Why Buy HONOR Magic 4 Lite?

The HONOR Magic 4 Lite is a good phone to buy this year. And there are many reasons to do so. If you are looking for a new phone to get this year, this may be the device that you may be looking for. Here are the features that may cause you to buy the HONOR Magic 4 Lite. 

Reasons to Buy the HONOR Magic 4 Lite

Fullview display 

The first feature of the HONOR Magic 4 Lite that you can maximize is the 6.81-inch Fullview display. The screen-to-body ratio of this device is 94 percent, a big percentage compared to some of its contemporaries in the midrange market. The refresh rate of the display is 90Hz. This is sufficient for everyday tasks like checking emails, browsing social media accounts, and even playing games. You can enjoy interacting with your phone with the display that it is showing you. 

The touch sampling rate of the HONOR Magic4 Lite is 180Hz. This will offer a smooth working experience with the screen of the device. 

Snapdragon 6nm chip

Another reason to buy the HONOR Magic4 Lite is its power-efficient Snapdragon chip. Being power-efficient entails two things. First, it will help you conserve the battery of your device. second, being efficient in power also coincides with the management of the overall performance of the device. The Snapdragon chip installed on this device uses a multi-core smart engine that enables the phone to move from one task to another seamlessly. There are no lags in the simultaneous usage of applications because of the feature of this device to handle different tasks at the same time.

66W SuperCharge

If you are going to get a new device, you might as well get a quick-charging smartphone. The HONOR Magic4 Lite is a device that has a 66W Supercharge that can fill the battery capacity to 81 percent in just 30 minutes. You will no longer be halted in doing your work as you only need half an hour to charge your devices. because of its 4800mAh capacity, you are also guaranteed an all-day usage of the device. The length of the battery life may last even more than a day depending on the type of phone user you are. But typically, the phone can last a whole day without a charge. 

HONOR RAM Turbo Extension

HONOR has continued to innovate with this feature of the device. This phone can utilize up to 2GB of your ROM to boost the performance of your RAM. This means that your 6GB of RAM can reach 8GB with the help of this boost technology. You will no longer have those moments of phone-forced stoppage because your device can cope with the specifications needed to load and function. You will only get a smooth and seamless interaction with the device through the RAM Turbo. 


The HONOR Magic 4 Lite is indeed a great phone to consider if you want a midrange phone with flagship specs. This phone may be the lite version of its bigger brother but you are not shorthanded in any way. You still get the 66W HONOR SuperCharge, a 6.81-inch HONOR Fullview Display, and a 4800mAh battery. On top of all of these, you also maximize your Snapdragon chipset with the HONOR RAM Turbo feature that utilizes the storage capacity to boost the internals and provide better performance. You also get the 64MP Quad Camera that can give you the best shots for storage and posting. 

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