Top 3 Most Complex Computer Games

Games can be divided into simple and complex. The first include various simulators, slots you access with a Woo Casino login, and meditative projects that will not make you nervous and slowly lose your mind. There’s also the flip side – the hardcore. This is where you’ll find titles that everyone has probably heard of. They are known for their difficulty and cruelty to the player. Here are the most difficult games on the PC.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a fresh game from famous FromSoftware studio, that is fond of making fun of its fans and releasing more and more complicated projects. New game has a little difference from previous titles, but it has a unique open world. Thanks to it and the presence of new mechanics the action feels more ambitious than the previous games. The difficulty is in the battle with enemies. They are just trying to pounce on the player and deprive him of all the earned runes.

Plot bosses are the strongest enemies with their own set of attacks and a huge amount of health. Defeating them gives a lot of runes and unique items like weapons or magic spells.

Dark Souls

Many people associate the Dark Souls series with lost nerve cells. Each game in the franchise presented players with challenges that required effort and persistence to overcome.

Among all the games in the series, the first one is considered the most difficult part. The second Dark Souls game was more lukewarm, but the third one was loved by the majority of gamers. The franchise has a lot of fans, but not everyone is ready to try himself in such games.

You can lose your health in Dark Souls because of almost everything. One missed strike, falling into the abyss, traps, and this is a little part of what the developers prepared. When playing the game, it’s important to make a tactic that you will stick to during your journey, otherwise your hero can end up badly.


The developers from Studio MDHR have made a deceptive game. You won’t see Cuphead as a test of strength. The visual style of the game is very interesting – it is designed in the spirit of animation cartoons of the 1930s. And this can immediately play a cruel joke, because many people call Cuphead a really difficult platformer.

The plot is based on the protagonist losing to the devil and trying to make up for it. On his way there are dangers and difficulties, which you will have to try to overcome. The player has an infinite number of attempts and equipment, which should be used against the bosses. Each of them is unique and has its own characteristics. So, the player will have to fight a genie, a robot, a clove and even a gang of root vegetables. And what do you want from a game where the main character is a cup?

Players had the most difficulty getting through certain parts of the game, as they often lost health from rank-and-file opponents or through their own inattention. Of course, a lot of failures were also caused by the bosses, which probably destroyed more than one nervous system.

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