Modern Pendants Designs for A Stylish Look

A pendant is one of the most basic accessories that you can wear every day effortlessly. It is a practical addition to your jewelry collection. A simple pendant can show off your personality and bring out elegance. It is an accessory that tends to draw attention towards your face, making you stand out from the crowd. One best thing about pendants is that you can switch them whenever you want according to the occasion, outfit, or even your mood.

So, if you want to expand your pendants collection for styling it in multiple ways here are some beautiful options to consider.

#1. Solitaire Pendant: 

The radiant beauty of solitaire makes it an ideal choice for pendants. This exquisitely designed pendant is available for both men and women. The solitaire makes a versatile choice as it is suitable for all occasions and goes well with all kinds of outfits. No matter what color option you choose, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, solitaire looks enchanting in all sorts of customizations. It has the charm to mesmerize everyone. Here are some popular solitaire pendant options:

  • Floral Solitaire.
  • 8 Prong Solitaire.
  • Halo Disc Solitaire.
  • V-loop Solitaire.
  • Swirling Moon Pendant.

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#2. Pearl Pendant:

Pearls scream luxury like no other thing. These are the elite choices that everyone desires to own. Pearl pendants add subtle elegance and charm to your ensembles that look flattering. The pretty dot of sparkle seamlessly coordinates your every kind of outfit. No matter what the occasion is you can never go wrong with a pearl pendant. You can choose your perfect piece from the variety of pearl pendant sizes and shapes available. So, if you are set to look gorgeous and collect compliments, pearl pendants are the go-to choices.

Here are some of the creative pearl pendant designs:

  • Gold Oval Pendant.
  • Simple drop pearl pendant.
  • Spinning pearl pendant.
  • Pearl Studded floral pendants.

#3. Initial Pendant: 

If you are obsessed with your name or some else’s name, this fashion accessory is must have to take your style statement a level higher. Featuring the initial letter of your name, this pendant brings out glamour, elegance, and romance. Ooze style with this sparkling pendant by pairing it with a range of fashionable outfits. No matter what the occasion is you can bookmark this pendant. Subtle, simple, and pretty, the initial pendant is a must-own piece of jewelry for every fashionista out there.

Here are some popular initial pendant designs:

  • Pendant with a combination of two initials.
  • Initials are included in a heart pendant.
  • Initial pendant-cum-ring.
  • Diamond studded initial pendants.


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