Valorant Ultimate Phoenix Guide

The FPS game market has seen some major changes since Valorant’s release and it is currently one of the fastest-growing games in the market. It is safe to assume that Valorant has officially dethroned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to become the hottest competitive tactical FPS in town and even Counter-Strike veterans are joining this Valorant hype-train. Valorant was also the most successful game to launch on live streaming platforms, gathering a whopping 350 million watch hours in its debut month and it has only gotten popular over time. The total viewership of Valorant has risen by 39% in the past few months and currently, it has a player base exceeding 3 million active players.

This first-person tactical shooter that took over the internet is turning one this year and it has seen a lot of improvements and changes since its release. The main highlights of the changes it has received include everything from new agents to new maps and weapon/agent balancing changes. The recent Valorant 2.07 patch also brought in some vital changes to balance out the gameplay and Raze’s audio cue update and Astra’s Gravity Well changes are the main highlights of this patch. With all of these updates being released and Riot Game’s active support for the game has made it rise as one of the most famous online games of current times.

Valorant currently has an agent pool of 15 and these 15 agents are classified into 4 classes, namely Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators. The class for each agent is determined by their ability kit and each class’s role and playstyle differ from one another. While Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels are mainly designed to support the team with vision, smokes, and crowd controls, Duelists are made to complement the fragging skills of players. Most Duelists’ ability kits are designed to inflict damage and make entries to sites, leading the rest of the team. This makes duelists the most picked agent class in the game and the aggressive set of abilities the Duelists feature is one of the main reasons. However, even though playing them seem rather easier than the rest of the classes, mastering them takes a lot of time and effort. Most of them have different learning curves and difficulties compared to each other but there are also a couple of Duelists that are extremely easier to play. Phoenix stands out as one of the most beginner-friendly Duelists in Valorant and his well-designed and balanced ability kit is the main reason for it. There are plenty of tips for Valorant in general and Phoenix but here is a well-rounded and up-to-date ultimate Valorant Phoenix guide you will ever need.

Phoenix: UK’s Brightest

Rising from the United Kingdom, Phoenix is one of the most reliable Duelists in Valorant. Even though his real name is Grant Galloway, Phoenix is the alias that he’s best known as due to his ability kit revolving around fire and regeneration. Just like the greek mythological creature he is based on, Phoenix’s main feature is rising from the dead. His ultimate ability allows him to become invincible for a few seconds and upon dying while it is active, he is rolled back to full health. But before investing your time and effort into this agent, you should first ask the question ‘Is Phoenix good in Valorant?’

This energetic character is not only one of the strongest characters, but he’s also one of the most fun agents to play. Everything from his flame-related ability kit to his fun and peppy voice lines adds to his character and the experience. He is also one of the few agents that has a reliable flash ability and Phoenix’s ability kit is well thought out to provide him with entry utilities, damaging abilities, and regenerating abilities. Before diving into deeper mechanics, you should be familiar with his ability kit and how they work in the game.

Ability Kit

Blaze (C)

  • This ability creates a thin wall of fire and this wall blocks vision passing through it. While this wall is mainly used for entering sites or to block enemy vision, it also deals damage to enemies and allies. However, Phoenix can stand on it to heal himself and regain missing health points. Another unique characteristic of this is that it can be bent by holding the fire key while casting it allowing you to defensively back off from enemy sight.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Curveball (Q)

  • Just like the name of this ability suggests, Phoenix equips a ball that curves left or right and explodes to blind anyone looking at it. The direction of this ability is controlled by fire (left) key and alternate fire (right) and the best way to use this is by using terrain to avoid flashing allies or yourself.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds

Hot Hands (E)

  • Phoenix equips a fireball and it can be thrown to set a certain horizontal terrain on fire, damaging anyone stepping on it. This ability basically acts as a Molotov/incendiary grenade just like in most other FPS titles. However, what’s unique about this ability is that Phoenix can heal himself by simply stepping on it. This is his signature ability as it refreshes every 2 kills.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: Free

Run it Back (X)

  • This is Phoenix’s ultimate ability that can be used once in a while. You can activate it once you have 6 points on it and it marks the location where he activates it to respawn when he gets killed. While the ability is active, Phoenix can run into enemies and if he gets killed in the process, he will be rolled back to the initially marked location. It is one of the most powerful abilities in the entire game as it allows you to scout areas or to initiate charges/pushes without risking your life. Aggressive players can heavily benefit from it.
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Cost: 6 points
  • Duration: 10 seconds

Additional Tips and Tricks

Phoenix is one of the original Duelists of Valorant and this also makes him one of the most balanced players in the game. He has been in the game since the release and hasn’t seen many changes to his ability kit. As a duelist, Phoenix is usually played in the frontline of any team composition. He’s really good at making entries as his flash can not be destroyed after it is cast and it blinds anyone looking at it. Combining this advantage with his ultimate only makes things more powerful as you can charge into sites without fear. His well-rounded ability kit makes him viable in almost all situations even if he’s going alone against the entire enemy team or even if he is low in health. Following are some additional tips that should help you improve your performance on this agent.

  1. The most important fact that you should always keep in mind when playing Phoenix is that you have the ability to regenerate health points. Reminding yourself of this fact can reward you really well but it also has a high-risk factor.
  2. A common mistake both high and low elo players make when playing Phoenix is not being aware about your surrounding. All of his abilities except for his ultimate can affect your teammates adversely so keep an eye out for allies when using your molly or wall to heal yourself and care not to flash allies.
  3. Being smart with your abilities can really pay off. If you are in a tough situation where there isn’t any reachable terrain to use your flash, you can simply use your Blaze ability (wall) and flash through it.
  4. Finally, players love it when they see a Phoenix ult’s reset marker so they can backstab you. Always scout out and make sure you are safe before casting your ultimate.

With Phoenix mastered in the right way with the help of this guide, you can easily start climbing up your dream ranks in the competitive mode in no time. However, if you have trouble ranking up boosting services and coaching services are always viable options. OverBoostPro features the most reliable and most affordable Valorant boosting services on the internet and you can level up your experience without any hassle.

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