Top 3 Games to Relax After a Long Day

Gaming is not only fun but also an escapism that helps you distract yourself and get through life’s hardships. That’s why we create a Cookie Casino login, watch gaming streams, and play ourselves. If you’re tired and want to relax, these games will thrill you.


Dorfromantik was created by a few people. It’s expected that such a small group of developers couldn’t create an ambitious project with a huge amount of content, but Dorfromantik has other advantages. The concept of the game is simple – you take out, one by one, hexagonal tiles, which are arranged in a random order in the stack. The types of tiles range from populated areas, to sprouting fields, to railroad tracks.

Each tile can combine several types of areas, and they must be combined with each other to create a realistic landscape and working infrastructure with urban agglomeration. Like almost everything brilliant, Dorfromantik is an extremely simple game, but this does not prevent it from making you its hostage, when you decide to spend an hour or two with the game, and then come to yourself after 6 hours of continuous play.


Over the past 10 years, Journey has become a cult game, and the year it was released, it garnered multiple Game of the Year nominations from mainstream media. Such a strong success for a seemingly unimpressive game is hard to explain. It’s better to play Journey to realize the value of thatgamecompany’s project, and the virtual journey won’t take much time – a few hours of leisurely play-through. But in return for the time invested in the project, you’ll get a relaxing work of art that’s hard to match in the gaming industry.

But if you need to be a little more specific, Journey is a third-person adventure game where you have to get to the looming mountain in the desert as a cloaked figure. No special difficulties are to be expected on the way, only simple puzzles, rare clumsy enemies, the ruins of a civilization buried under the sand and meeting silent travelers controlled by other players. The melancholy that pervades the game is unlikely to help you cope with mental problems, but the unhurried gameplay and the triumph of goodness in the finale leaves your heart hopeful for the best.

The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, who also released the iconic indie game Braid. If you’ve been looking for a cozy world where you want to hide from outside troubles, The Witness is more than suitable for this purpose. The player finds himself on an island, which is full of bright colors, decorated with sculptures and amazing architectural monuments, there are neither enemies, nor any plot twists and scenes, only you, rare ambient sounding in the background and a land full of riddles. 

There seems to be nothing unusual, but The Witness is unique in how unfriendly it is to all who pay attention to it. You shouldn’t wait for any aims and instructions, you will have to experience and reach the solution to each puzzle on your own. However, if you don’t find a solution to the puzzle, no one forbids you to leave it and go to explore the open to travelers vicinity of the island. 

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