The 4 Best Ways to Game on the Go

While gaming on PCs and consoles makes for amazing entertainment, you obviously can’t take these with you when you leave the house. But why let the fun stop just because you’re not at home? Whether you’re looking for ways to game whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare or a premium gaming experience on long hours of transport, we’ve got you. Read on for four different ways to entertain yourself with games on the go – and prepare yourself for hours upon hours of extra fun to start.

The Gamer Investment: Handheld Nintendo Consoles

If you ask most gamers, nothing beats a solid handheld console for gaming on the go. Nintendo is especially famous for their portable systems – and if you go for their Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED, you can also connect it to your TV at home and use it as a regular console. While the company’s Nintendo Switch Lite was created solely for a portable gaming experience, it’s still a great investment if you’re looking to play Zelda, Animal Crossing or Assassin’s Creed while you’re out and about.

The One in Your Pocket: Gaming on Your Phone

Don’t feel quite ready to spend money on a separate device for gaming on the go? Then it’s important to remember that – if you’re like most people – you actually have a perfectly good device on you almost at all times already: your smartphone. Of course, many phones won’t be powerful enough to handle all of your favorite games, but there are still plenty of fun games to be found that’ll work perfectly fine on a phone. If you’re into iGaming, offers excellent reviews and helpful guides to help you find your next casino gaming adventure – or if you’re late to the party, you could finally give Among Us a go.

The Hybrid: Tablets for Gaming and More

While many prefer doing most things, gaming included, on their phones, others find that trying to see things on a small screen all the time strains their eyes too much. If you’re one of those people, you might want to try giving gaming on a tablet a go instead. On an iPad, for example, you’ll get access to Apple’s expansive selection of games on their App Store – and be able to play anything from Fortnite to Florence. As an added bonus, tablets are versatile tools that you can use for reading, taking notes, watching Netflix, work and much more besides gaming. All in all, it’s money well spent either way.

The Analog Solution: Board Games Never Lag

Are you going on a long train ride with nothing to do? Vacationing somewhere remote with no Wi-Fi? In need of entertaining kids for a few hours? No matter what your situation is, board games are always a safe bet. While some gamers resent the very mention of board games as an alternative to today’s highly advanced games, we shouldn’t forget that these games are what started it all. And besides, plenty of adults get hours of entertainment out of strategic board games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. We promise, if you’re refusing to even give them a try, you’re missing out.

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