Multiversus: who is the best character and why

The first thing we want to know when starting the new game is the best character or several of them if he’s not the only one. But usually, you need to discover this on your own by trying playing each, one by one. But when we talk about the Multiversus game, you won’t have to search for it – Mobalytics have already done all the job for you. The source is ready to present the rate where you can see Multiversus best character and his place in the tier list among the other heroes available in the game. 

What is Multiversus

Multiversus is a game that was released by Warner Bros. on July 2022 and got pretty positive reviews from users and critics. The game presents itself as a crossover battle-platformer and allows you to play various heroes from other media pieces like series, cartoons, and popular real-life people designed as heroes here. 

It is the main advantage of the game. You can experience various options of operating your favorites and see how they would interact or combine the abilities if you used them as teams to fight in pairs. For this, the developers of the game offer the division into classes that assign characters to some roles (for example, Superman is a tank here, and Harley Quinn is an assassin). Moreover, there is a gradation of how difficult it is to operate the character if you are a newcomer – it allows for fascinating gameplay for any player, whether he is experienced or not. 

The results of Mobalytics investigation

Regarding all the abovementioned, the Mobalytics team created a tier list that described the principal aspects. If looking at the general correlation of mentioned factors like class attribution or complexity variability and other factors, we can observe the following image:

  • S+ tier has only one character with the perfect balance of all his features;
  • S tier is more numerous but still not so much;
  • A tier has the largest number of characters, but there is still some slight gradation;
  • B tier is pretty small again;
  • C tier also has only one character but in contrast to S+, it’s for the best.

When we are talking about the differences between the characters in S+, S, and A tiers, it needs to be mentioned that the distinctions are not considerable. They are more about characters’ peculiarities and how an average player can use them during the game. That’s why these three tiers are somehow related to high levels. The finesses of the assignment you can learn from the article by the link above. 

As you can see, Bugs Bunney is considered the best character in the game. The harmony between all the figures of each criterion identifies him as the most comfortable and efficient hero to play. “Why so?” – would you ask. Well, try it yourself to discover!

Mobalytics is a source helping you to raise your gameplay to the next level – and it touches upon both your skills and knowledge. Learn more about Multiversus with Mobalytics and explore more and more exciting things!


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