Series that ended in 2021

People who love TV shows felt disappointed after the cancellation of their favourite programs last year. Some series ended as soon as they appeared and others reached the targeted end date. People did not get a chance to view and rate these programs, which was disappointing. Those who play casino online games might have taken their frustrations there. But what has already happened is hard to alter. We can only hope that better alternatives will emerge soon. If you want to see some of the TV shows that ended in 2021, we have a list below. It includes movies from a few of the most popular TV channels.

 HBO and HBO Max

HBO is a favourite TV channel for many of you. It has proven its ability to entertain in this arena over the past decades. HBO Max provides original-quality content that most of us love. Last year, however, HBO Max and HBO Max cancelled some of their series. Unfortunately, there will not be a new season in 2022 for the three cancelled shows. The three were the Mare of Easttown, Generat+ion, and Head of Class. The Mare of Easttown aired on HBO and HBO Max. It was a crime drama featuring Kate Winslet and Evans Peters. Generat+ion debuted on HBO Max and its plot featured the Orange County Zoomers. Head of Class could not offer a second season although it enjoyed high popularity. Other HBO and HBO Max cancelled shows had a few seasons. Some of these were Insecure, Betty, High Maintenance, His Dark Materials, etc.


Another top live streamer site is Netflix. Everyone, including kids, seems to know Netflix, and for a good reason. Netflix releases new top-quality TV shows so often. Although there are several exciting films to view on Netflix, the ones it cancelled in 2021 still hurt its fans. It cancelled shows like The Irregulars, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, Cowboy Bebop, Country Comfort, The Duchess, and The Crew. These one-season series will not air again in 2022. Netflix also cancelled programs that had run for a while. The first one was Manifest, which continued airing when NBC cancelled it. Others included Ozark, Grace, Frankie, On My Block, Family Reunion, Castlevania, and Special.


Some of the underperforming series came to an end on ABC in 2021. Rebel, a legal comedy-drama series, ended after five episodes. The poor performance caused its cancellation. Another series, Call Your Mother, starring Kyra Sedgwick ended too. Others were For Life and the American Housewife. A show called Black-ish will end this year. 

Amazon Prime 

It is another forward-looking live streaming channel. It has aired some memorable series like The Boys. Amazon Prime also cancelled shows after the first season in 2021. Shows like Panic and The Wilds faced cancellation only after a single season. The Pack that debuted in 2020 will end after the first season, and the same goes for the Truth Seekers. Other shows that ended after three planned seasons were Absentia, and Hanna.

Apple Tv

It is a relatively new TV channel that emerged in 2019. Despite being young, Apple TV is one of the top streaming apps on earth. It keeps growing its shows every day, meaning that fans will have the entertaining year 2022. It cancelled some of its shows in 2021, including Mr Corman which never got good viewership. The official end of the Little Voice by Sarah Bareilles came in 2021. Other affected shows were Dickinson and Servant.


Many of your favourite TV channels ended great programs in 2021, including Disney and Hulu are not on our list above. However, many good shows will premiere this year and help you forget your disappointments last year.

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