What Is the Fastest Way to Level up in Unchained Archeage?

Due to ArcheAge’s sandbox-style design, leveling isn’t a straightforward process. Throughout this guide, I’ll cover how to level a battle class. In ArcheAge, your battle class is the foundation for everything you do. 

As you perform any gathering or crafting tasks, your experience level increases in your battle class as well. You can level without leaving the main town, similar to how crafting works in Guild Wars 2. 

It is necessary to travel out into the wild to gather materials. You must defend yourself against monsters near the materials where you are located. Trading skills alone is a slow way to level your battle class. 

In ArcheAge, questing is the way to level your battle class. Battle classes gain most of their experience from questing. If you accept many quests, you may get overwhelmed by the quest tracker. 

Below, I will show you how you can prevent this so that you don’t slow down your progress. My goal is to cover everything you need to know about leveling up in ArcheAge in this guide. 

Reading Quest Text

To begin with, reading is the most basic step; it gives you perspective on the task you’re trying to accomplish. Using your quest log is the easiest way to do this. Press L, scroll to the quest you’re working on and read the text. In my experience, dialogue with NPCs does not help in completing quests.

Taking Notes

Write down your plan on a piece of scratch paper as soon as you have figured out the basics. Not too much information is needed, just enough to keep yourself on track. 

Because of long quest chains that sometimes occur, managing the quest tracker is better than managing quests since removing quests might cause you to forget which ones you removed.

Quest Tracker Indicators

Indicators on the quest tracker show relative locations. Finding some of these locations isn’t always straightforward, and you might get frustrated if you are looking for a specific monster. 

Whenever you see an indicator surrounding a monster, you should look around. Just keep in mind that another player might have just killed it.

Don’t Skip Quests

When I was leveling, I noticed many low reward quests that were worthwhile to skip. This “lame” quest can sometimes lead to more rewarding quest chains. Don’t let yourself miss out on the valuable experience because a quest appears unworthy. 

You can also buy Archeage Unchained gold that might help you complete the quests in a much easier way. MMOPIXEL is the most reliable and trusted source that we recommend if you plan to purchase the in-game gold.

Don’t Grind Monsters

As a general rule, it is best to level up in MMOs by killing monsters one after another for hours at a time. ArcheAge is an exception to this rule. 

More importantly, grinding monsters only earn a small amount of experience. You will have a lot of downtime between fights because monsters quickly drain your mana and health. Questing allows you to gain experience faster.

Difference Levels in Unchained ArcheAge

In Unchained ArcheAge, you will go through following levels. 

Level 1 to Level 30

You should do all green quests from levels 1 to 30, as well as your mount and glider quests. As a result, you’ll reach level 30 in the shortest amount of time possible and acquire your glider and mount, which are essential to the game.

Level 30

Head to Ynystere after reaching level 30. Ynystere should take you around half a day to complete the Yellow quests, and completing these should be enough for your storyline quest to send you to Halcyona. 

From Ynystere, you can travel north to Halcyona through the world gate. It is the easiest and most convenient way! There are tons of quests in Halcyona, a PvP zone for levels 33 to 36. 

In Prison Camp, you will begin your main storyline quest. Halcyon’s strategy is to complete all the Yellow questlines available to your character, except the Mirage Isle questline. 

There’s a good chance that all the quests you see on your map are not available. To make the map appear less cluttered, the interface hides some quests. Go to Options > Game Info to ensure you do not miss any quests. 

When you reach “Quest Details Map Display”, change it to “Unlimited.” You will progress fairly quickly through the zones from one zone to the next.

Level 45 to 55

During your primary storyline, you will be told you need to travel to Diamond Shores when you reach level 45 and provided with a teleport scroll.

You should head to Aegis Island by gliding or by boat from where you are teleported. You should travel north rather than south to Aegis Island if you’re coming from the east side.

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