What to do in the Beach Event – Runescape 3

Summer has arrived in Runescape and here’s the activities you can enjoy!

This month is a perfect time to hit the outdoors and bask in the sun because it’s summertime! People will be flocking beaches or pools to beat the heat while having fun on their Runescape 3 accounts. Summer is a great opportunity to unwind and destress. But for people who enjoy the comfort of their own home, in front of a PC or console, there are still ways to enjoy summer.

Runescape Summer Beach Party

Online games often look toward the current trends for content ideas. During summer, game developers go with the summer season for their updates. Players will find a lot of games releasing beach-themed content to keep in line with the season. 

For seasoned Runescape 3 players, summertime means the comeback of the famous Summer Beach Party event. This event, also called The Beach, is an annual summer event that was first released in 2016. From the name itself, the event follows a beach party theme that offers players summertime-themed cosmetics and activities. 

During the event, the Lumbridge Crater is transformed into a beach. The event is organized by Reyna, a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge. The beach parties are thrown to commemorate the victory of Saradomin in the Battle of Lumbridge. 

There are a lot of activities that players can do during the event ranging from simple Sandcastle Building to taking down monsters featured in the Summer Beach Party event. However, players need to keep watch of the temperature level on the left side of their screen. This gauge will serve as the limit for doing activities on the beach. Players can reset the gauge up to three times by eating Ice Cream. For this year’s The Beach, here is the list of activities available for players to enjoy. 

  • Body Building
  • In the south part of the beach’s center, there are bodybuilding podiums. There are five podiums and they are run by Ivan and Greta. 
  • Four actions can be performed that give the player Strength experience: Curl, Lunge, Fly, and Raise
  • The experience gained can be increased by following the correct action that Ivan or Greta demonstrates. 
  • Barbeques
  • On the beach, there is a barbecue area run by Nigel. The area has three barbecue grills and three chopping boards that players can use twice to increase their Cooking skill. 
  • Raw Tropical Trout can also be deposited to increase the player’s Fishing skill.
  • Palm Tree Farming
  • Scattered around the beach are 15 palm trees where players can harvest tropical coconuts from. These trees are grown by Palmer.
  • Players can harvest coconuts from the trees to gain experience towards their Farming skill.
  • After a certain number of harvests, the trees will be depleted but will replenish after some time.
  • Rockpools
  • The rock pools are located on the east side of the beach and are manned by Wellington. 
  • There are four fishing spots where players can catch Raw Tropical Trout to increase their Fishing skill. Each fish caught will grant the player Fishing experience as well as Runescape gold.
  • Players can also gain experience by handing over the fishes caught to Wellington, or by depositing them in the barbecue area.
  • There are also Toy Pirate Battleships that players can play with to fight against Toy Royal Battleships. This action gives player Construction experience.
  • For added fun, whenever a player wearing a fish mask catches a fish, Reyna will compliment the player instead of the fish.
  • Sand Castle Building
  • The sand castle building area is located on the northwest corner of the beach and is run by Foreman George. 
  • Building sand castles will grant players experience towards the Construction skill. 
  • There will be NPC guests near Foreman George. These guests change every 2 and a half minutes. Building the sand castle tower according to these NPCs will earn players double the experience
  • Hook a Duck
  • There is a Hook a Duck stand on the beach that is run by Sarah that gives Hunter experience.
  • When players choose to play, they will have to choose from three types of rods, each with varying odds at catching ducks and the exp given. The higher the catch chance, the lower the experience gained.
  • Dungeoneering Hole
  • A Dungeoneering hole is available for players to use on the beach.
  • Players can jump in the hole and gain experience towards the Dungeoneering skill every three seconds. 
  • Players will receive random messages regarding their progress inside the Dungeoneering Hole. Once 25 actions are completed, the player will jump out of the hole. 
  • Sandy Clue Scroll
  • The Sandy Clue Scroll activity puts players on a hunt for hidden treasure. Players can click on Reyna to request for Sandy Clue Scrolls.
  • Upon completion, players are given various rewards from the Treasure Trails loot table, or beach items like water balloons. 
  • Coconut Shy
  • Located on the southeast side of the beach, the Coconut Shy stall is run by Sarah. Playing in the Coconut Shy will give players Ranged experience depending on the projectile they use. 
  • Once players choose to play, they will be given three options for projectiles to throw. Each projectile will have different odds at hitting the coconuts and experience rewards. The higher the chance, the lower the experience rewarded. 
  • After selecting the projectile to be used, the player will attempt to knock off coconuts up to ten times per interaction. 
  • Clawdia
  • Clawdia is a boss featured during the event. After 45 minutes of each hour, Clawdia will spawn from the hole in the center of the beach. 
  • Clawdia is Level 250 and has 10,000 HP. Clawdia will reward all participating players loot whether she is defeated or not. 
  • Battling Clawdia does not contribute towards the temperature level, which means she can be battled even if the temperature gauge is full. 

Maximizing the Activities

During the event, there will be Happy Hour and Heatwave events that allow players to do the activities on the beach without worrying about the temperature level. 

  • Happy Hour
  • Happy Hour is a scheduled time where players can participate in the activities without increasing the temperature level.
  • During Happy Hour, players gain 10% increased experience from the activities and a 10% increased chance to obtain items from the activities.
  • Happy Hour occurs everyday at 01:00, 09:00, 14:00, 16:30, and 21:00 UTC game time across all worlds. 
  • Heatwave
  • The Heatwave allows players to participate in the activities even if their temperature gauge is at full. This only occurs during the weekend. 

These are the activities that players can do on the beach. The event is a great way for players to increase their skills and gain items. Runescape 3 account owners, get your sunscreens ready and enjoy the Summer Beach Party event in the game! 


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