The Best Way To Integrate Golden Race Premium Games

Golden Race is a producer of quality virtual sport material for over 20 football leagues, and different races types. They deliver new sport betting solutions to clients all over the world thanks to their multinational workforce with extensive understanding of the online gaming business. Golden Race goes beyond the notion of virtual to create true-to-life betting solutions for operators all over the world on entire retail and online platforms. The firm generates more than 15 million tickets each day through key partners around the world as the world leader in online football league play and video sports.

Services Offered By Golden Race

The Golden Race portfolio is full of intriguing technologies that may help all online operators enhance their income potential. GoldenRace leverages services to provide players with fresh and innovative value-added solutions while also helping casino owners improve their businesses. It is the software to use if you want to get everything done. Its unique program, developed by industry professionals, offers a wide range of gambling games, from sports betting to 3D sports to casino games. If you want to play virtual sports, Golden Race offers 3D and HD options as well, while casino games are divided into three categories: live, HD, and virtual.

Online Solutions

GoldenRace built the first online virtual sportsbook with accurate odds, a user-friendly layout, and all of the features that bettors want in one place. The platform has been designed primarily for desktop and mobile use, and it offers a large selection of planned and immediate games. One of these solutions is the Instant Sports platform with which players may start an event whenever they want. Players can choose to watch the event or go straight to the results page at any time. They can even change the choices!

Retail Solutions

This is at HTML5 retail solution that is made accessible to land-based casino operators, and is pre-loaded with a huge suite of top grossing games. This solution is of immense benefit to a range of users that are of different status in the industry. Even more, every user gets access to it at the lowest investment value.

Integrating With A Casino Platform

Integrating the Golden Race premium games with your casino platform is not a hard task, provided you go about it the right way. One major thing you would be needing is a good integrating platform that will make the process very easy and seamless for you. Some of the ways you can complete your integration process are;


GammaStack is always accessible to help with the integration process. It will provide you with the most up-to-date games, features, and functionality that Golden Race has to offer. You can then go on to make a choice from the variety of virtual sports and games offered to provide your gamers with an unforgettable experience.


NuxGame is a great way to integrate GoldenRace, a well-known virtual betting game provider. Benefits include consistent technical support, a cash program, a complete back office with reporting capabilities, real-time company control and administration, cheap system costs, and a rapid return on investment.

GoldenRace has been recognised by different award bodies for its provision of seamless and quality solutions. Hence, you can be sure that you will definitely benefit from its integration with your casino platform.

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