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Did you know that you can use the sims 3 apartment mod in different ways in The Sims 3: City Living?

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Sims 3 Apartment Mod

This Sims 3 apartments mod allows you to search for apartments on a city map. When you select an apartment building, an up/down arrow will appear beside it.

If the rental has multiple levels, this arrow allows you to see other floors, indicating that the rental may be overpriced.

Your Sim must be able to afford both the deposit (the cost of moving into the rental) and the weekly rent in order to move into an apartment.

How to Use the Apartment Mod in The Sims 3

Follow these steps to begin using the city living apartment mod:

  • Download the AllCheats mod created by Twisted Mexican’s.
  • Register for an account on the Sims 3 Studio website and download the entire programme.
  • Enable ‘testingcheats‘ in the cheat window by typing ‘testingcheats on‘.
  • For best results, position your Sim in the center of an empty lot.
  • Start the Sims 3 Studio program without exiting the game.
  • Select the ‘Object’ button.
  • A dropdown menu can be found on the top left of the screen, next to ‘Game Pack.’ Select ‘City Living’ from the menu options by clicking the down arrow.
  • Hover your mouse over an object that interests you, such as a modern apartment building. A string of alphanumeric characters will appear.
  • The object ID is made up of the last five alphanumeric characters. This object ID is required to spawn the object.
  • Start your game. Enter ‘objects.gsi_create obj 0x(enter object ID)‘ in the cheat window.
  • The apartment building will be built on the vacant lot. Go to Build Mode to make the changes you want to the building. If you’re constructing a two- or three-story apartment, look for elevators in the Gallery.
  • After you’ve decorated all the floors and the building, Shift-click on a floor, and click on ‘Teleport’. Your Sim will be teleported to that floor immediately.

Sims 3 Apartment Building Mod: T.O.O.L

T.O.O.L. is an abbreviation for Takes Objects Off Lot. It’s essentially an edit apartment mod that gives you complete control over the objects on your lot.

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You can easily control the rotation and position of these objects, whether they are on your lot or not.


  • 10×10 Grid Visualizer: A 10×10 grid visualizer is added when you move an object. If you want to use the standard cross-axis visualizer, you can turn this option off in the settings.
  • Snap to Terrain: When you move an object, this feature forces it to the correct height from the ground.
  • Point and Click Move: You can mark any object as ‘active,’ then click it while holding down the ‘Shift’ key to indicate where you want the object to be placed. The T.O.O.L mod will immediately move the object to that location.
  • Snap Camera to Object: When you move an object to a new location, this feature will move the camera to that location as well.


  • Every time you want to use this Sims 3 apartment mod, you must enter ‘testingcheats true‘. To avoid this, install Twisted Mexican’s AlwaysTesting mod.
  • To access the Undo/Redo options and the Settings menu, Shift-click anywhere on the ground.
  • The colours of the visualizer can be changed from the Settings menu.
  • While moving an object, enter a pair of numbers separated by a comma, such as (x, y). For instance, -4, 9.
  • Move the camera to the left or right of an object as you move it to ensure that what you’re doing is correct.


  • Download both the ts4script and the T.O.O.L package.
  • Both of these should be extracted into your Mods folder.
  • Mods can be enabled in the Gameplay Options menu.


How to Transfer Sims to Another Sim’s Rental Lot?

  • To move your Sims into a rental lot, go to Master Controller> Add Sim. This will no longer provide them with the cost of the apartment building.
  • To move your Sim, use the move option on your phone or computer, or the ‘Edit Town‘ option. Begin by playing as a landlord, and then purchase the apartment building. This will provide the landlord with the cost of purchasing the apartment building.

Tenant and Landlord Mod


  • View: It allows you to see who owns the lot, how much it is worth, and other information about it.
  • Purchase Ownership of the Lot:-Purchase ownership of the lot.
  • Sell This Lot: If you are the current owner of the lot, you can sell ownership to other Sims who are not currently living on the lot.
  • Set Me The Owner“- Using this feature, you can make the active Sim the lot’s owner.
  • Rental fee: The owner of the lot has the option of determining the rental fee to be paid by the tenant. It can be set in terms of money or percentages.
  • Transfer Ownership to (such and such Sim): You can give the lot to one of your Sim’s family members.
  • Payment Terms:- This option is also available to the lot owner, allowing him or her to set the tenant’s payment terms. The payment can be made daily at 12 p.m., or weekly, on Wednesdays.

GamePlay Instructions:

  • In order for this apartment lot type mod to work, you must first purchase a residential deed in Buy Mode.
  • Click on ‘Set me the Owner’ to make the active Sim the lot’s first owner.
  • To find the ‘Sell This Lot’ option, click on the lot.
  • After you choose a buyer or landlord for the lot, the lot value will be deducted from the new landlord’s family fund and added to yours. The residential deed will also be added to the inventory of the new landlord.
  • When you play as the landlord, you can choose the payment term and the rental fee from your inventory. The tenant will automatically pay you the rental fee.

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Uninstall Sims 3 Mod Instructions:

  • Return ownership of the lot to your tenants before removing this Sims 3 landlord mod from your Downloads folder.
  • You may have forgotten to follow the preceding instruction. In that case, you can reclaim ownership of the lot by playing as a tenant, then starting and closing a Home Business.

You can download any custom apartment in the game, from Tiny Living Apartment to Marvelous Maisel Apartment! Download an apartment for your Sims by clicking here.



Renting out an apartment to other Sims in the city via the Sims 3 apartment mod is an entirely different experience. Those with an architectural mindset will love this mod because it allows them to build an entire empire!

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