TF2 Trading Tips to Make A Profit

A lot of people in the gaming community who enjoy the free-to-play scheme of a multi-player game receive items that range from common to rare. Players can use these items to trade in with other players. Since TF2 or Team Fortress 2 has been repeatedly updated since its launch in 2008, it also included an item trade system. Trading an item does not mean that you only get to barter it in the game, but you can sell and buy it in gaming communities such as Steam.

For a beginner, you have to know that there are also forms of currency when using TF2 — which are in the form of Metals and Keys. Keys are usually priced around $2-$3 and are more valuable than metal. Yes, you have to buy these items using real money. So if you are a TF2 player, how can you profit from it?

Finding a reliable trading site

Since your money will be involved when making an item trade, you should set an expectation that there will always be scammers just waiting for you to make the wrong move. Much like cryptocurrency, which uses trading platforms like Binance, TF2 also has a marketplace for virtual items like DMarket and Tradeit.GG. These platforms are included among the top picks of Hypernia – a website dedicated to hardcore gamers – as good TF2 trading sites that have proven their credibility over the years.

Trading in Low Tier vs. High Tier

Low-tier trading usually caps at the value of not more than five keys and is usually offered and traded in by gaming bots at a definite price. This is unlikable for some gamers who want to sell high. If you do not want to use bots for your trading, you can choose to trade low-tier items which offer obscure pricing.

Trading in Unusuals is what High Tier trading is all about, for they are priced at the value above 5 keys up to 5000 keys. If you have enough funds to enter a High Tier trading, then it would be more gainful to deal in Unusuals.

Knowing the selling price

The type of items that you have will make much difference, more so if you know the value of each item that you obtain during a game. For example, if you have a Purple Unusual Quality like rare taunts or weapons, you should know that these items can sell between $10 to $10, 000.

Selling with Add-ons

Having an add-on on any market is usually a magnet for any business entity as it makes a buyer more attracted to the item being sold. Since the trading competition in gaming communities is very high, you can try selling an add-on that will increase the value of the item. With TF2, add-ons like Killstreaks can boost a value that can range from 5 to 15 metals.

Final Words

It may be tough to sell an item in a large gaming community in which most of the players will opt for a high profit but if you strategize it by playing it out first in Low Tier Trading until you get the hang of it, then you may be able to afford a more comfortable return of investment once you deal in High Tier trading.

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