Most anticipated console games in 2022

There are a lot of gaming trends in 2022. Try to look at the list of games about to be released in 2022 and not see a recurring theme. This is the year of reboots, sequels, and spin-offs. Yes, games have always seen series and reusing popular characters, but if WB Games Montreal can make a Gotham City game where Batman is (spoiler alert) dead and absent, it’s a special year indeed.

List of the most anticipated console games:

1. Hitman Trilogy

Perhaps this first entry is cheating a bit – the trilogy combines the three installments of a reboot series that started way back in 2016. With a franchise that started back in 2000, Hitman has spawned eight canonical games, a deluxe edition, two disappointing feature films, and even reached the online casino world with a Hitman video slot. The Hitman Trilogy adds VR compatibility and gives players several options to replay their favorite moments in the trilogy.  

2. Saints Row

Saints Row, the Pepsi to the open world Coca Cola that’s Grand Theft Auto, also introduces a reboot series of which the first game is launched towards the end of the summer. You lead a criminal gang in whatever endeavors you choose, so you can specialize in the vice of your choosing.  

3. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Although less obvious, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a Borderlands spin-off. It takes the worlds of Borderlands and infuses them with LSD mythical monsters, treasures, a Dragon Lord, and a spotlight on Tiny Tina. TTW will be a four player co-op game with plenty of rainbow crazy to explore.

Gotham Knights

The Batman: Arkham series has seen both popular and critical success, so WB Games Montreal decided to kill the goose with the golden eggs. Batman’s dead in this continuation of the series, and his role is taken by the ‘Gotham Knights’: four secondary characters with big shoes to fill.

4. Nightingale

Some games can grab your attention just with a first glance. Nightingale is one of those games. Draped in a clear Victorian style, this survival game can be played solo or with friends. If Nightingale can deliver on the atmosphere it promises, it might shake up the industry a little.

5. Switch Sports

Switch Sports is perhaps the most shocking entry in this list. Not because it’s controversial in any way, but because Switch owners have had to wait this long to make fools of themselves as they hop around the living room pretending to play a total of six different sports, with golf added later.

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