Top 3 Game Remakes You Must Play

Movies and games are technology-dependent art forms. But great stories don’t get worse with time and can interest new generations. That is why remakes first appeared in movies and then in games.

For example, the famous movie Ocean’s Eleven with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon that is loved by TonyBet casino app fans is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name. The basic story remains about the same, but many details have changed in the new version, including those due to the passage of time.

However, different companies approach remakes differently. It’s also true when speaking about the remakes of games: sometimes the authors faithfully reproduce the game from the 90’s with the new technology, and sometimes the basis of the plot is left from the original.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This was exactly what made the 1996 original so fascinating: the incredible graphics at the time rendered an unusual world with interesting characters to follow. The reimagining that came out almost 25 years later brought with it not only modern graphics, but also a continuation of the story.

Though Final Fantasy VII Remake recreates the original in some places verbatim, it’s a continuation of the story of the mercenary Cloud and his friends. In the future, there will be more parts of this remake, but the game available now has an impressive length and a new story about the adventures of heroes in a huge metropolis Midgar, where a greedy corporation drains the resources of the planet, which is sure to lead to ecological disaster.

FFVII Remake redefines not only the plot, but also the gameplay. If the game of 1996 was a turn-based one, now it is a cheerful action where you can switch on the tactical pause and give the orders to your partners. Dynamic chases and fights now take place not in the pre-recorded clips, but during the game, without interrupting the process.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

The developers recreated the game 20 years ago with new technology, made some corrections in the stories and explained the actions of the characters.

The original at one time was amazing because it was a real “gangster movie”, but in the form of a game! Simple cab driver Tommy Angelo accidentally helped two mobsters escape in a shootout, for which he was invited into the “family.” After that, his life changed dramatically: the cab driver, and with him and the player, had to participate in fake races at competitions, to deal with undesirable people and do other bad things.

Although the original story remained almost untouched, the new controls made playing and exploring the city much more enjoyable, and veteran players will enjoy the way the developers reworked the famous scenes. That incredibly difficult race is given much more attention here, although you can now lower the difficulty if you want – a truly modern approach.

Resident Evil 2

When it comes to the best game remakes, Resident Evil 2 definitely comes to mind. The developers were able to perfectly capture the spirit of the original, while almost completely remaking the game to modern standards.

The sense was more or less the same: two heroes arrive in Raccoon City, where the zombie apocalypse had happened the day before. Police trainee Leon Kennedy and brother-seeking girl Claire Redfield have to explore the dead occupied police station, solve numerous puzzles there and escape from the huge monster Tyrant, relentlessly pursuing the frightened poor people. You have to save every bullet and healing item, because it’s not easy to find them in the harsh world of zombies.

Previously, the player looked at the world from different angles, which varied from room to room. There was no normal aiming, and the character moved with great difficulty. The remake of Resident Evil 2 doesn’t bear the name of the original for nothing – although it’s a modern, comfortable, and beautiful game, it fully reproduces the same experience from 1998, only now with an over the shoulder camera and comfortable aiming.

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