Why Do Your We Hate Bitcoin Casinos?

Thomas Robert Dewar was a Scottish whiskey distiller who understood life well and had a famous quote “No wife can endure a gambling husband; unless he is a steady winner.” That being said, it’s not a secret that gambling men try to hide their love of the game from their wives. Suppose your wife suspected that you were gambling. In that case, she’ll be all over your tax records and bank statements to track your expenses and make sure you are not hiding anything from her, and if she finds out that you spent the Caribbean vacation savings on a couple of rounds when you felt lucky but were not.

What is Bitcoin?

Let’s break the ice and introduce the concept of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that got everyone talking about, and even governments started to acknowledge it officially. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency recorded on Blockchain and doesn’t require a third-party intermediate facility to organize the transactions.

What are Bitcoin casinos?

The Bitcoin casino is an online platform where players can log in and spend their time on various gambling games. These casinos only accept digital cryptocurrencies and, in this case, Bitcoin in specific. When you lose, you are actually losing Bitcoins, and when you win, you will be winning Bitcoins. To start gambling in a Bitcoin casino, you have to follow some basic steps:

  1. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, then you are halfway there. Otherwise, you will have to register a wallet and deposit Bitcoins in it. Either buy them from a trader or directly mine them.
  2. Sign up on a Bitcoin casino with some basic information, and on some websites, you can start playing without even signing up at all.
  3. Deposit some money in your digital wallet. You can easily find the casino cashier page. And start gambling immediately.
  4. If you win, you can quickly cash out your gains in the form of Bitcoins and later exchange them for real money from different currencies. The process is straightforward.

So far, a Bitcoin casino seems just like any other online casino, but with a different currency. Although this could be true, the “devil is in the details.”

If you are excited about the concept and want to check some Bitcoin casinos go here.

The privacy Bitcoin casinos offer to gamblers

Here comes the cheesy part of the article, and you’ll get to find out why your wife will hate Bitcoin casinos. Because even if she hired the famous Inspector Gadget himself, she can’t find out about your gambling secrets and spending. This is due to the nature of the Bitcoin transactions recorded over Blockchain and help via a peer-to-peer model without a financial medium governing the process. By the way, despite our article being about Bitcoin casinos, it applies to almost all crypto gambling websites and crypto casinos. However, we advise you to control your gambling habits, not get overwhelmed with the privacy idea.

Online casinos vs. Bitcoin casinos

Online casinos will show charges and expenses on your bank account and can be easily traced back to the websites. Meanwhile, Bitcoin casinos are private platforms where you can play, win or lose, and no one will find out about it.

Online casinos require complete registration or adding all your card information. Meanwhile, Bitcoin casinos might enable you to start gambling without any signup. However, this is not a general case because some accredited Bitcoin casinos require a registration level before playing.

Online casinos will charge more fees and require a longer time to facilitate transactions. Meanwhile, Bitcoin casinos will charge lower fees with faster transactions.

Both online and Bitcoin casinos have the same variety of games for you to choose from.


Bitcoin gambling is the revolutionary face of online gambling, and sooner or later, it will dominate the gambling industry with its privacy features and exclusive advantages. Be aware that many gambling websites could be a fraud.

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