The Most Beautiful Color Combinations for Blue Fashion

Blue is as easy to combine as black and white. If you know what is important, you can achieve a wide variety of effects.

Strong contrasts are real eye-catchers. If you want to attract attention or cheer up a dreary day with cheerful colors, then high-contrast power outfits are just right for you.

Your look will be reserved and elegant, with delicate contrasts that you can achieve with muted and light colors. They give your calm, harmonious outfit the necessary contour.

Color combinations for azure & royal blue

Royal blue, also known as medium blue, is ideal for elegant outfits. Your outfit looks particularly elegant in combination with muted colors such as cream, beige, and caramel tones, light gray, or classic with white or black. 

If you want to stand out, combine azure, royal blue, and cobalt with bold colors like rich red, burgundy, and sunny yellow. Your look will be even more extravagant with purple or lilac.

Ice & sky blue color combinations

Light blue tones such as sky blue –  a color which is derivable by the #87CEEB sky blue hex code – and ice blue harmonize particularly well with pastel tones, especially rosé or lemon yellow.

Also, try soft shades of green like mint or jade. The light shades of blue go just as well with white or light gray. These combinations look very calm and feminine and are real eye-catchers, especially in spring. 

If you want to combine ice-blue clothing expressively, you can go for bright orange, rich dark purple, or create a strong contrast with black combination partners.

Ocean and aquamarine color combinations

Aqua and ocean blue always stand out and ensure extravagance in your outfit. You can still achieve calm, elegant looks with soft, warm earth tones with:

  • beige;
  • caramel;
  • chocolate brown;
  • warm gray;
  • taupe.

In summer or on vacation, on the other hand, expressive outfits are always welcome. 

Any combination that pleases is allowed here: sunny yellow, bright pink, bright orange. The wild mix is ​​a little softer with bright natural colors such as terracotta, tangerine, and neutral white or black.

Color combinations for turquoise and topaz

Turquoise and topaz are now real fashion classics and are among the top trend colors almost every season. Similar to aquamarine and ocean, you can create elegant styles with delicate contrasts by including warm earth tones such as cream, beige, brown, or ocher in your outfit. 

White and black are suitable for both reserved and eye-catching looks. Different shades of green, such as emerald, grass, or acid green, make your outfit expressive and rich in contrast. You can also create an exciting mix with Bordeaux red, orange, or soft pink 

Color combinations for petrol and teal

Petrol and teal are warm, friendly shades of blue that harmonize well with lighter nuances. Elegant outfits with soft contrasts are created with pastel shades such as light yellow, delicate rose, lilac, or jade green. 

Natural colors such as white, gray, beige, cream, and black are also very suitable. Your look will be more expressive and richer in contrast with radiant colors such as sunny yellow, hot pink, lilac, or grass green. Bordeaux or taupe also make great matches.


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