Top motion design trends

Nowadays video is the main and the most effective format for delivering information. Motion design is an advanced trend that allows you to implement any visual solutions.

People’s tastes and preferences are constantly changing in today’s fast-paced world. There is still huge competition between companies in the field of using innovative ideas and strategies to attract customers to their products/services.

The tremendous changes in today’s world led to innovations in the world of motion design as well. It’s no use expecting to get the results you want by publishing animated videos in the same old style over and over again. To give the market what it needs, you need to be up to date on the latest trends in motion design.

However, you need to learn how to create motion design before you can fully take advantage of market trends. 

Here are the top 15 motion design trends of 2022

  1. 3D is everywhere.

The “3D is everywhere” trend tops our list: motion designers are emphasizing the importance of using 3D elements everywhere, from sales presentations to game design.

  1. Mixing 2D and 3D.

Mixing 2D and 3D will still gain momentum in 2022  as people love the way video tells a story when motion designers combine 2D and 3D.  

  1. Kinetic typography.

We usually avoid stretching or doing anything out of the ordinary with fonts and images. But there are times when we can break the rules and still get great results. Kinetic typography is all about stretching, twisting, and distorting letters – and people love it.

  1. Broken text.

Designers are now playing with fragmented text to give video poetic meaning, and people are taking it positively. We see a lot of people experimenting with this.

  1. Complex visual effects.

Adding complex visual effects to videos captures the audience’s attention. You can see all sorts of scenes added to videos such as explosions, firestorms, and other computer animations. It is a complex task, so there are a lot of good 2d animation companies which specialize in complex visuals.

  1. Animated logos.

Even huge corporations buy into the idea of logo animation, using motion design. It works great for getting users’ attention because it allows you to add all sorts of visual effects to your logo.

  1. Smooth transitions.

Designers now use smooth techniques and reduce the number of frames, which gives the video a more natural look and leads to smooth playback.

  1. Fine lines.

Lines have many functions in videos, such as indicating direction, defining shape, and more. Motion designers are now trying to draw thin lines and it looks good.

  1. Grain.

The grainy texture is a tool we use to add life to boring visuals. It’s a great way to insert texture into a vector image and also to add roughness.

  1. Retro Style in Motion Design.

You can see much more frequent use of the retro style in motion design in 2022. Designers use it to make videos look fresh and to add a nostalgic vibe.

  1. Morphing.

The concept of morphing logos, images, and other elements in videos is gaining popularity – it provides a quick and smooth transition, attracting users’ quickly dispersed attention.

  1. Motion design in Web & Apps.

Research shows that about 38% of users would not interact with unattractive sites and apps. The use of motion design patterns on the Web and in mobile apps is becoming a typical method of retaining visitors by animating logos and giving life to boring graphics and the loading screen.

  1. Fluid movement.

Designers add a fluid motion to make videos creative by replacing clean transitions with brighter shifts. It is fascinating to watch the liquid transforming into new shapes.

  1. Isometric Design.

Isometric design is the representation of 3D elements on a 2D screen. This type of design has been used successfully to draw attention to objects that matter.

  1. Big and bold typography.

Large and bold fonts are used in various videos with motion design to convey an advertising message by giving it added emphasis.

Despite the trends and popularity of certain types of design, the motion designer should keep in mind that the choice of design strongly depends on the nature of your video. For example, you shouldn’t put rock music in the intro if you’re selling health supplements, even if there is such a trend in the market.

That being said, there’s an excellent chance that the trends listed above will be useful in cases of most types of businesses that need motion design. Check out each of them and choose the most appropriate trends that will serve your purpose. If you are not confident in your designing skills or want your animation to be done on the highest level motion design services can help.


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