Top 20 Sims 4 Mermaid CC Mods – FREE Download [UPDATED]

All mermaid fans, unite!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by dressing up like a mermaid? In The Sims 4, though, everything is conceivable.


I enjoy The Sims because I can immerse myself in any fantasy world I want, especially with all of the custom stuff available. Additionally I adored The Little Mermaid as a child and grew infatuated with all things mermaid! I would always be enjoying my best mer-life, whether I was having a bath or swimming in the pool.


I can now experience it through The Sims.


With the introduction of The Sims Island Life, playing as a mermaid has never been easier. But, like with other in-game stuff, I was left wanting more.


Let’s take a look at what’s available in the lovely world of bespoke content.

Best Sims 4 Mermaid CC & Mods List – FREE Download

1. Fish Scales Tattoo Mod





Nenpy’s exquisite creation of fish scales comes to me as the top of my list of mermaid CC.


These are the most realistic-looking fish scales I’ve ever seen for mer-sims.


This tattoo covers your mermaid from head to toe, giving her the perfect underwater appearance so she can blend in with the rest of the sea creatures.


Oh, the fish scales, the dazzling tails, and the tropical colors!


Just the prospect of customizing practically every part of my mermaid’s in-game experience excites me, and I’m blown away by all of these creators’ creativity!


Can we all just give a standing ovation for allowing us to live out our best fantasies in-game?


Because I believe we have pretty much everything we need for an underwater mermaid paradise with this list.

2. Britney Pastel Rainbow Hair Mod




Yeah of course, Another hairstyle, please!


But SweetCranberry made this recolored version of Britney’s Sintiklia haircut, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been more obsessed with hair.


In my opinion, pastel rainbow colours are the perfect mermaid hair.


This style goes well with any tail and top set and offers your mermaid a bouncy beach wave appearance.


If I had the courage to wear these hues in real life, you can bet I would!


But for the time being, let’s keep everything in Sims world.


3. Mermaid Shells NO1 Mod 




These mermaid shells are incredible!


All mermaids should flaunt this amazing “just covered” appearance.


I’m smitten with the shell design’s intricate intricacies, even down to the pearl inlays. People, this type of craftsmanship takes time!


Creator tigerlillyyyy includes 12 colors here, making it easier to match with whatever tail design you pick.


The classic shell bra is the ideal finishing touch for any mermaid look. It’s essentially the cherry on top of the sundae.

4. DSF Accessories Mermaid Opalo Mod




DansimsFantasy’s accessories bundle brings all of my mermaid fancies to reality.


With just one CC pack, I can almost achieve the ultimate ethereal look.


A Crown Opalo, forearm fins, and arm scales are included to complete the mermaid metamorphosis look.


You may also modify your mermaid’s underwater aesthetic with certain accessories, which come in a variety of hues.


Do you want to be a mermaid princess who lives in an undersea kingdom? Then this set will keep you occupied for hours.


5. Ears of Mermaid (With Luminous Ends) Mod




What’s the best way to finish the sparkling mermaid tail look?


Of course, by adding glowing ears!


With fish-like mermaid ears that glow on the ends, Zaneida adds this CC to the mix.


The glowing has a mysterious feel to it, adding to the whole mermaid persona. And I know how much your sim enjoys the feeling of being mysterious.


I’m dying to go for a late-night swim like this.


6. Luminous Water Mermaid Tail Mod




That’s right, you read that correctly.


This mermaid tail shines brightly!


Zaneida’s lovely CC is a must-have on my wish list.


Why not have your mermaid light up the night water whenever she goes for a swim?


The tail is available in four different shapes, each with five different colour swatches. Did I mention that it glows?


7. Siren Ears Mod





These fish ears are a must-have if you want to make a mythological monster in The Sims.


For your mermaid from the lowest depths of the ocean, these massive, spiny ears provide a fish look.


These ears are suitable for both male and female Sims, and they may be worn with a variety of beards and hairlines.


If you’re into that sort of thing, creator Tekri also includes a piercing option.


8. Mermaid 5 Set Mod





Jaru Sims has made one of the most beautiful mermaid sets I’ve ever seen.


The top and tail combo is basic yet attractive, with 14 pastel colours and plenty of elegance to go around.


I really like how the top and tail mix together with the skin.


The illusion of the ultimate water-based human is created as a result of this. A mythological mermaid would also look great dressed in barley.

9. Anto – Daya (Hairstyle) Mod





Yes, another mermaid hairstyle has been added to my collection of fave mermaid CC. Why?


Look at how beautiful it is!


In real life, this sun-dried wavy haircut would be a dream.


There are 27 hair colours available in the hip-length style, plus 9 fantasy hues if you want to go for a more mysterious look.


I’m really blown away by Anto’s Daya hairstyle design since it seems so natural.


Mermaids and normal Sims alike will love it.


10. DSF Mermaid Tail Phalaenopsis Mod




The attention to detail on this CC tail is incredible.


This bespoke mermaid tail, inspired by the beauty of the Phalaenopsis, comes in 50 colour samples and eight alternative colour design schemes.


That’s some serious personalization.


With this stunning design, DanSimsFantasy knocks this mermaid tail out of the water!

11. Mythos Skin (Female) Mod





What good is a mythological creature (like a mermaid) if it doesn’t have a mythical skin tone to match?


For all your dream simulations, Pralinesims has designed the ideal skin tone package.


You may customize your sim to create the mermaid of your dreams with fifty different colours to select from.


12. Mermaid Toddlers Mod





My favourite stage of a sim’s life is when they are toddlers!


While developing your toddler’s skills and teaching them new things can be tedious, these tiny Sims are simply adorable. I’m about to cry!


Merman Simmer’s toddler mermaid tails allow you to have small mer-toddlers running (or swimming) around all day.


Isn’t that adorable?

13. Mermaid Bassinet Mod




This is now one of my favorite Island Living mods.


I enjoy making families in-game, especially ones with a lot of infants.


Mermaids can have offspring, but unlike the other mythical characters in the game, mer-babies do not have a bassinet for the newborn stage.


So SrslySims made a mod specifically for mer-babies!


You can now care for your mer-baby in the same way that you would any other sim. This leads me to the next CC on my to-do list…


14. All Mermaids Can Change Weather Mod




If you own the Seasons expansion pack, you already know that mermaids can modify the weather.


Certain weather patterns, on the other hand, can only be induced by certain personality qualities.


This mod was written by Petsimk to allow all mermaids, regardless of personality attribute, to summon any type of weather pattern.


Yes, it’s simple. But it’s so much fun.


15. Mermaid Tiles Mod





Who doesn’t want a mermaid design on their wall?


Mermaid Tiles by Brandyzomb are the perfect accent to your tropical beach house.


I’m not going to lie: in real life, I’d completely redesign my bathroom to appear like this.


These unique wallpaper styles will be the perfect accent to your new bathroom, whether you’re living the mermaid life or your sim is as crazy with mermaids as I am.

16. Expanded Mermaids Mod




TS4 mods allow you to customise your gameplay and alter almost everything you want.


And this mod by SpinningPlumbobs is a perfect example of that.


It’s well worth it for the simple reason that it’s continually updated, as are all of the essential features.


“Expanded Mermaid” by SpinningPlumbobs adds more content for mermaids like sea witches, kelpies, and other water interactions. Really, there’s a lot here that you’ll enjoy, so go check it out!


I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

17. Mermaid Hairstyle Mod





The first thing that comes to me when I think of a mermaid is her hair!


Mermaids are famed for their wavy beach hair and lengthy locks.


Well, KiaraZurk’s hairdo is fantastic because it can be further customised with different textures and colours.


This CC comes in 18 different colours and may also be used with headwear. Nice!


Make your own Little Mermaid by experimenting with the red variant.

18. Mermaid Blush Mod





It’s critical that I find a suitable makeup palette for my mermaids.


The make-up colour palette must be natural while yet being magical. Tatygagg did an incredible job capturing the exact aesthetic I was striving for.


For a genuine mermaid effect, use this palette to create the illusion of scales.


Metallic and tropical colours are included in this CC, which would look stunning on any mermaid from an aquatic kingdom.


You could start a mermaid tribe with this global appearance.

19. Tropical Island Living Mermaid Tail Mod





What would a mermaid be without her famous tail?


Radea skillfully made this tail as a colour extension of the game’s original mermaid narrative.


Plus, employing the wonderful hues of a tropical beach, this colour palette provides the original appearance more possibilities to pick from.


This would be a great addition to your in-game selections if you’re seeking for something that’s not too far out there.


20. Siren Ears and Gills Mod





Mermaids are mermaids who live in the water.


Why not give them gills and other fish-like traits to help them survive in the water?


With these lifelike ears and gills, Pyxis gives your mermaid the right aquatic look.


The gills are quite well animated along with your sim’s movements in gaming, and they’re made for sims of all ages and genders.


This CC can also be worn with earrings, necklaces, and other accessories, according to the artist.


Who doesn’t adore CC that can be altered to fit any style?



I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best sims 4 mermaid cc mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.

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