Can I Learn Selenium on My Own?

It is a known fact that choosing a career path is a tough job, but how to prepare for it is just as crucial. Those of you who have made up your mind and decided to pursue a profession as a Selenium Professional are only a few steps away from obtaining the necessary materials. So, to become a Certified Selenium Professional, here are the perfectly compiled best study guide and learning tools accessible. Now, let’s know how to learn Selenium on your own and get ready to obtain the certification.

Yes, you can learn Selenium on your own when you have the proper plan and the resources. But first, let’s obtain some background on Selenium to comprehend better and learn about it.

What exactly is Selenium?

Everyone is aware of the increasing adaptability to automation and its deployment. It has set a precedent by demonstrating significant growth, and Selenium adds to the momentum. To put it another way, Selenium is an open-source Web UI automation testing tool that can automate websites in various browsers, platforms, and computer languages. It is simple to automate functional tests and integrate them utilizing tools.

What makes Selenium superior?

  • First and foremost, Selenium is an open-source automated testing tool with no license fees.
  • Second, Selenium allows scripting in various programming languages, including Java, C#, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Finally, it works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and other popular browsers.
  • Finally, the Selenium suite’s Selenium IDE component has record and playback capabilities. Non-programmers can also write automation programs using these functionalities.

Selenium Preparation and Learning Procedures

Having the right tools and a learning plan is a perfect combination to learn Selenium for developing the abilities needed to become a skilled Selenium Professional. We will learn about the methods to improve our preparedness in this section. Furthermore, this will aid in learning and comprehending everything logically.

Learn everything there is to know about the fundamentals

It’ll help if you familiarise yourself with the fundamental notions of Selenium. It is done to grasp the situation during time preparation better. Below pointers will help you to begin preparing in a step-by-step manner.

To begin, choose a programming language area, starting with Java. They must understand the concepts and fundamentals of Java in this course.

Let’s move on to the second point after we’ve gotten a handle on Java:

It is the perfect time to begin learning about Selenium Webdriver commands usage. It would help if you practiced putting what they’ve learned into practice here. Installing Selenium Webdriver, locators (Id, Class Name, Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, Xpath, and so on), and Webdriver Commands will all be covered.

Now we’ll move on to the third point:

Start studying and comprehending TestNg at this point. TestNg refers to a unit testing framework for regulating execution flows in programming languages.

Last but not least, you must concentrate on Automation Frameworks. These make code more reusable while lowering maintenance costs and effort.

Online Groups and Resources

There are various tools and online tutorials for Selenium Professional that can assist you in getting started to learn Selenium. However, you should know that nothing is easy and must work hard for it. So, you’ll have to do some study to find materials and then pick the best ones. When you go to the online communities, you may join various groups, including selenium experts and beginners studying for the exam. These groups can help you solve the query and update you on Selenium concepts and subjects.

Books of Reference:

Books are the best resource to consider when studying for an exam. Make sure you’re familiar with the textbook and that it contains high-quality, easily-understood content. You can use several books from libraries or bookstores in addition to the accessible learning tools and official study material. You may also find e-books on the internet, which are entirely free.

  • Learn Selenium: Build data-driven test frameworks for mobile and web applications with Selenium Web Driver 3 by Unmesh Gundecha (Author), Carl Cocchiaro (Author)
  • Selenium WebDriver Quick Start Guide: Write clear, readable, and reliable tests with Selenium WebDriver 3 by Pinakin Chaubal

Pinakin Chaubal’s Selenium WebDriver Quick Start Guide: Write simple, readable, and dependable tests using Selenium WebDriver 3.

Practice by taking practice tests:

You can start assessing yourself while studying for the certification by taking practice tests. It might give you an advantage in validating your skills and knowledge, as well as identifying your weak spots. Furthermore, this will improve your ability to answer questions and give you confidence during the exam. It is critical to write tests and offer output for automation.

Expert Opinions:

In recent years, there has been a growth in the demand for Selenium professionals. And as an Automation tester, you must work to improve their skills to progress in the appropriate direction. Furthermore, Selenium has become the primary choice of automation testers and automating the web-based application testing role for many top firms.

Market Value of Selenium Testing

Selenium Automation Testing is now the industry leader when it comes to value. Selenium is an open-source browser automation detecting tool for PC and mobile browsers. Furthermore, it is regarded as a web standard supported by all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. However, because Selenium is open-source software, it allows people to learn Selenium more quickly and find their place in leading enterprises. Selenium has a broader application, and its future is as bright as a tool. Qualified test automation engineers will benefit from artificial intelligence advancements.

However, test automation industry patterns constantly change, with Selenium experiencing fast growth over shorter periods. Selenium allows clients to receive ROI considerably more quickly by lowering the number of cycles involved in testing.


Selenium Certification gains in value as a result of this. So, gather as much information as possible while learning Selenium and prepare to become a Certified Selenium Professional.

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