markers in. You can even take out walls so you don’t have to place as many hidden markers. This may help lower the cost of the lot or rent paid by your active family living on the lot.

Pro Tip: Build the apartment house or building first, save a copy and then edit that when needed.

This means the markers will need to be replaced, but I have found it easier to edit the build without the markers than with them.

To help with Sim routing, it is a good idea to set front of lot and front door to help with routing. In Build/Buy mode:

Set Front of Lot – with testingcheatsenabled on, press Ctrl-Shift-Click on the space you want to be set as front of the lot. A blue line and animated arrow will appear to show you where front is.


Set Front DoorPress Ctrl-Shift-Click to bring up the pie menu and select Set as Front Door.

✽ – In order to have neighbors in your apartment, you need to set at least one NPC door.  This will also help the callbox to work.

– Add a wall mailbox and a callbox. These are Late Night objects.

Without a call box, you can’t call out the the NPC Sims that live in the other apartments to visit with them.

Callbox can be found in Buy Mode > Sort by Function > Miscellaneous Electronics

Wall Mailbox can be found in Buydebug > Misc. Objects

Hidden Room Markers and Public Room Markers are base game items, you can get to the via the buydebug menu with testingcheatsenabled on.
– Buy Mode > Sort by Function > Debug [?].

Hidden Room Marker

Public Room Marker

Go to the last tab called Misc. Objects, scroll down until you see the orb called Hidden Room Marker.

Public Room Markers:

This marker is for all the spaces you want your Sim to use, but not own any of the objects. For example, living spaces, such as kitchen, living room, family room, etc. Any space you want to consider shared public space.

Hidden Room Markers:

This marker is for rooms your Sim will not have access to. This is considered rooms where NPC Sims will be living.

Pro Tip: Do not put markers in your Sims’ bedrooms/bathroom. This is considered their own private space.

How to edit spaces inside the Apartment?

You see a grid in the spaces where you edit with cheats off. If you don’t see a grid, you cannot edit that space.


How to make changes to the lot?

If you want to make any changes to the lot after the room markers have been placed, turn on testingcheatsenabled on, and type in restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off into the cheat window. This turns on the build cheat. To turn off the build cheat type in restrictbuildbuyinbuildings on when finished.

My Sim is routing all different ways to the new lot?

This is normal. When placed via library, Sims can get placed by any door or inside the building. When moving via phone or computer, Sims route from sidewalk to front door.

Does choosing the ‘unfurnished’ option take away all the furnishings, including all of the furnishings in the communal areas of the apartment?

It shouldn’t take away the furniture or decor of the communal areas of the apartment. Just your own private areas with exceptions to the bathrooms. Those stay mostly furnished – no mirrors.



We hope you would like our efforts to bring to you the possible and easy way to create sims 3 apartments. If you build something following this, you can let us know in the blog comments below. Moreover you can also ask any questions if you encounter any issues building lots/apartments.

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