The Best Esports Games for 2022

If you are interested to become a professional gamer then you must be aware of esports conference Canada 2022. Our list of esports titles will take you through the best game titles. Your parents would not consider your video game obsession an absolute waste. These words may look harsh but they are true. Esports is video games’ competition arm and has gained a massive audience. The firm says esports will generate about 1.79 trillion annually by 2022.


Shooters are not always dark grit, realistic. Cartoony fun is a good idea, even on gun-loaded PCs. Since the release of Team Fortress Two in 2003, Valve has filled this place, Blizzard now has the reins in Overwatch and is playing it in multiplayer. The game takes many of Team Fortress 2 hallmarks like colourful game areas, multiple game modes focusing on attacking and defending and cool characters of extremely different playing styles and introduces MOBA-like twists. Overwatch is an extremely enjoyable First-Person Shooter which features mechanical variation thanks to the game’s numerous heroes or class. It is well known for its successful esports scene.

League of Legends

Riot Games’ free online fighting game League of Legends is simply the greatest MOBA games. Its gameplay features elements such as a role-playing tower defence and real-time strategy – a feature that separates the game from other cookie cutter MOBAs on the market. Accessibility in League of Legends is one of their highlights, although this doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have complex gameplay. League of Legends outmatched the likes of Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm by the fact that it uses special powers and unique abilities as an interface to MOBA gameplay.

Rocket League

2015’s esports hits have been among the few sports games without a real-world league receiving immense esports love from fans around. Rocket League is an incredible thrill, particularly when played in professional mode. If your scores in the final seconds seem impressive, wait a moment before someone with the most powerful speed goes up a hill and drops it to the ground. The Rocket League Championships Series will show you the most talented players who have performed amazing manoeuvres. In its recent edition, a total of 1m prizes were awarded.

Apex Legends

Respawn has surpassed its original expectations with acclaimed Battle Royale shooters Apex Legends and the smash hit Titanfall games that it developed in the first place. Apex legends focuses on the Titan Falls universe where a mighty mercenary is based rather than a giant robot. Fortunately, these colourful figures have some unique abilities. You can travel across dimensions and create holographic pictures of Mirage or Wraith. Intelligent communication systems keep the team synchronized. Apex Legends’s enormous growth has been sustained through its ongoing tournament schedule.

Online tournaments

The Checkmate Gaming tournament is a revolutionary new method of comparing amateurs and professionals. Our well-balanced competition events offer the possibility for players to showcase their abilities in front of other players. Play tournament games with money at any platform you like. We also provide PlayStation 4 Tournament and PC Tournaments. We’d also be offering the games PS5 and PS4 series tournaments. Checkmate Gaming offers you the best pay outs for the competitive dollar on tournament games.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Street Fighter V is the most accessible esports title for those not identified as gaming fans. Two people who punch themselves unconscious have largely the same basic idea. It has existed in many ways, including the ancient Gladiators clash, professional boxing and UFC—as recognizable despite its hadoken, booming sounds and some insane super-power attacks. Street fighting is one of the few esport games that gets significant broadcasts on mainstream television with several prominent tournament broadcast on Disney XD & ESPN2 and.

League of Legends World Championship

Games developer Riot Games organizes an international championship league for the MOBA game League of Legends and an international championship. World champion League of Legends World Cup 2018 brought out 24 international teams and fans. The event is currently taking place across three continents. A single World Cup often happens between cities: In 2011 Swedish players won $100,000 but China’s prize pools increased to $3.5 million in 2017. The pool of prizes grew. It also keeps increasing spectator numbers.

Competitive gaming tournaments

Games that we offer include Call of Duty World War II War Zone. Our schedule continually changes to reflect current popularity. We listen and always have new titles such as Fall Guys. Our game offers several variants ranging from single map experience in gameplay to special weaponry like Pro Mods tournaments. Please enjoy our offers and explore our extensive list of paid competitive gaming opportunities.

Tournaments with cash prizes

Bring a friend and join the team of one to four players for an experience unlike any other. Take a chance and get the cash prizes! Take no prisoners while playing the PlayStation 5 or Xbox series for money. Okay, you’re correct. We have tournament offers that are real cash that you can spend! The platform presents an unmatched interface that provides the best user experience.

The 5 most famous esports tournaments worldwide

The game industry isn’t officially recognized and the hype remains huge. Esport events have risen to attract thousands of people. What is the biggest eSport tournament? What is the location of them? Let’s go deeper and find some great eSports events. Join us as we explore electronic sports.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

While a number of tournaments play in the ESL1 and ESL Extreme Masters series, LCS concentrates exclusively on League of Legends. This tournament is managed by its original developer, Riot Games. The tournament consists of Spring Summer, which means the Grands finals are held twice yearly.

EU League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS)

10 players with an ultimate objective: to win the Europe League Legend Championships. The most disputed recordholder is the team fnatic. The team is also among the oldest professional leagues of LoL and has won the Grand Final seven times as of 2018. Recently, a victory for the club’s esporting team came in FC SCHALKE.

The most popular tournament games

There are several gaming options available for sale. However, only some games are suitable for tournament formats. This is an overview of the top three competitive game genres:


CSGO means Counterstrike: Global Offensive, an electronic shooter primarily based on tactical games online. Each team plays five plays to map dominance. The most played scenario involves bomb deflation, where terrorists are charged to build or defend bomb sites. The terrorist can then kill them by deflecting the explosives. Upon launching a bomb, the terrorist can get it out. After some rounds teams are reorganised. Teams played 30 rounds, and the top 16 teams won each game. A Best of three match is played where two teams win in a game.

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