Top 3 Cyberpunk Games to Play in 2022

The resounding, though not unproblematic release of Cyberpunk 2077 did its job: cyberpunk in games is back in vogue! Millions of gamers around the world went to conquer the streets of the game, inhabited by gangsters with cyber-implants, professional hackers and sneaky corporations.

However, many have faced an abundance of bugs and not the highest quality optimization. Isn’t it an excuse to check out games available with a Casino Cookie login or choose lesser-known, but just as exciting projects in dystopian fantasy universes? Here are the most interesting cyberpunk games for PC and consoles in recent years.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex games since the franchise’s inception in 2000 are considered to be the cyberpunk epitome in the interactive space. There is a dark world of sci-fi future entangled in the conspiracy of secret societies, and a deep non-linear story that often requires you to choose from several bad options. On top of that – immersive gameplay that allows you to complete missions in many different ways, and pumping, tied to the cybernetic augmentations of the protagonist.

The latest installment in the Mankind Divided series to date continues the story of operative Adam Jensen, who lost his human body due to an encounter with a group of extremists and received a number of technologically advanced gimmicks in return. On yet another mission, Adam must stop an arms deal, but things don’t go according to plan. The hero once again finds himself in the middle of social and political confrontations that could change the fate of humanity.

Observer: System Redux

Extremely original project from the authors of the acclaimed horror novel Layers of Fear, from the Polish studio Bloober Team. Observer also contains elements of horror, but puts more emphasis on the adventure and detective. The action takes place in the distant future, where the consequences of the war and other crises marked out a whole caste of fallen people, drug addicts and evicted into ghettos. In order to control them, the hi-tech corporation Chiron, which has seized power, creates a group of police observers.

The player is invited to try on the skin of one of these observers, who receives a call from his reportedly missing son. All traces lead to a dysfunctional neighborhood. In order to find the child, the protagonist will have to confront the local residents, who live with their own problems and hide terrible secrets.


Ghostrunner has become one of the most enjoyable game surprises of 2020. In it, the player is invited to take on the role of a particularly trained soldier of the future, a Ghostrunner, who has to guard order in a huge tower city. The action is presented in first person and combines elements of parkour in the spirit of the legendary Mirror’s Edge and slasher. The protagonist is armed with a high-tech katana, which allows him to cut heavy armor of hostile robots easily, and he can dodge bullets with acrobatic tricks and time dilation. More and more useful abilities will be revealed to the player along the way.

The story does not star from the sky, but it keeps the interest quite skillfully. As is often the case in such works, the hero is faced with an intricate conspiracy at the state level and must overthrow the cruel usurper.

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