Losses That Can Occur When Playing Real Money Online Gambling Game

While playing an slot online pragmatic casino game, there are some common mistakes to avoid. These include overestimating wins and underestimating losses. Another mistake is using a credit card to play online gambling games. Although these mistakes are not dangerous, they can still make you lose money. To avoid these mistakes, follow these guidelines.

Overestimated wins or underestimated losses

The study found that more than half of the players overestimated their wins and underestimated their losses. The researchers used the average GGR to define a correct or incorrect estimation. If the GGR is between -1 and +1, the estimation is correct. If it is smaller than 1, the judgment is considered unfavorable. If it is larger than 1, the judgment is considered favorable. Check out slot maxwin anti rungkat.

The degree of estimation bias is correlated with the monetary intensity of gambling and the game preferred by the players. The average expenditure in casino gambling is different from that in sports betting. It is also not associated with the gender or age of the player. Furthermore, players who claim to be aware of their gambling habits tend to overestimate their wins.

Increased stakes after a loss

Studies have shown that gamblers tend to increase stakes after a loss. However, some of these studies have also shown that people decrease stakes after losses. Despite these contradictory findings, it is important to understand how players react to a loss.

One way to explain the phenomenon is the house money effect. Players who have lost more often increase their stakes than those who win. The reason is that a win provides more money for a larger bet, and a loss does not. A win chaser is more willing to take risks if he has won a large amount of money.

High event frequency games are less accurate in estimating losses

High event frequency games were less accurate in estimating losses when playing real-money online gambling game than low-frequency games, according to a recent study. Researchers looked at the self-reported losses and expenditures of players and compared them with actual gambling expenditure and losses over a three and twelve-month period. They found that the estimation bias was larger among players who reported gambling-related problems. Despite the large differences in estimation biases, the authors found no consistent pattern between over and underestimation in players.

Using a credit card to play online gambling

Using a credit card when playing an slot online uang asli gambling game has its benefits and drawbacks. While using a credit card is a convenient option, using one to fund your account can lead to losses. Fraudsters can use stolen card information to top up your account and pocket your real wins. Fortunately, legitimate cardholders can request a chargeback with their card provider. These funds will be returned to you at the gambling operator’s expense, but you may have to pay processing fees.

One of the first benefits of using a credit card to play an online gambling game is cashback. If you lose more than 5% of your account balance in a single week, your credit card issuer may reimburse you through cash or points.

Using a stolen credit card to play online gambling

Using a stolen credit card to play an online gambling game can be a very profitable activity for scammers. Once the information is stolen, the criminals can use the card to top up their account and pocket their real wins. These fraudulent transactions are not reversible, and the real card holder can file a chargeback dispute in order to have their funds returned. Even if the gambling operator does not accept chargebacks, the fraudsters can often sell a stolen account for much less than the actual amount charged. That way, the criminals profit and the real card holder gets a refund.

However, in some cases, it is possible to get around these restrictions by registering several accounts in a single person’s name. In such cases, it is important to get the proper authorization from the card issuer before using the card to make purchases. The card issuer may require you to provide a magnetic strip in order to validate the transaction.

Using a credit card as a form of payment

Using your credit card as a form of payment when gambling online is not an ideal option. This method of payment carries high risks and is often not welcomed by retailers or credit card issuers. It may result in overspending and credit card debt.


Some card issuers are alerting customers that they will not be able to use their cards for online gambling. While this situation is rare, it is important to keep in mind that the ease with which consumers can access digital payment may encourage them to spend more money than they can afford.

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