Madden NFL 24 guide: tips and advice to dominate the field of play

Every game within Madden NFL 24 is a battle. Regardless of the difficulty you select, you will find an artificial intelligence ready to respond to your attempts to score points. In the new edition of the American football game, your decisions will weigh more than ever and you will have to pay close attention to what the opposing team decides, offensively and defensively. That is why we prepared this guide with essential tips so that no one stops you in your quest to win the Super Bowl or become a sports superstar. Anyway, the latest version of Madden NFL will be released on August 2023.

Review the basics and learn the new

Something in which the American football game franchise has always excelled is in having an extensive, and very complete, practice area. Whether you are a newbie or have experience in NFL games, this mode is a mandatory stop thanks to its complexity and how well carried out the lessons it proposes are.

If you’re playing on next-gen consoles, Madden NFL 24 would have new features and systems, including quarterback passing, one-on-one battles between receivers and blockers, plus special (and more dramatic) dodges while running to the final. Don’t be afraid to get into practice: over the hours you will perfect the movements and, especially, the new way of throwing the ball. Knowing how to use these new tools is key to winning matches more easily.

The computer learns and adapts

The artificial intelligence in Madden NFL 24 is adaptive. What do we mean by that? If you are a player who likes long passing plays and you had a good result early in the game, you are going to start to notice how most of your shots do not reach their destination as the game progresses. This is because the opposing team is learning and already knows what you are going to do. Try to find variety in your plays and avoid using your most powerful weapons all the time. Pulling off a 50-yard pass can be spectacular, but short drive plays are more important than ever in this edition of Madden.

Key points to improve defense in Madden NFL 24

When you have to defend, you’re going to want to take down the opposing quarterback as soon as possible and get the ball back immediately. One of the most common mistakes in the defensive phase is running toward the opposing player who carries the ball. It is key that you learn to read the plays of the other team and that you try to occupy the spaces left by artificial intelligence. Many times you will be rewarded for waiting for the broker instead of going to look for him.

The other secret to success on defense is to let the players controlled by the machine do their job. It is preferable that you cover the receivers with your outside blockers and let the chaos in the center of the field regulate itself. In this way, it will also be easier for you to make interceptions and annoy the recipients of long passes.


Within the Face of the Franchise mode, you can earn mainly two types of currency. On the one hand, the Cred Points are used to buy clothing exclusively for another game mode called The Yard, and, on the other hand, the Rep points, which work in the form of experience points and are spent to increase the attributes of your character.

As your main objective is to be the best American football player, we recommend that you look for contracts and activities that give more Rep points. If you do so, you would be able to quickly increase your character’s abilities and start to make a difference on the field of play. It’s recommended that you buy Madden 24 coins if you have no time to develop your character.

Get letters and credits without spending money

If your favorite hobby is participating in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode, you already know how difficult it is to get a high-level card or get the credits needed for special packs. Instead of spending money, there are a number of free ways for you to build a powerful team very quickly in Madden NFL 24.

Check the “Missions” tab: you will find small challenges that have their own difficulty and different victory conditions. There are times that you will have to complete a certain number of passes while other times you will have to intercept balls or generate turnovers. Completing them all will give you special players and different card packs.

Log in every day: Starting a new session in MUT mode will give you one free card pack per day. In this way, you will be able to get free players and items that can be sold for credits.

Pay attention to the Marketplace: the market is where you will find different cards posted by other users for sale. Constantly check this place for cheap jewelry. Another thing you can do is sell the cards of players you no longer want for credits and you may get a good profit in the process.

With all these tips you can enjoy in all its splendor one of the best Madden NFL of recent years. Want to level up your character quickly? You can buy mut 24 coins here!

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