Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Choose the Best Consumables in Lost Ark

Players are willing to join in the combat of Lost Ark, because it is so attractive and bombastic for them to experience in the game. While they encounter the endgame Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons, they will have problems in dealing with the hard situation in these scenes. So, it is essential for players to use the consumables to pull through the hard situations in the endgame content. And you can read this article about how to choose the best consumables for characters in Lost Ark. Moreover, if players want to level up characters quickly in Lost Ark, you can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to upgrade them quickly in order to reach the requirements of quests in the game.

HP Potion or Major HP Potions

Players should know that Potions are always top-tier consumables in terms of utility. For instance, HP Potions, Major HP Potions, or even Elemental HP Potions. Sometimes, players may probably pass without using any Potions for the first several Guardian Raids or Abyss Dungeons. If you fail in passing these dungeons, you will spend more time on exploring them in the game and hurting others’ experience.

So, players should use Potions in endgame content, and it is not hard to get more Battle Item Potions in the game compared to other rare materials.

Signal Flares

Players normally think that the Flare Consumable is not useful in the game. In fact, some players don’t know the real function of Flare in Lost Ark. The Flare becomes one of the time-saving items in Guardian Raids. And players fight the beasts of Arkesia’s lore in the raids. Players can throw a Signal Flare which shows on the map where the Guardian appears. Sometimes, players may be stingy with this consumable in the combat.

Players should use the Flare in Party Order and toss the first Flare in the party. Next, players can use Pheromone Bombs, Destruction Bombs, or Whirlwind Grenades according to the real situation.

Dark Grenades

Dark Grenades is one of the most beneficial consumables in Lost Ark. The Dark Grenade decreases the defense of the enemy by 20% for all of twenty seconds. Players can use this item in these endgame contents, such as World Boss encounters, Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids. And players should pay attention to the way to throw the Dark Grenades in the game. You don’t need to follow the original way to throw it.

Whirlwind Grenades

Compared to Dark Grenade, Whirlwind Grenade doesn’t make the useful effect on enemies. It can knock the normal enemies into the air. On the contrary, Whirlwind Grenades can inflict a high amount of Stagger Damage, which makes it become the useful item for classes who are lack of Stagger Skills in Lost Ark. Players can use this item to deal with various Stagger Checks among many kinds of bosses in the endgame content.

Pheromone Bombs

Pheromone Bomb can only be used in Guardian Raids, it can prevent the Guardian from running away to another area of the dungeons when the guardian takes a large amount of damage for thirty seconds.

Destruction Bombs

The Whirlwind Bomb is suitable Consumable for Stagger Checks, the Destruction Bomb is used to break part of a Boss. There are several Guardians and Bosses in the high levels of items. For instance, Levanos, Lava Chromanium, or any variation of Nacrasena. Furthermore, players can use the Destruction Bombs to exchange the crazing combat system in Lost Ark.

If players have known the functions of these consumables in Lost Ark, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to collect them for your characters in the game. And they will help you a lot in the dangerous exploration of Abyss Dungeons.

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