Top 50 Sims 4 Houses Lots & CC FREE Download – [UPDATED]

The Sims is a game that everyone enjoys. Perhaps you appreciate the dollhouse-like character creation, the silly activities you can make your Sims undertake, or the ability to build your perfect home.

You can also marvel at other people’s works on the internet and even incorporate them into your own game!

To get you started on your Sim-focused real estate journey, I’ve compiled a massive list of my favourite user-created lots, residences, parks, stores, dance clubs, mansions, and everything else.

While some of these are compatible with the main game, the majority of them require expansions and stuff packs — and some of them make extensive use of Custom Creations (CC) as a powerful tool for creating unique environments.

Just keep that in mind when you browse and install any of these lovely lots. The description will usually have all of the necessary information, so always visit the download page for further information.

Let’s go shopping for a bunch!

Best Sims 4 Houses Lots Mods & CC FREE Download

1. Hope Arts Center




Creator: Melapples
CC: Yes
Value: 347,000 Simoleons

The Hope Arts Center is the most engaging and absorbing of the 50 fantastic lots I put together for here.

Not only does it have the cutting-edge ecological design choices you’d expect in a setting like this, but the inside is also very realistic thanks to the numerous art displays.

There are quiet viewing rooms, stages for musical performances, and even a little café to satisfy your appetite after you’ve satisfied your spirit.

It’s a great place for a first date!

This multifunctional structure, which is part art display, half workshop, and part architectural statement, should be the gold standard of TS4 lots.

2. Sulani Wedding Venue Lot




Creator: Nolcanol
CC: No
Value: 104,000 Simoleons

This vast 50/50 lot seems like something right out of a fantasy RPG. It may advertise itself as a modest tropical wedding location on the coastlines of Sulani, but it looks like something straight out of a fantasy RPG.

Not only is everything erected on a wooden pier that overlooks the ocean, but behind the altar, a gorgeous natural bridge formation creates a grotto-like atmosphere that is quite magical.

Because of the unique, rather ethereal coral-colored décor, walking down the aisle would feel more like an elven queen’s coronation than a wedding.

3. Kindergarten Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 170,000 Simoleons

If I had children, I’d want them to grow up in an environment as vibrant and beautiful as this Kindergarten created by PralineSims.

Many toys and park equipment, including as a sandbox, a merry-go-round, and seesaws, are strewn throughout the lush green grass, which is dotted with gorgeous flowers.

It’s the ideal kindergarten on the inside.

This involves allowing natural light into classrooms and communal areas. It even has the student’s bags hung on the walls, and there are many more small things that add to the authenticity.

It’s a magical place where Sim children may have fun, learn, and feel protected.

4. Dalaran – The Floating City Lot




Creator: SatiSims
CC: Yes
Value: 1,352,000 Simoleons

If you thought the previous article was impressive, wait until you see this TS4 recreation of the Floating City of Dalaran from World of Warcraft.

It was first seen in the Eastern Kingdoms before being transported to the sky of Northrend, where it now flies above your TS4 town.

Everything you see in the game is represented in this 6464 lot, which is more or less on the same scale. The Main City, the Rogue and Mage Class Halls, the Sewers — and even a few of new houses to relocate into the city if desired – are all included.

5. Old French Village Lot




Creator: Catdenny
CC: No
Value: 1,200,000 Simoleons

Few lots are as ambitious as Catdenny’s Old French Village, which recreates an entire town on a 6464 square foot plot.

A variety of structures appear to be stacked next to one another in a really lovely manner. Several houses, a café, and even a pub are among them.

A lovely waterfall pours into a large canal that runs through the town, and standing on the bridge that crosses it, your Sim will feel as if they’re in a Disney film.

6. Aura Modern Lot




Creator: Plantyl
CC: No
Value: 445,000 Simoleons

This enormous home is best described by the adjectives “style” and “luxury.”

Three double bedrooms, three baths, multiple dining areas, a private bar, and even a dance floor with DJ equipment are all included.

Not to mention the big private pool located just outside the door.

The interior décor is all black, white, or grey, yet it works brilliantly thanks to the avant-garde design and striking ornaments.

If your Sim is Elon Musk, you should get it.

7. Bisham Manor Lot




Creator: Wouterfan
CC: No
Value: 348,000 Simoleons

The Bisham Manor from The Haunting of Hill House is another stunning property straight out of a renowned TV programme.

This large residence, also known as Hill House, looks just like it did in Netflix’s rendition of Shirley Jackson’s novel, both on the outside and inside.

There’s even a hidden floor!

It’s perfect for creepy Sims like vampires and evil sorcerers, and it has five enormous bedrooms to accommodate an army of them.

8. Seattle Grace Hospital Lot




Creator: FSDesign2
CC: No
Value: 730,000 Simoleons

Grey’s Anatomy fans, hold on to your seats. Because your head is going to be blown.

The Seattle Grace Hospital is the scene for the most of the episodes of this American TV drama, and it’s lovingly replicated in stunning detail on this 50/50 Sims 4 lot.

It has all of the medical equipment that a hospital requires, and most of the common areas, such as the bar and the beautiful lobby, will be familiar to you.

There are also patient rooms, major surgery operating rooms, and everything else you’ve seen on the show.

9. Sakuya Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 350,000 Simoleons

With lots of black colours and dark wood that make it both attractive and scary, our next entry appears appropriate to house the leaders of a local branch of the Japanese Yakuza.

While the house itself is attractive, the stunning front garden and overall outstanding landscaping take this property to brilliance.

The interior decoration is generally attractive and stylish – if a little tame – but the imaginative use of indoor plants, including vines creeping up some walls, makes a lovely contrast.

10. Modern Lake Abode 2.0 Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 400,000 Simoleons

More of the same modern aesthetic can be seen in this upgraded version of PralineSims’ Modern Lake Abode, although some variations keep things interesting.

Its purpose is to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor settings. Sims has a wonderful perspective of the almost zen garden-like pond outside because to the use of glass that lets natural light in.

Dark brown and black colours are used throughout to create an exquisite aesthetic, but brighter hues are used to give certain sections, such as the bedrooms, a more homey feel.

11. Coconut 3 Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 200,000 Simoleons

The Coconut complex, like our prior entry, is designed to let the sun’s rays in.

Things, on the other hand, elevates it to a whole new level.

It not only has a lot of glass panel walls to let in light, but it’s also painted in light-reflecting colours like beige and cream.

Even the main bedroom has a glass ceiling, with only a few wooden grid walls for privacy in the bathroom.

Did I mention the gigantic pool on the grounds?

12. Freelancer’s Modern Home Lot




Creator: SimbunnyRT
CC: No
Value: 114,000 Simoleons

This lot is another amazing contemporary structure that takes inspiration from classic Japanese forms.

This studio apartment is essentially one big box, with the kitchen, living room, work area, and bedroom all crammed into the same area.

The bathroom, of course, has its own enclosure.

This, combined with the abundance of glass panel walls, allows natural light into almost every room of the house.

When you’re not slaving away at your computer, you can always relax by the pond outdoors, or invite some friends over to grill and drink.

13. Modern Zen Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 418,000 Simoleons

This Modern Zen house now incorporates many elements from traditional Japanese homes and looks fantastic.

Bamboo and cherry blossoms can be seen in abundance throughout the outdoor spaces, including the two huge pools and the terraces that overlook them.

Inside, soft beige and white serve as a backdrop for basic and tasteful dark-hued decorating.

The bathrooms are a work of art as well.

The tub in the centre of the room stops the space from feeling claustrophobic, and a mirror wall adds to the airy sense.

14. Korean Designer Abode Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 180,000 Simoleons

Whereas our last post adds a modern twist to a primarily traditional style, this Korean Designer Abode draws inspiration for a modern home from historical Korean styles.

For an attractive appeal, wooden surfaces are combined with a predominantly black and white palette on the inside.

I also like how the house’s front has plant life bursting out of it at various points, making the space feel cheerful and serene.


15. Korean Home Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 180,000 Simoleons

This traditional-looking Korean home, with three huge bedrooms, three bathrooms, and various common areas, is ideal for a large, close-knit multi-generational family.

PralineSims chose flora that are similar to those found in Korean areas, such as bamboo, to give this residence an extra layer of authenticity.

While bright and inviting during the day, this home shines at night, when the fantastic lighting transforms the space into an appealing but solemn aspect that bridges the gap between history and contemporary.

16. Olympus & Underworld Lot




Creator: Kaibelvert
CC: No
Value: 470,000 Simoleons

I love it when people take a tool like TS4’s building engine and push it to its limits, as evidenced by the Olympus & Underworld lot’s massive edifice.

The beautiful ancient Greek building of Olympus – the Gods’ home – overlooks the dark and freezing depths of the Underworld in this colossal structure inspired by Greek myth.

However, you’ll need to put some money down to bring this one into the neighbourhood.

17. Small English Cottage Lot




Creator: GenkaiHaretsu
CC: No
Value: 105,000 Simoleons

The Small English Cottage, like the Witch’s Hut before it, is a charming little building that seems like it belongs in a bedtime fairy tale.

It could appear laughably little. But on the inside, you’ll find everything you need, including a bathroom, a bedroom, and a functional kitchen.

The beautiful lavender garden on the outside adds to the fairy tale feel, and there’s also a gated section with good soil for you to start your own vegetable garden.

18. Mini Beach Bungalow Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 70,000 Simoleons

I’d rather have a nice residence with simply the essentials for a tropical break if I’m going to the beach on vacation or by myself.

This Mini Beach Bungalow is similar to our previous entry – after all, they’re both made by PralineSims – but it’s a lot smaller.

The use of intense cyan and turquoise colours brightens up the usually subdued interior decor, establishing the ideal balance for a calm but fashionable retreat.

It’s the most modern design you’ll find on a cottage of this type.

19. Beach Paradise Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 127,000 Simoleons

If you’re looking for a coastal home that evokes the feel of a tropical getaway while being modest and elegant, I recommend the Beach Paradise.

This lot has plenty of open space, the home itself appears to be incredibly connected to the natural world around it, and the terrace is the ideal spot to watch the sunset.

On the inside, intense warm colours and a lot of rattan furniture blend together to mimic the tropical landscape outside.

The nicest thing is that the living area appears to be cosy enough to relax in after a long day at the beach.

20. Mondrian I Lot




Creator: QubeDesign
CC: No
Value: 92,000 Simoleons

This one-of-a-kind home, named after the famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, combines Art Deco trends with some ecological building concepts.

I like how bright orange is used a lot, yet it’s not the only aggressive hue.

Tasteful furniture and muted décor, as well as plenty of outdoor and indoor plants, compliment these powerful tones.

Aside from the two bedrooms and bathrooms, you’ll have access to a garage, a study, a home theatre, and even a Jacuzzi to unwind after a long day of being the envy of your neighbours.

21. Manor House 3 Lot




Creator: ALGbuilds
CC: Yes
Value: 124,000 Simoleons

When it comes to living standards, this one is likely to impress even the most affluent Sims.

To seem attractive, this two-story Manor House doesn’t use any gimmicks or other styles.

Its architecture is very conventional, and it is painted in subdued hues.

However, some elements, such as the immaculately manicured bushes and the building’s sheer size, suggest a rich resident.

The interior is also well furnished, with each room being slightly unique.

22. Blue Lagoon Lot




Creator: Danuta720
CC: No
Value: 168,000 Simoleons

I’ve always wanted to live near the seaside, but I’ve never been able to stomach living in a tropical-style hut like you’d find on a trip.

The Blue Lagoon house is a contemporary seaside home that avoids the “hut on the sand” look, instead bringing the comfort and style of the suburbs to your coastal retreat.

However, you won’t be entering a technologically advanced bunker.

The use of wood and warm hues helps to keep the room in tune with the tropical backdrop, making it ideal for a sea-loving family with high living standards.

23. Fun Park Lot




Creator: Falco
CC: No
Value: 78,000 Simoleons

If your Sims have chosen children over pets, I have the ideal location for some top-notch family fun.

It’s difficult to keep track of all the attractions and activities at this Fun Park.

This park has something for everyone, whether they’re children, teenagers, or adults!

The pond is lovely, and the grilling equipment is convenient – but my favourite feature is the toddler-friendly section, which has plenty of padding on every surface to keep children safe.

Nice attention to detail!

24. Pet Park Lot




Creator: LotsByManal
CC: No
Value: 23,000 Simoleons

Most Sims have at least one pet, and every witch has a familiar.

So why not take them to this lovely Pet Park and have some fun with them?

This 30×20 lot has a variety of activities for your Sims and their pets to enjoy. For the dogs, there’s a bone-shaped pool and a well-equipped obstacle course where they may train for a show.

The park is completed by a lovely fountain and several tables where dog owners may sit and chat as their dogs sniff each other’s behinds.

25. The Witch’s Hut Lot




Creator: Susancho93
CC: No
Value: 207,000 Simoleons

If you’ve ever heard an old storey about a witch, you’ll know that they usually live alone in the woods, presumably in a charming cottage like this one.

The lovely flowers and lush vegetation that surround the main home give it a deceptively pleasant and secure appearance.

For your outdoor spellcasting needs, there are many pumpkins – a full patch – and even a bubbling cauldron.

Inside, you’ll find everything a witch requires, including a mediaeval bathroom, a kitchen, knitting materials, and even a secret underground room where you can conduct your magical experiments.
26. opulent abode

26. Luxurious Abode Lot




Creator: Nobody1392
CC: Yes
Value: 215,000 Simoleons

Sometimes all you want is a big suburban house with a white picket fence and enough space for your entire family, your office, and your oversized pool.

To accomplish so, this custom home rests on a 40×30 lot.

It features a wide patio with a lovely pool that looks suspiciously like a fountain at Versailles, and the light cream wood veneer will look excellent on your Sim’s poolside Instagram stories.

Every room in this mansion has its own personality and décor, and there’s even an office for your powerful Sim to receive important visitors.

27. Greenhouse Café Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 170,000 Simoleons

The Greenhouse Café stands out for two reasons: its abundance of flora and the fact that it is fully compatible with the base game.

In the café’s main garden, many flower species come together to create a true celebration of colour that acts as the lot’s focal point.

It can be reached by following a lovely brick road from the entrance.

While the glass walls make the inside seating areas appear bright and expansive, I prefer the open-air patio where I can feel the sun on my skin while sipping iced tea.

28. Paradise Wedding Venue Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 23,000 Simoleons

If you’ve ever fantasised about getting married on the beach in a lovely wedding ceremony, this Paradise Wedding Venue is definitely what you’re picturing.

There are enough chairs to seat a small gathering of friends and family to watch your Sim marry their special other. The furniture is mostly made of rattan and light-colored wood that looks right at home on the tropical island of Sulani, and there are enough chairs to sit a small gathering of friends and family to watch your Sim marry their special other.

The aisle is without a doubt the focal point. And any ceremony here will feel wonderful thanks to the palm leaf wheel capped by hanging yellow flowers framing the altar.

Just make sure you find the ideal wedding gown for this location!

29. Autumn Breeze Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 170,000 Simoleons

Autumn is synonymous with hot drinks, cushy sofas, and remaining warm — and few bespoke lots do it better than this three-bedroom home.

I appreciate how the patio furniture appears to be fashioned from a recycled wooden cart, as demonstrated by the wooden wheels that support most of the chairs.

The interior has a mild melancholy air to it, evoking the season after which it is named.

However, the use of various textures and materials in a sensible manner maintains it feeling warm and inviting.

Each bedroom has a different décor style, ranging from regal to rustic, so everyone in the family should be able to pick one that they like.

30. Bauhaus Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 120,000 Simoleons

This two-bedroom home is designed in the spirit of the post-World War II German Bauhaus movement.

The house is surrounded by a lot of flora, which softens the structure’s harsh straight lines. It’s daring and inventive, but not outlandish.

Exposed concrete and other rough textures on the inside give each room a distinct identity.

It keeps the house stimulating from one end to the other when combined with clever colour use.

31. Summerfeelings Lot




Creator: SarinaSims
CC: No
Value: 530,000 Simoleons

If you have a lot of cash on hand, buying a really big property is always a good investment.

However, it will cost you half a million dollars in Sim money.

Summerfeelings is a large, beautiful mansion with lavish landscape. The huge pool that cascades into a multi-tiered waterfall is the major attraction.

It even has palm trees blooming in the middle of the pool on platforms!

Light, elegant hues are employed throughout the inside, including the seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and other key living areas. Cream, turquoise, and light mint are a few examples.

32. Urban Minimalist 2 Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 140,000 Simoleons

This lovely modern home, suitable for a small or medium-sized family, is one of PralineSims’ most recent architectural successes.

It has a minimalist décor design with mostly straight lines.

The majority of the furniture is framed in dark browns, and the building is flooded with natural light thanks to the extensive use of glass panel walls.

Outside, lovely landscaping sets the stage for a stunning pool that will make your Sims’ neighbours envious.

33. Stylish Sophistication Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 137,000 Simoleons

You can’t go wrong with the Stylish Sophistication house’s enticing avant-garde style if you’re an up-and-coming modern Sim looking for a new abode.

The large pool immediately outside the door is the focal point of this home, but it is also attractive inside.

The furniture is designed in a minimalist manner with dark, neutral tones that exude a sense of quiet beauty.

Indoor plants help to relieve anxiety while also adding a sense of cosiness.

34. Waterpark Lot




Creator: Sumerr Plays
CC: No
Value: 143,000 Simoleons

There’s no better way to spend a summer day with the family than at a water park.

This charming summer location is beautifully framed by cayenne flowers, and it offers a variety of water slides for children, teenagers, and adults to enjoy.

There’s also lots of sunbathing space and a bar, which is very vital for Sim parents.

Don’t worry, they also serve non-alcoholic beverages.

35. Farm House Reinvented Lot




Creator: Zhepomme
CC: No
Value: 174,000 Simoleons

This stunning rebuilt farmhouse, which sits proudly on a hilltop, is a modern spin on traditional rural architecture.

It features a spacious master suite, two more bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen.

The size is ideal for a farming dynasty who have gradually amassed enough income to live comfortably – and indulge on a great, big pool.

36. Sushi Restaurant 2 Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 115,000 Simoleons

For a long time, PralineSims’ original Sushi Restaurant has been one of the most popular custom lots, and this revised version may be even better.

This venue’s interior is almost entirely covered in wood, from the floor to the tables and seats, in true Japanese style.

The menu is in Japanese, and there are teppanyaki tables similar to those found at Benihana.

It appears to be the type of place you’d like going on a date to, especially with the beautifully illuminated open-air seating area creating a romantic mood.

37. Tropico Moderno Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: No
Value: 150,000 Simoleons

Tropico Moderno is a contemporary spin on the beach hut.

It has straight lines, square shapes, and enough of glass to let the sun shine in from all sides.

The main bedroom’s clever use of warm hues creates a pleasant atmosphere without sacrificing design.

The open-air balcony looks like the ideal spot for reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, and the pool is just opulent.

38. Knitted Cottage Lot




Creator: Danuta720
CC: No
Value: 96,000 Simoleons

Beautiful vines and flowers climb the walls of this charming cabin in the woods, which is ideal for a medium-sized family looking for peace and quiet.

The interior is remarkably cosy, comparable to how your grandmother’s house must appear – but with a modern twist that prevents it from appearing to be a little run-down.

The children’s room is very impressive. It has a remarkably lifelike appearance and numerous small elements, such as doodles on the walls, that give it a “lived-in” feel.

39. French Townhome Lot




Creator: PralineSims
CC: Yes
Value: 190,000 Simoleons

Here’s something that appears to have been miraculously transported from the outskirts of Paris to a lot in The Sims 4.

With plenty of ornate metalwork and bright colours, the French Townhome’s exterior is comparable to what you’d find on the streets of the French city.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of elegantly coloured wallpapers to give each area its own distinct style. They’d almost certainly have names in your Sims’ world.

It may appear to be a bit pricey.

This 30×30 property, on the other hand, is ideal for sharing with other up-and-coming Sim inhabitants, as it has three bedrooms and two baths.

40. Stacked Containers Lot




Creator: Pyrénéa
CC: No
Value: 132,000 Simoleons

Container homes are among the most intriguing sustainable architectural concepts to emerge in recent years.

This one makes excellent use of the 3020 square foot lot it sits on by having two separate houses, one on each storey.

A vegetable garden, swings for the kids, a recycle bin, and even a solar panel on the roof are all included. It can accommodate two medium-sized households and meets the majority of a family’s urgent needs.

41. Little Aegean Church Lot




Creator: Eivi
CC: Yes
Value: 64,000 Simoleons

The pristine white walls and blue dome ceilings of Santorini, Greece, are familiar to anybody who has seen photographs of the island.

Eivi, a Greek artist, pays tribute to their motherland with this lovely chapel erected on a hill overlooking the sea in the classic Santorini style. Even if it isn’t the Aegean, you can utilise your imagination.

The Virgin Mary’s portrait hangs over the entryway, foreshadowing the inside, which is brimming with Christian imagery illustrating various times in Christ’s life.

42. Cynthia – Small Home Lot




Creator: Melapples
CC: No
Value: 100,000 Simoleons

Following that, we have a lovely tiny eco-friendly house with a modern Asian flavour that fits two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a little pool in a 20×20 lot.

Lavender grows abundantly all around the house, and a vertical garden adds some natural elements to the structure’s second storey.

The interior is made up of a variety of materials such as wood, brick, and stone, all of which contribute to a surprisingly intimate atmosphere.

Because of the significant usage of wood-like textures, the bathrooms are undoubtedly my favourite element of the interior. There’s also plenty of room to personalise them with some amusing bathroom accessories.

43. Villa Satayina Lot




Creator: Autaki
CC: Yes
Value: 188,000 Simoleons

Some Sims enjoy being the focus of attention.

Many of them, in fact, thrive in it.

They’ll appreciate the Villa Satayina if you’re steering such a person through his simulated life.

This bright and extravagant residence is excellent for parading their wealth around, whether it’s a nefarious millionaire dynasty or just a group of successful young entrepreneurs.

The large pool is the main attraction, but the eccentric interior design is equally appealing. Each of the three stories contains a variety of textures and styles.

44. Gunnel Lot




Creator: Rirann
CC: No
Value: 94,000 Simoleons

Some of the most beautiful homes may appear to be a little too flamboyant for the average neighbourhood.

This mid-century contemporary house is perfect for your Sim who prefers not to stand out.

While the exterior is unremarkable, it appears to be clean and well-designed.

There’s room for a little more imagination on the inside. There are a variety of textures, bold choices such as indoor-growing vines, and the most subtle use of animal print I’ve ever seen.

This single-story house, with one bedroom and one bathroom, is excellent for a small to medium-sized family.

45. Bar Tanara Lot




Creator: Autaki
CC: Yes
Value: 124,000 Simoleons

Give your Sim a help and get the Bar Tanara – an attractive café/bar in modern opulent styles – if they can’t decide where to take their sweetheart to wow them.

It features plenty of outdoor seating for couples, right adjacent to the big flower garden that acts as the lot’s focal point.

The terraces that overlook the garden are also a great spot for a marriage proposal or just a snapshot.

When it’s raining outside, the inside space is a terrific option. While the color palette is mostly black and white, there are a few splashes of bright color here and there to keep it from feeling too sterile.


46. Riverways Lot




Creator: MychQQQ
CC: No
Value: 121,000 Simoleons

Riverways — a compact residence for the creative Sim with a lot of spare time – is a less unique option.

The dark wood veneer that wraps around the top level is one of my favourites, and the abundant flora is always welcome.

The interior, though, is what elevates this home.

The space is filled with attractive furnishings as well as some unusual decorations such as hanging plants and braziers.

This is one of the best uses of a 30×20 lot I’ve ever seen, with three bedrooms, two baths, amenities, and even a tiny pool.

47. Apocalypse – In Ruins Lot




Creator: GenkaiHaretsu
CC: No
Value: 101,000 Simoleons

Apocalypse In Ruins is one of the most unusual homes I could locate, perfect for a vampire, a hiding extraterrestrial, or a zombie apocalypse survivor.

Nature seeps in and changes the area into a fantastical scene, however hidden beneath these fallen walls is a very substantial living space.

The interior has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and all of the necessities for a small family to live comfortably.

Everything is done in a serious manner, as if it were a vampire’s palace.

48. Club Vegas Lot




Creator: BrandonTR
CC: No
Value: 161,000 Simoleons

In TS4, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs to visit with your friends.

None, however, are quite as striking as Club Vegas.

This venue is decorated in a striking red and black colour scheme with a slew of neon lights. The entry is particularly remarkable, as the parallel ponds framing it provide the impression of entering across a bridge.

When you’re not strutting your stuff on the dance floor, there’s plenty of space inside to relax with a drink.

Your Sim will have a great time here.

49. Martha Lot




Creator: GenkaiHaretsu
CC: No
Value: 204,000 Simoleons

Following that, we get a rather unusual dwelling that fits nicely in with Maxis’ foundation constructions.

The construction is unusual for these lots, particularly the protruding skylights that mimic fireplace shafts above each of the roofs.

The private pool, which is built over an attractive wooden deck, is a highlight of this home.

There’s plenty of room on the terrace for sunbathing as well. It’s also properly located such that the sun shines on it for virtually the whole day.

The decor is somewhat varied, with a lot of bright colours and plants. Its three bedrooms are perfect for a bunch of artists to sleep in while working on their next masterpiece.

50. The Grotto Park Lot




Creator: LaReineDubois
CC: No
Value: 68,000 Simoleons

Our first submission isn’t a house, but rather a lovely park with two pools perfect for taking swimming lessons, playing with your kids, or simply relaxing with your fellow Sims.

While the upper pool is great for fishing and lounging, the lower pool is the star of the show.

It’s designed to look like a cave, complete with natural-looking rocks and matching decorations.

There are also some monkey bars for outdoor training, as well as some tables for you and your friends to speak over tea.


I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 houses lots CC/Mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.

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