The Best Smartphone Games to Download 

Playing games is the best relaxation, especially during hard times. For some, creating a Casino Chan login playing slots will be the best choice, while others will enjoy these smartphone games. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar

Mama Ru’s Drag Empire is growing: the other day it became known that its own version of the famous reality show will appear in Italy. At the beginning of October we released the first mobile game with the same name, RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, that follows the footsteps of the famous reality show. If you dreamed of being in the Werk Room, try on the most lavish wigs and be covered with glitter from head to toe, then this game is your chance to try yourself in the image of a drag queen. Choose your outfits, compete with other performers and win the recognition of other queens and the title of queen of the evening!

Pokémon Unite

A kind of sequel to the mega-popular Pokémon Go, this time in a team format: you have to unite in squads to get the most points in the least amount of time. The Pokémon in the new game look great thanks to a special technology that allows you to choose their holographic outfits. New abilities of favorite heroes will allow you to be on the top of the standings, and special intra-team chat features will allow you to coordinate your efforts. It’s also possible to play on Nintendo Switch thanks to the game’s built-in cross-platform capability.

Forest Island: Antistress Game

If epic games don’t suit your taste, consider relaxing games like Forest Island: Antistress Game, a kind of analog of the super-popular The SimCity. Players are invited to be on a desert island and explore its nature, listen to the rustling leaves and birds singing. By the way, you can create your own island, using a variety of elements of the landscape – beaches, rocks, forests and others – and inhabiting them with tropical plants and animals. In general, the app is free, but you can pay for some options.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

The updated Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is an action-adventure where Alucard has to prevent the return of Dracula to the world of the living. The creators promise a new story, new levels and new equipment. In general, the fans will be happy with the return of their favorite game, and newcomers will plunge into the inexpressible gothic atmosphere with all its attributes.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

The official game of the Walking Dead series, which, according to the description, is licensed by the original comic book studio Skybound Entertainment and personally the author of the project Robert Kirkman. Your task is to put up resistance to the walking dead, which will require you to find survivors, build a shelter and protect it from the enemies. It goes without saying that in the game you will meet the heroes of comics and series: Rick, Glenn and Michonne. The key to victory is a complex strategy and a difficult choice between survival and humanity.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin

Another game based on the popular TV series universe – this time Doctor Who. The action takes place after the finale of the Don’t Blink series, and the game is essentially a detective, where you have to examine clues like emails and investigate the disappearance of a person. You will be accompanied by famous series heroes and heroines like Petronella Osgood and Finlay Robertson and Jodie Whittaker, who played the Thirteenth Doctor and became the first woman in this role.

Behind the Frame

Another game with which to relax and explore your artistic skills. In Behind the Frame you will play as a young artist who is preparing for an exhibition and finishing her paintings. You will have to help her in this – finish the sketches, choose the missing paints and finish painting. A nice feature of the game is the graphics inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

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