Transport is not that Easy to Change

Most of us need to move around and cover distances that we cannot walk. It can be a little difficult for some, but for most, it is as easy as having fun at icecasino. As we age, walking a long distance can get harder. Also, changes in transport systems may not make things as easy for us. Cars are popular, and it will be hard to drag people out of their cars and onto the public transport system.

Cars vs Public Transport

Concerning long journeys, it is easy to see how public transport can be the best option. There are some areas where cars will be the best choice, but others are best suited to public transport. Cost is hard to determine as there will be times when each is the more cost-effective method. 

 Regarding planes, it is hard to consider using a car for an international journey, but shorter internal trips can give the car an advantage. 

Pros of Cars

  • You can choose who can travel with you.
  • No travel to the station – Open the front door and get in the car – no travel to the final destination from the arrival station.
  • You can leave when you want and not stick to timetables.
  • You can break up the journey with stops whenever and wherever you want.

Pros of Public Transport – Trains

  • When using a train, you are likely to travel faster than when driving a car.
  • There is no need to stop over for drinks and food – these items are available onboard, and you won’t be wasting time stopping.
  • There is a need to plan the route.
  • You do not need to drive. Just sit back and relax or work if you need to.

The Next Phase of Transport

It is hard to conceive of what the next 100 years have to offer when it comes to public transport. Although there can be improvements on what is already available, what new forms can we develop? Cars can be driverless, trains can go faster and faster, and planes are getting bigger, but how do we have something completely new?

Personal jet packs have been mooted for many years, but are they feasible? People have demonstrated them in the air for a few minutes but little else. The problems would surely outweigh any benefits. With no control, people can be in the air with no organization. There is also the fact that they would not be suitable for people as they age.

The reality is that we have invented virtually everything that makes sense to travel in. Space travel may be the next step, but where would we go? We seem to be happy with the options we have. So we are not even looking for any new form. 

Gyroscopic vehicles appear in discussions, but they are not likely to show up soon. The idea is that they can rise from the road via inbuilt stilts and drive above the traffic jams and queues. It may be an ideal concept. But, as yet, nowhere is using them, and it is not likely that they will appear for many years to come.

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