Powerful Impact of AOE In Gaming

The gaming trend is increasing nowadays and the biggest reason is their amazing graphics and features. But have you ever noticed that we come across some jargon terms, which are quite tough to understand? This thing happens especially when you are a beginner.

Well, there is also the term AOE, which we get to listen to in the game League of Legends. If you are not familiar with this term, it means that you haven’t focused on the game deeply.

So today we will tell you the meaning of AOE and its powerful impact on gaming.

What does AOE mean?

AOE means Area of Effects, which mainly indicates the area that damage can affect. This term is mainly seen in strategy-based games.

The larger the area of effects, the more players can get affected. Users will get to see when the damaged area spreads out, the potency will get decreased. So if your character is nearby that particular area, it will get a harder hit.

In the game of League of Legends, it mainly depends on the type of skill the champion is using. The AOE may vary according and can be executed based on visible or invisible areas. There is always a powerful impact of AOE in gaming, so let us know about the types of AOE in League of Legends.

Types of AOE in League of Legends

# Chain

This type of Area of Effect mainly starts by damaging a single champion in a particular area. But if there are more champions in that area, the chain can also reach there, and the effect will come to the enemy champion.

This area of effect can jump to the unlimited amount of enemy champions. But it is possible only until the target is within reach after the elimination of the current enemy. Moreover, it can also hit the same champion more than one time.

# Location Targeted

Location Targeted is another popular type of Area of Effect spell and also a good ability to kill enemy champions quickly. With this AOE, users can kill many enemy champions at the same time without putting in more effort.

Users just need to choose the location on the ground where they want the spell to take place. You need to make sure that you are placed at a place where you found more enemy champions. Then just press the button to start casting, all the enemy champions in that area will get damaged.

# Point Blank

Point Blank is another popular AOE, which involves the casting of spells without targeting the main champion. You will be the caster at this time and you will be considered the anchor of the spell.

The damage will get started by radiating outward, which will get started at the caster, and will end at the given range. This AOE will damage all the enemy champions, especially in that area.

# Linear

This type of AOE has many projectile-based abilities as the carrier for effects. But still, many people love to go with making a simple effect on the whole area at once. It is quite similar to CAOE spells.

In this Area of Effects abilities, they just require a direction from the caster, and then it will affect the area as per the abilities range and width. Overall, this type of AOE has a very powerful impact in League of Legends.

# Splash

Well, this is quite a different type of Area of Effects in which the users need to trigger a single champion at least. Once you have triggered the champion, now it will start making damage around that stuck champion.

With this area of effects, users can make a huge amount of damage but still, users need to make sure that the champion they are targeting will not face the damage every time.


As there are many other terms in gaming that may confuse us or might be we don’t have any knowledge. AOE also has a huge impact in gaming, especially in League of Legends. So we hope that you have understood AOE and its types in the article we have mentioned above.

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