Virtual Football Betting: The Pros and Cons

Although it sounds futuristic, betting on virtual sports is nothing new. In fact, German bookmakers started offering virtual sports betting options as far back as 2004. These games were an instant hit with punters looking to place some action on a soccer game when real games weren’t playing. Nowadays, they’re a familiar feature at physical bookmakers and online sportsbooks. 

Virtual football (or soccer) games are particularly popular because they offer some of the same wagering options as a real game. Place bets on the winner, scorers, number of goals, etc., while the game is in full flow or before kickoff. Enjoy betting on football matches and feel like trying out these virtual options? Learn about the pros and cons of virtual football betting to see if they’re right for you. 

Virtual Football Betting – The Pros 

The major advantage virtual football betting holds over wagering on real games is that matches kick off all year round. Moreover, this gives you a wide variety of game types to choose from, including matchups between big favorites vs. underdogs or equally-matched affairs. 

Virtual football matches also last around 2-3 minutes instead of 90+ minutes of playing time and the 15-minute half-time break of a real football game. For this reason, you don’t have to wait long to find out if you’ve won or lost. However, this is actually a disadvantage for bettors who prefer a slow-burn when wagering on sports. 

Additionally, this form of virtual betting is more beginner-friendly. Because results are determined by RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm software to ensure they’re random, you don’t need vast football knowledge. Finally, external factors that affect the outcome of real-life games like injuries, bad weather, suspensions, poor refereeing decisions, etc. don’t affect the outcome of virtual football matches.

Virtual Football Betting – The Cons

As mentioned above, possessing football knowledge doesn’t give you an upper hand when placing virtual wagers, as the outcomes are entirely random. These betting games determine the results in the same way online slot machines or lottery games do. Therefore, stick to regular sports bets if you enjoy using your football know-how when placing bets.  

Also, although round-the-clock games spoil you with wagering opportunities, you could get carried away and begin to chase losses, resulting in huge losses. However, although there are less accessible options available, you could do the same with real sports betting. 

Another drawback is that your wagering options are more limited. For example, sportsbooks let you place futures bets on which team will win the Premier League, who will be the season’s highest scorer, etc. In contrast, virtual football betting games only let you wager on outcomes during a single game or a short tournament. Lastly, watching a football game can’t compete with the excitement of a Champions League final or an FA Cup upset on a wet Wednesday night at Stoke. So if you’re a sucker for adding spice to an exciting game with a bet, stick to placing action on real matches. 

Virtual Football Betting: FAQs 

If the results of virtual football games are random, how are the odds determined? 

Just like slot games, RNG software determines the outcome of the virtual football match. This complex algorithm makes the favorite team more likely to win. Before you wager on a virtual football game, you can view the odds for each outcome so you can decide if you want to place a long-shot bet or opt for the more likely option. 

Are there virtual competitions? 

Most sportsbooks run virtual football tournaments to try and recreate the traditional football experience. What’s more, they can even feature familiar players and leagues, including virtual Premier League games, virtual international matches, and even a Virtual Soccer Champions Cup. If you’re planning on giving these games a go and want a range of options to choose from, ensure you choose the right gambling operator by reading independent reviews conducted by independent betting sites like Doing this can help you quickly compare reputable providers to decide which one suits your needs. 

Can I claim free bet promos to try out these games?

Although they’re not as common as regular free sports bets, online casinos and sportsbooks offer a range of promotions to new players that you can spend on virtual football wagers or other casino games. Of course, the generosity and terms of these deals vary. Therefore, we recommend doing your research before signing up. 

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