Sims 3 Eyelashes CC: ULTIMATE Collection FREE Download [UPDATED]

Sims 3 has always been an incredible source of enjoyment for the Sims fans around the globe. And with different sims 3 mods the game play experience extends to  next level.

To make the game more enjoyable and fun, we bring you another sims 3 mod that is based on the character design; specifically eyelashes.

Let’s talk about eyelashes. Everyone, of course, has eyelashes. But what about when you want to freshen up your look? Some people turn to strip lashes, some to their favourite mascara, and still others to a trusted lash technician who can give them extensions so they may wake up every day with the ideal pair.

Unfortunately, our Sims have received the short end of the stick in this situation.

Sims lashes appear lifeless, monotonous, and honestly… unless we get really near, they appear to have no eyelashes at all.

And new eyelash alternatives might be just what you’re looking for to make your Sim look their best.

Best Sims 3 Eyelashes CC

1. S-Club Eyelash Set N3A


S-Club is a well-known name in The Sims 4 modification, as well as The Sims 3. But most notably for their eyelashes.


They take the game to a whole new level with their lifelike 3D lashes that come in a variety of lengths and for a variety of events ranging from the most spectacular to the most subtle.


Many of their sets also have a Maxis Match vibe to them, so there’s a lot of variety. However, their N3A bundle is also worth a look. One of the most eye-catching lash sets for all your Sims 3 gals.


2. Miss Manga Mascara


If you like anime as much as I do, you know how appealing those anime eyes can be.


I believe we would all go to great lengths to have eyes as huge and sparkly as the girls in anime.


We can’t do it ourselves, but we can give our Sims the privilege!


The Miss Manga Mascara CC set lengthens and volumizes your Sim’s lashes for what appears to be a limitless number of lashes and eyes.


All of these designs should be as stunning as your best friend.

3. Eyelash Set N2


When it comes to custom content for The Sims 3, the N2 Eyelash Set has some of the most stunning lashes available.


They’re long, delicious, and incredibly realistic!


It would be a complete game shift if I could achieve these lashes on my own eyes.


Allow your Sim’s eyes to sparkle in the light by adding some doll-like lashes to complement.


4. Heatwave Eyelashes and Eyeliner


When your Sim is on vacation, this is a wonderful cosmetics look to wear.


After working that gruelling job all day, a trip to the beach was greatly needed. They want to make sure they look just as nice (if not better!) when they’re relaxing in a faraway place.


Depending on how extreme you want to go, select either natural or augmented. You’ve got the perfect vacation face with this CC.

5. Eyelash Slider


While we’re on the subject of lashes, don’t you hate it when your Sim’s lashes are obscured by their hair?


It’s a little disheartening. However, with the eyelash slider, you can have both!


If you need to modify where your Sim’s eyelashes fall on their eyes to match that new haircut you just downloaded, you can be assured that they will always function together as long as you have this incredible tool.


Just keep in mind that this is a TS3-only tool, but I’m sure there must be a TS4 equivalent…

6. Bleeding Mascara


Screenshot of Bleeding Mascara Sims 3 CC


There are numerous occasions when a look like this comes in handy.


Consider this: your Sim is attending a Halloween costume party. What are your possibilities for a cosmetics style that will act as both eerie and sexy?


This CC is the answer!


Even if you have an alternative Sim, a goth Sim, or another style, the bleeding mascara with scars might distinguish them different.


Your female prefers to appear powerful and dark rather than nice and genuine. And we’re here to assist you.

7. 3-D Lace Eyelashes


Lace lashes are a great technique to achieve a girly eye look.

I know it’s a little out of the ordinary. But because they are so distinct, they had to be included.

These lashes are so delicate and beautiful that they look like miniature works of art hanging from your Sim’s face!

These are a must-try for stunning butterfly wing eyelashes.


8. Romantic Eyelashes



When it comes to my lashes, I’ve always been a fan of experimenting with colour.


Why can’t my lashes have some fun with colour if my eyelids can?


Don’t get me wrong: black lashes are fantastic. However, sometimes a little something extra is required to make a particular style stand out.


This CC set not only adds length and volume to an already glam look, but it also comes in a variety of hues that will have you reaching for it again and again.


Furthermore, the colour is only at the tips of these lashes, creating a halo effect and keeping your Sim’s eyes shining all night. Did you hear someone mention rave?

9. Tender Eyelashes


You might want to try the Tender Eyelashes CC if you desire thicker bottom lashes than what we’ve seen so far.


It is critical to remember your bottom lashes. Your eyes appear incomplete and awkward without them.


I mean, where in the world did they go?


But what’s amazing about this set is that they’re not overly loud. Just bear in mind that you want your lashes to look as natural as possible.


This indicates the top is longer and the bottom is shorter. Try out this CC and let us know what you think; it could become your new best buddy.

10. Delicate Eyelashes



This CC combo has the same feel as the Doll Lashes Mascara above… but it’s a little more dramatic.


If you want to add volume and thickness to your lashes but don’t want the extra attitude that comes with it, these are the lashes for you.


They’re practical enough for your Sim to wear on a daily basis without feeling overdressed for the occasion. In fact, they may have convinced everyone that your girl is a fantastic lash technician!


Not to add that they keep the lower lashes as full as the top ones. So your Sim’s eyes are nicely proportioned.

11. Doll Lashes Mascara


Doll Lashes are exactly what your Sim requires if they want to get that airbrushed cutesy Barbie look.


These are perfect for a “girl next door” look. Cute, pleasant, and endearing.


Dare I even suggest that they’re just what you’re seeking for if you want a Sim with a truly kawaii sense of style?


Try matching these lashes with a nude eyeshadow look for a more dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can experiment with the opacity to discover the best option for the situation. There are no rules here!


12. Pandelabs Eyelash Set 1


Why go to the hassle of searching for a plethora of separate files for single sets of lashes when you can locate one set that contains all you require?


Usually, the answer is that it’s difficult to find large collections… but that’s why I’m here!


Sets of any CC are easy to come by. However, the Pandelabs Eyelash Set offers all of the advantages of a large pack while remaining light enough to instal and be on our way.


And with 5 different varieties of lashes in varying strengths, there’s a lot to appreciate here.


13. FM Eyelashes



These FM Eyelashes have a fanning-out look that adds just the right bit of glitter to them.


They’re worn enough for more than one occasion, but they’re not your “I’m going to the grocery store” lashes.


These are also the ideal length for making your Sim female feel particularly sensual when needed. And the CC comes in six shades, giving you plenty of options for getting the most out of your lashes.


What’s the best part?


They also work on male eyes! Not everything in this place is exclusively for girls.

14. Smokey Lashes Mascara

Sims 3 Smokey Lashes Mascara


These lashes are ideal for anyone who like the drama of smokey eyes.


They give off that night-life atmosphere that every smoky eye enthusiast craves, without the need for a slew of different eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lashes.


All three can be found in the same location right here!


Even if you’re not normally a fan of so many dark hues, this could be a wonderful alternative for figuring out what your Sim would wear to a party, the bar, or any other nightlife events.


15. Feather Lashes Mascara


For a long time, this feathery lash appearance has been a popular aesthetic. They appear wispy and airy; they aren’t too loud, but they’re also not too subtle.


Actually, they’re the ideal compromise between a glam and a casual lash look.


The Feather Lashes Mascara CC is the way to go for bigger, fuller lashes. You may also have fun selecting between black, purple, and red mascara depending on how your Sim is feeling that day!


Try combining these with your Sim’s daily looks to see how they can tie together any outfit – whether it’s your usual makeup or something a little extra for a special event.


16. Subtle Lashes


When it comes to out all-natural Sims, these Subtle Lashes CC offer the perfect look.

Especially for Sims who don’t wear makeup very often. Maybe one of our male Sims, or one of our younger Sims, or perhaps one of our sporty Sims. They, too, require a nice solution for their lashes.

These are straightforward. They don’t give off the impression of having one coat of mascara on or even having returned from their lash tech.

Plus, this CC set includes three different swatches for you to pick how long (or short) you want your Sims’ natural lashes to be, while still blending everything on their face together.


17. Minimal Lashes


When it comes to makeup, not everyone prefers a bold, in-your-face style.


These Minimal Lashes are a sleek alternative for Sims that don’t need to have their faces all done up, whether they use a light BB cream and some lipgloss or maybe wear no makeup at all.

They still need something to give their eyes definition, you know?


18. Eyelashes Set TS3


This set is ideal for all Sims, but especially the crazy ones.

You can wear the top and bottom sets together, or simply the top or bottom — anything you like!

Even more impressive is how thick and full these lashes are. Especially if you like a more dramatic lash look over something more conservative and delicate.

If you’re feeling particularly inventive, the kit contains a variety of colour options. Naturally, this includes classic black, but also blue, yellow, and red (yes, all at once!)


19. Eyelashes Fairytale


Another fantastic collection of CC for out-of-the-box makeup looks – these definitely go above and beyond.

The lashes in this combo almost seem like butterflies. And the colours are so brilliant that your Sim will stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be frightened to be daring! Dare to be a little adventurous and have fun trying out all the strange things you can do when your Sim has goddess-like eyelashes.


20. Fashion Idol Eyelashes


Eyelashes are a terrific method to express the personality of your Sim.

There is no need for them to have natural-looking lashes if it is not their style!

And with these Fashion Idol Eyelashes, your girl can get the most ethereal of looks with lashes that resemble branches.

Your Sim woman can even have small butterflies on the ends of her hair. These are an excellent choice for any Sim that wants to think beyond the box, or for your fairy Sims!

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