The Perfect Silent Hill Today

There are so many old games that simply can’t leave us. It is not about new ideas or technologies, nothing just can’t be compared to the old ones. So if you get bored, you can always test your luck at the best Irish casinos online.    

  The new Silent Hill is already, consider it a reality. Many rumors indicate that at least one part of the series is in production – it is being done by the Polish Bloober Team responsible for the Medium. We decided to dream about what kind of Silent Hill would like to see StopGame employees. 

   Silent Hill in 2022

   We are not going to explain an amazing horror concept right now. Rather, on the other hand, we look closely at what does not seem scary at all. Find things, make horror about things which seem absurd and funny and most inoperative. Indeed in this ridiculous situation lies the King’s potential for “the wrong place”. The Silent Hill we are used to has a timeless quality. A chainsaw, a small radio, a closed condominium – all this can unfold ten years ago, and now. But no one has yet made a horror film in which a modern city would become part of the production and plot fragments. Not even modern, but a little bit futuristic. 

   How about Tesla? Many cars without pilots roll slowly and senselessly through the streets. Under the supervision of the ubiquitous round cameras that literally become the eyes of the city, which is watching what to do with you. Now it quotes funny, but 5G. Abroad, I somehow caught 5G Wi-FI at night, in the middle of a wasteland, 300 meters from the nearest light bulb. How should we empathize with the herp, for whom it is so unnatural that you want to run away from the Internet? Suddenly, through WI-Fi, a wife who disappeared two years ago will write to the messenger? 

Next Silent Hill

    Gabe Newell once explained why Half-Life 3 hasn’t been released. Valve doesn’t want to just make another game, it needs breakthrough ideas and there is something wrong with them. It is the same with Silent Hill. if you resurrect a legend after a ten-year break, then with a great launcher. Hiring a small to reinvent a franchise is somehow undignified. 

   When we say we dream of a new Silent Hill, we really just want a good psychological horror, the scene of action is deeply secondary. You can’t do the same thing twice in a row. 


   We all wait for something new, and maybe soon enough we get it. Who knows, maybe it will be our best game ever or not. Silent Hill will remain in our hearts as one of the best horror games.  


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