Readers’ Preferences

Many people prefer using PDF files. To capitalize on PDF, set its document properties carefully. After that, it will be easier to read PDFs when you are not chasing after the 50 free spinów. You can easily view your files in Reading mode by hiding all the toolbars and task panes.

That can maximize the viewing space on the screen. To do that, open Read Mode by choosing View and then Read Mode. Alternatively, click on the Read Mode button found in the floating bar. There are other ways to set Adobe Reader’s preferences to enjoy reading your files. We will explore a few of them below.

How to read PDF in Full-Screen mode?

When you only want to see the document, set your PDF in its Full-Screen Mode. When you do, everything else including the task pane, toolbars, window controls, and the menu bar, will disappear. It can be wiser to set this preference when using a PDF file for presentation. Even if other things will disappear, the pointer will stay to let you click links and open new notes.

It is easy to do this on your computer keyboard. Press control plus L (Ctrl+L).

If you want to view your files this way all the time, you can set this Reader preference by moving to the Preferences dialogue box first. Then, access Categories and click on Full Screen. Next, click on the Show Navigation Bar to see the previous page, next page, and close the full-screen view buttons.

Then, finish by tapping OK. Chose View and then Full-Screen Mode. Once you finish, you can now read your PDF in a Full-Screen Mode. If you fail to see the navigation bar, use keyboard keys to explore your document. For instance, press Enter, Page Down, Down Arrow, or Right Arrow Key to move to the other page. You can view the previous page by pressing Shift and Enter Left Arrow or Page UP Arrow.

There are other preferences for viewing your PDF files, including general ones and document viewing ones. There are many document preferences you can set. They include the following:

  • To close the current document and open the one you are linking to in the same window; use the Open Cross-document Links setting.
  • To ensure that documents open automatically to the last page you viewed when working, choose the Restore Last View Setting.
  • To find files quickly, give them your document title. You can use Always use the filename as a document title setting.
  • To set a maximum number of documents in the File menu, use the Documents in the Recently Used List setting.
  • To download PDF pages at a time from a web server, use Save As Optimizes for Fast Web View setting.
  • When you open the PDF and want to hide the menu bar, toolbar, and window controls, consult the Allow Documents to Hide the Menu Bar, Toolbars, And Windows Controls setting.

There are other document preferences you can set to view your document the way you prefer. At the same time, Adobe Reader allows one to manipulate General reader preferences with tools. You must use tools based on the action you want to take. For instance, the Make Hand Tool Select Text & Images allows you the hand tool to work a select tool when you move the pointer over text in PDF. There are several other tools you can use to set your general reading preferences.

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