V Neck Wedding Dress Ideas for Soon to Be Brides

A bride-to-be will spend many hours considering their wedding dress and trying on different dresses to see which feels the most comfortable and fits their personality the best. For those who like the v neck for the way it draws attention and the flexibility of how deep the v can be, several different bottoms are well suited to this neckline.

Deep V

A deep v neckline can be found in many types of dresses. They are suited for a ball gown, a mermaid, or even an a-line dress. The v in the front can go as low as the waist in some cases, and they can be thin at the bottom with a wider top, or they can be wider for most of the way down. Sometimes revealing they are not a style that is comfortable for every bride, but those who like them can find one suited to them.

Gentle V

A more gently v neck will have the same shape but will not go down as far, with a shallow neckline revealing very little. It can bring the attention towards the middle of the dress and away from the shoulders or arms, suited to any bride who wants to remove focus from those areas.

Ball Gown

Catherine Deane V-neck A-Line wedding dresses can be found in a ball gown style dress. These will flare out at the waist and are full, with a bounce in their movement. This traditional style is familiar to many and has always been a popular wedding dress style. When completed with a deep v, it adds a contemporary component to a traditional dress and alters the older style to fit newer preferences.

Classic and Sophisticated

When paired with spaghetti straps, it creates an updated feel to a basic, classic dress while still presenting sophistication and ease. The choice of material, whether it be lace, chiffon, or satin, the feel of the dress, and the style that it represents can show the personality of the bride. Traditionally the v neck has been worn in dresses and shirts of all styles and can range from the simple and classic elegance of a gently v neck to the plunging neckline of a dress to make the wearer feel sexy.

Mermaid and A-line

Contemporary and newer styles of wedding dresses include the mermaid style that fits close at the top and hugs the hips to flare slightly below the knee and the a-line that begins to flare at the waist or the hips and forms the shape of an A. These are each paired with a v neck to add classic tradition to the newer styles and offer the best of each. The depth of the v can make a difference in the way that it fits and how it is seen by others.

Combining a v neck with any dress style can change the look of the entire dress and create a style just for you.

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