Top 6 Most Unusual Android Games

The mobile game market is currently promising. Some games for mobile platforms are simply amazing. Here are the most unusual games for Android.


Seemingly ordinary poker, which you can find in CasinoChan and other similar platforms. What’s so special about it? Simulator, of course, qualitatively executed and good in its genre, but everyone knows that any digital version of this card game loses the main factor for which it’s loved is psychological. And here you are only playing with real people, but you don’t see their faces, don’t feel their emotions and even a chat isn’t needed. But playing this game you can win a ticket to a real poker tournament, and that’s a game changer!

Banner Saga

What happens when you mix the best of Scandinavian mythology, Game of Thrones, and such a masterpiece of dark fantasy as Darkest Dungeon? You get Banner Saga.

Humans are barely surviving in a cold and cruel world. And now, when the stone giants come to make war on them, all hopes for salvation perish completely. Destroying your enemies left and right here is not possible, so every step you have to think carefully and do not make mistakes. After all, you always have to pay dearly for them.

Toilet Treasures

Just a treasure hunt game, what could be interesting about it? The catch is that all the numerous items of the game’s collection are extracted from the clogged toilet bowl with a plunger. One can only wonder who decided to flush so many valuables down the drain. And how the Necronomicon ended up among them. No, there is no need to open it! A treasure hunt, even one that’s drowned in the toilet, can be a fascinating activity.

Goat Simulator

This game is a goat simulator. He can run, jump, and kick. And his primary goal is to destroy the city. Fly over the city like an angel of vengeance and bring death and destruction. The madness in this game is worth your attention. The game is somewhat reminiscent of GTA, where there are no strict rules and ethics. 

I Am Bread

Was the Goat simulator not enough for you? Try the simulator of a slice of bread! The task in the game is simple – you just have to become toast with butter and jam. And try not to destroy the kitchen, or start a fire. Doing it will be hard because the control of the game is complicated, and any mistakes lead to devastating consequences. The game will require your concentration, spatial reasoning and physics knowledge. By the way, the physics engine is really impressive.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

We have all come across games that are focused on fighting against aggressive alien invaders. The protagonist destroys monsters covered in smelly slime. Some of them have huge tentacles and some have claws. Has anyone ever wondered who will then clean up the aftermath of this bloody bacchanalia? Viscera Cleanup Detail answers that question.

You’ll have to clean up your spaceship after an alien attack. And believe me, it’s a much harder task than fighting off the invaders. Especially if the battle was hot and bloody. The game does not forgive mistakes and is much more hardcore than it may seem.

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