Things to do in Dyersville Iowa 

Iowa doesn’t have an MLB team. However, Dyersville, a small town in the eastern part of the state, is a place for pilgrimage to baseball enthusiasts. In addition, the city was filming location for the famous sports movie “Field of Dreams”. Dyersville might be small, but besides its importance, in sports culture, it’s also named “Farm Toy Capital of the World”. 

If you want to experience true America and the heart of the Midwest, endless cornfields and authentic small town, Dyersville is an excellent start for an Iowa road trip. To get there from abroad, you will need a visa esta usa. This travel authorization is for people from countries in the Visa Waiver Program, while other visitors must ask for other Visas. ESTA application is a straightforward online procedure, and you should know the results in three days.

Dyersville attractions

As mentioned above, one farm in Dyersville became a setting for a 1989 baseball movie featuring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones Field of Dreams. The movie was a big success, and the farm became popular to the extent that MLB played a regular-season game on the location. A replica of the Chicago White Sox old field was made some 500 yards from the original movie set, and White Sox won the game against New York Yankees earlier this year. 

Dyersville is also known as the global Farm Toy Capital. Back in 1945, Fred Ertl started to produce scale models of farm tractors with special moulds. The hobby became a business, and Ertl Company began to make toys leading to sizeable annual toy shows in the city. You can also visit National Farm Toy Museum in the town. The two-story museum has a vast exhibition of toys derived from agricultural equipment.

The most prominent building in the town is the 1888 Catholic Basilica of St. Francis Xavier, the focal point for regional Catholics. It is known for impressive architecture, two spires, and gold crosses. 

You can find great locally sourced food but also explore wine and beer producers. O So Good Winery and Promiseland Winery are two locations where you can taste and buy some award-winning wines. At the same time, Textile Brewing Company, in an industrial setting, became a minibrewery and restaurant with a vast selection of tap beers. 

Things to do in Maquoketa Iowa 

Travelling through eastern Iowa can lead you to Maquoketa in Jackson County, where you can find limestone bluffs and picturesque Maquoketa River. Among the area’s biggest attractions is Maquoketa Caves State Park, where well-maintained trails lead between the most extensive system of caves in the state. In addition, you can explore Hurtsville Lime Kilns, an impressive stone building. The city offers exciting attractions like Maquoketa Brewing, Old City Hall Gallery, and Clinton Engines Museum. Grant Wood Scenic Byway is one of the most attractive roads in Iowa.

Things to do in West Bend, Iowa

By far the biggest attraction in West Bend, a small town with around 800 people, is the Grotto of the Redemption, a religious monument occupying a whole block in the city. The Roman Catholic Grotto consists of nine parts containing scenes from the life of Christ. Each Grotto is a work of art and has numerous precious and semi-precious rocks, minerals, and other interesting geological pieces. The Grotto attracts religious people from the region, but also many geologists.

The city restored a couple of its historical landmarks from the early day of the late 19th century. You can visit the historic Schoolhouse, the first school in Palo Alto County, and a nearby replica of the sod house. The city council also restored the first post office where you can find numerous memorabilia and historical displays. 

Until now, we successfully bypassed all the bigger cities in Iowa, but Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo are worthy of a visit with a lot to offer to visitors. In addition, you can visit the State Capitol building, Science Center of Iowa, and Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden in the state’s capital.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is known for its massive collection of Grant Wood artwork. In addition, you can explore the Brucemore mansion and National Czech and Slovak Museum.

To get in the US and explore small and big cities in Iowa, you must have a valid ESTA permit. The travel authorization lasts for two years, and if you’re not sure is it still valid, you can check ESTA status online. To get the ESTA Visa, you need around three days, and you should start the process on time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to board a plane for the US. While ESTA grants an unlimited number of visits within 24 months of validity, you can stay up to 90 days in one stay.

Bottom line

If you want to explore the corn belt or visit Field of Dreams and get familiar with rural America, Iowa is a great state to start. With small towns scattered over the landscape, you can drive and discover hidden gems. You can also visit bigger cities and get the familiar American big city vibe in places like Des Moines.

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