Why Is Blackjack A Popular Online Game?

When it comes to playing online games, there are a staggering number of options available in the modern day. Such is the vastness of the internet that any conceivable type of game can be found and played online, with the genres available enough to satisfy even the most ravenous or fussy of gamers. 

While some online games are fresh in their entirety, in that they are an original concept that has appeared in a digital format first and foremost, there are many games that have either taken their inspiration from a real-world game, or are entirely based upon their real-world counterparts, doing their best to simulate the physical game within a software-based, digital format. 

One of the genres of gaming that has proven itself to be a hit with the online functionality is casino games. While casino games are often quite simple in their details, they provide great excitement to players, and offer many qualities that make them the ideal games for playing when looking for a short break, or entertainment that doesn’t require all the brainpower in the world. 

Casino games have remained popular and iconic for many hundreds of years, so it’s natural that when technology provides the functionality to bring them to life in a digital format, that players jump at the opportunity to play with all the benefits that come with a game taking place in a virtual environment. 

Of course, casino games take up many different shapes and sizes, and some have more success either in a digital format, or in a physical format. One casino game that has succeeded massively in the online format is blackjack. 

Blackjack is a game loved by many for its excitement and simplicity, and these are two of the qualities that make it ideal for online game lovers.

Read on to find out more about why blackjack is such a popular online game, and some of the reasons why you might want to make it the next one you play. 


One reason behind the popularity of blackjack as an online game is the fact that it is famous worldwide. Whether as a result of exposure through popular culture such as movies and TV shows, or through regular experience of playing the game in a casino, blackjack is one of the most well-known card games in the world, making it only an easy search away for an eager player. 

Because it is so famous, there is much incentive for casino game service providers to build and implement a high-quality virtual blackjack experience, meaning that everywhere you look, the ability to play blackjack online is there and ready to be enjoyed. 

Easy To Play

As well as being famous, there are other reasons that blackjack makes a great entry-level game for those who are just coming to grips with casino games – including the fact that it is relatively easy to play. 

With some casino games, such as poker, there can be many detailed rules to the game, of which if you are not firmly aware of, other players will exploit with glee, and leave you suffering heavy losses at the table. 

Blackjack doesn’t require years-worth of playing time in order to understand, making it convenient for those who simply want to have fun and get to the know the rules rather than playing under pressure for the win. 

The principal concept is simple – if you want to win the game, it’s a case of accruing cards with a value of 21, but go above this number, and you bust – meaning you lose the round and lose your entry bet. 

Difficult To Master

The game may be easy to pick up and play for a novice, but by no means is it easy to master so that you’re cleaning up tables in no time – it’s an extremely difficult game to nail down a strategy for, such are the many variations in outcome and the fact that a strong dealer hand could have you wiped out at any given moment. 

Ensuring that your cards have enough value to guarantee yourself a strong position against the dealer, while also being sure not to overdraw and lead to a bust, is a delicate balancing act that takes many years of refinement to compete against the top players around.

Low House Advantage

Another aspect of blackjack that is very beneficial to players is that there is a low house advantage. The house advantage is a number denominated in percentages indicating how much the house expects to return on a hand or a particular game, and for blackjack, this house advantage can be amongst the lowest in casino games. 

It’s important to establish how many decks of cards are in play during the game though, as the higher the number of decks, the larger the house advantage. 

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