Placing your bets on live dealer Roulette – will live casino take over?

The concept of live casino was popular well before technology could even comprehend the idea. Roulette, as one of the most popular casino games out there, has huge demand in the already popular live dealer casino world. Whilst many classic games are available at an online casino, with Random Number Generators (RNG) keeping gameplay against the computer random and fair – technology now allows for the live-streaming of the games to provide a fast-paced, immersive experience like never before.

But the question remains: should you place your bets on live dealer Roulette, and will live casino really take over?

Read on to find out.

How does live casino actually work?

Live casino with dealers is set up in a specialist studio, with the croupier hosting the game just as they would in a land-based establishment. In the studio will be the table game with computers, lighting to create the atmosphere, microphones, cameras to capture gameplay from different angles – allowing smooth transitions to make gameplay feel even more immersive – and of course, the dealer. To play, you’ll join the live lobby and place your wager, the dealer will explain gameplay and begin to host. You’ll be able to ask them questions about the game through a live chat feature, and they’ll then reply verbally.

Live casino is available for most casino games, offering themed gameplay such as ‘Football Roulette’ and ‘Gonzo’s Quest’, with graphics and animations to create a wholesome, interactive experience.

The live casino takeover

In the UK, recent figures show that 25 million people play casino games every month. And, over 10 million of these gamers choose to play solely online. With the huge demand for portable gameplay, and the complete casino experience available at the tip of your fingers, it’s no wonder the popularity of live casino is seen as a threat to brick-and-mortar establishments.

Whilst land-based casinos offer some of their own unique features, such as history, that will ensure they never go out of style, the fact that live casino offers the chance to play with real-life dealers, in real-time, without worrying about parking, getting changed, or leaving your house, allows for a type of socially-distanced socialising that’s extremely popular for modern society. What’s more, live casino can be streamed to any device, so gameplay is available at anytime, anywhere you have internet access!

Live Roulette

Due to the popularity of Roulette, there are many live dealer casino games that offer variations of the iconic wheel, alongside themed games that aren’t available at any land-based casinos. This puts live Roulette one up from the rest, as those who love the thrill of the spinning wheel flock to live casinos to enjoy the game like never before. Examples of some of the live Roulette games available include: Football Roulette, as stated above, where the dealer is dressed in football attire, and will open conversation about the latest scores and popular teams. Gameplay will feature key moments, data and statistics from important football matches, as well as offering bonus features such as the Lucky Dip feature, which will randomly pick five, seven, or eight numbers for you! Quantum Roulette, another example which provides players with futuristic, immersive gameplay, provides you with the potential win up to 499 times your bet!

Who knows what the future holds in terms of online gaming and live casino, but our bet is that if technology continues to progress as quickly as it has done in the past five years – live dealer Roulette is definitely the place to be!

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