Top Sims 4 Furniture CC & Mods FREE Download – UPDATED

Since its release, The Sims 4 has gotten a number of additions.

However, if you’re a genuine Sims fan, you’ll know that there’s no such thing as too many additions to the game, especially when it comes to things like your characters and home furniture.


For a long time, I’ve had a strong attachment to The Sims 4. But it took some time for me to adjust following my displeasure with the game not being open-world like The Sims 3. (although hopefully Sims 5 gives it back).


To assist with more decorating ideas, I’ve compiled a list of amazing furniture modifications that will enhance the appearance of your dream home.


I didn’t favor any single room style on my list because I wanted everyone who reads it to have plenty of possibilities. So have a good time and start decorating!

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC List FREE Download

1. Blender for Juice Mod




Even though it isn’t an item pack, this mod gets the top slot for one simple reason: it adds a working juice blender to the game.


That’s correct!


This isn’t just a beautiful object; it’ll be a great addition to any Sim’s kitchen who wants to improve their living space and maybe get a little healthier.


You’ll be able to blend your favourite fruits and veggies to make delectable juices that will keep you healthy and buffed for years to come.

2. Calligraphik Bedroom Mod




Wait until you see this Caligraphik Bedroom if you enjoyed the Thorne Bedroom mod from the fourth slot on this list.


This space appealed to me more than Thorne’s, despite the fact that they both have a similar look.


Again, this may be a matter of personal opinion, but the deeper tones look far better in most of the game’s residences.


I really like how the desk looks, and I think it would look great in almost any home. Even if you don’t want to use these objects to decorate a full space, you may get a lot out of this content bundle.

3. Melina Mod




Your child should be in touch with nature at all times so that they don’t forget where they came from.


Melina is a fantastic mod that has one of the most appealing aesthetics in the Sims 4 modding community.


It includes several new things to the game to assist you in creating the ideal natural room for your youngster.


The pillows are what drew me to this makeover. And if you think they’re charming in photos, wait until you see how adorable they are in action!

4. Thorne Bedroom Mod




This comfortable little bedroom mod includes a few items that will help you create a stunning environment.


The things make the space look like it came straight out of one of those modern magazine catalogues, and I love how it all fits together.


This bedroom mod will offer you a different vibe than the others on this list, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.


Small plants, text-heavy décor, and a slew of other excellent features will make you feel like you’re living the city monger’s dream, especially if you design a room in the City Living map!

5. Pacific Heights Bathroom Mod




Modifications to modern bathrooms always seem to work nicely.


So this is a mod that I just couldn’t pass up.


It allows you to build a bathroom that is rather different from what you’re used to seeing in the game, but let me say this: it’s a much better mod if you have enough space in your house to build a large bathroom.


Some of the goods included in this mod make it great for you to create unique objects in a huge space, therefore I recommend installing it if your Sim has already achieved success in life and is searching for a nicer home!


6. Bedroom for the Holidays Mod




This may be designed for you to create a Christmas-themed room, but trust me when I say that it feels perfectly appropriate to have a space like this all year.


The mod includes objects that allow you to create a Nordic-inspired room, allowing you to fantasise about the northern lights from the comfort of your new and cosy bed.


Or whatever Christmas-related idea comes to mind.


With this installed, you’ll have a plethora of different décors to choose from, all of which are adaptable to most sorts of homes.


7. Kitchen in the Young Way Mod





Who says you need a lot of space to design the ideal kitchen?


The Young Way Kitchen mod adds enough stuff for you to make one of the best-looking minimalist kitchens I’ve ever seen in The Sims 4.


With dozens of new things, your kitchen will feel like it came straight out of a fantasy novel. By incorporating this fantastic(and free) kitchen mod, you can create one of the most gorgeous designs you’ve ever seen.


8. Jules Mod




With this wonderful bedroom overhaul mod, you can now add the ideal space for most women to your Sims game.


You’ll have access to many of the goods that many modern ladies have in their homes, as well as a variety of fresh décors that are both modern and warm.


New lights, chairs, and a slew of other ornamental accents have been added. You can choose from a variety of options to spice up your sleeping quarters.


9. iPhone X (iPhone X) Mod




Okay, remember how I mentioned it wouldn’t make sense to introduce an Apple product into a world governed by Pear?


So, that’s out.


I believe that include the iPhone X in the game is much too amazing an opportunity to pass up.


This is especially true for people who do not have the financial means to do so! Even if you can’t get your hands on one of them in real life, it doesn’t mean your Sim has to suffer (well, not all the time).


The phone also performs admirably in the game, thanks to the usage of unique models and textures to illuminate the screen. It also includes apps that appear to operate well with your Sim.


10. Come in and get comfy Mod




Following the introduction of the Tiny Living Pack, this is an excellent mod to have.


It enables you to create some quite pleasant chambers in a very tiny space.


The goods you acquire here come in a number of styles, which is perfect for those of you who want to add some variation to your home’s décor.


You know how certain things just “feel” right? The decorations are excellent, and the creator’s style appears to be an excellent match for the game. It’s a fantastic mod, and I adore it!


11. Bathroom Goldis Mod




This is a one-of-a-kind modification, as there aren’t many bathtubs like it.


All of the pieces have a distinct aesthetic that combines rose and brown tones to create a stunning look in your bathroom.


For some, it may be too fancy, but for others, it is ideal.


12. ECO-Friendly Living Room Mod




The ECO Living room mod features the same style as the ECO Kitchen mod, as you may expect from the name.


And they’re both extraordinarily well-suited to each other.


Of course, they were created by the same guy. As a result, they both work tirelessly to make your ideal home a reality.


13. French Teen Room Mod





In The Sims, are you looking for a French room decor for your adolescent girl?


This patch adds a few different pieces of furniture to the game that will make your teen girl feel like she’s in Paris.


Isn’t there some fairly bizarre items for kids here?


14. Wall Grid with String Light Mod




Wall lights are arguably one of the simplest ways to personalize your space.


And for that purpose, this mod is amazing.


You’ll have access to a new adornment in the form of a string light that will brighten your favorite space just enough to make it feel really comfy.


It makes me want to do my own room in this style!


15. Victoria Nursery Mod





This mod, like the other one I reviewed, is a great addition for those who want to arrange a little girl’s room in the game.


This one, on the other hand, does not fit a princess as well as a regular baby girl. So it’s possible it’s a little more worldwide.


I also prefer the aesthetics of this mod to the previous one.


Although it may come down to personal preference, have a look at both and see which one you like.


16. Princess Nursery Mod





If you want to have a baby daughter in The Sims 4, you should look into this mod right now.


The objects in the Princess Nursery are precisely what the mod’s name implies: additional features designed to embellish a little princess’s room!


This should suffice if you want your tiny Sim daughter to live a life fit for royalty.


17. The Laundry Mod




Laundry was a welcome addition to The Sims 4’s game-play.


However, in the game, it is still impossible to create a place that seems like a washing room.


That is, until you download and install this game mod.


It includes a tonne of shelves that you can use in your laundry room to make it feel just right.


You will find an iron, detergents, soaps, and a variety of other home supplies.


18. Mandal Bedroom Mod




If you download the Mandal Bedroom set, you will not lose touch with nature.


It includes a bed with strewn covers and a few other basic pieces that, if lit properly, will make your room feel like it belongs in the natural world.


19. ECO Kitchen Mod




Looking to create a unique modern kitchen?


So, do you have a thing for wood finishes in your kitchen? If that’s the case, you should check out this fantastic mod.


It will have a plethora of new things to assist you in creating your ideal kitchen from the ground up.


20. Pear SimMac Mod




In The Sims 4, Apple computers are technically canon.


However, as any seasoned player will tell you, they’re referred to as “Pear” rather than “Apple.”


Adding an Apple computer to the game wouldn’t make much sense, given how clever that is.


As a result, this modder took the game’s canon to heart and opted to include a Pear SimMac (the game’s version of an iMac). Neat!

21. Altara Kitchen Appliances Mod




The Sims 4 lacks modern kitchen appliances, which is a startling oversight.


But when you’ve installed this great mod, it won’t be for long.


I’ll admit that I’m adding it to the list since I like the aesthetic of these types of appliances. In my own real-life kitchen, I have similar appliances.


In any case, this mod adds one practical object (a coffee maker) and ten ornamental pieces to your kitchen, transforming it into a much more modern castle.


22. Lina Living Room Mod




I’m not sure what it is about this mod that gives it such a “comfortable” vibe, but I adore it.


I mean, I’ve never had furniture like this in any of my homes, but it just felt natural to add to my collection.


It just gives you that 90s home vibe that you don’t get in the vanilla Sims 4 game and that you don’t get in most older TV episodes.


Because I know some of you don’t like real-life brands in your games, I’m just going to warn you that this mod includes an LG DVD player as a decorative object.


I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 furniture cc Mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.

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