Top 5 Games With a Good Sense of Humor

It’s hard to come up with a joke that will appeal to absolutely all audiences, and even the funniest slots at the PlayAmo casino Canada turn out to be boring for some gamblers. That’s why game developers are increasingly trying to make projects with an emphasis on seriousness.

However, there are happy exceptions, which you will find out today. Here are 5 games, the authors of which have a good sense of humor.


Many people call this game a “medieval GTA”, but many overlook the fact that everything that happens there is done with an emphasis on banter. Along with stealing cars here is stealing horses, there are horse tuning parlors that help you avoid being chased by knights-at-arms with blinkers.

This game will appeal to members of different generations who may not be familiar with the classic parts of the legendary series. It’s worth trying anyway – Rustler is full of funny quests, funny characters and not bad jokes.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Many people think the humor in South Park is too sharp and brash, but we cannot ignore the talent of the authors and the way they thoroughly brought the unique visual style of the series to the game. There are familiar characters here, as well as a good storyline and interesting combat system.


The legendary Worms was popular in the late 90’s. This is a kind and fun game, despite the fact that the gameplay in it is aimed at the destruction of these very worms.

However, they do it with humor. The weapons and techniques are made in a fun and unusual style, each item is used very originally. In a word, just a boring game that you can play with your friends.

Portal 2

The second part is better for gamers than the first one because of two charismatic robots. They are played in cooperative mode with a friend, solving various puzzles prepared for you by the main computer Glados.

Characters often make jokes about this or that situation, plus the puzzles themselves are constructed in an original way. No one cancelled the possibility of screwing your partner, setting up everything so that he was trapped through the portals.


Let’s give credit to the Japanese, who gave us a crazy series of action movies about the adventures of brave thugs. Specific part is difficult to determine, but almost every part has thematic jokes. The Japanese are in their repertoire, but in Yakuza they can and do make fun of their own stereotypes, common in the West and Europe.

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