Is Valorant Coming to Mobile? 

The top-rated FPS game is coming to mobile devices. What do we know about the upcoming game?

Mobile games have grown in popularity as more gamers gain access to their favorite titles, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Riot has already released a mobile version of their highly acclaimed League of Legends, and it seems the studio is set to introduce another game to this platform. The gaming company has announced that gamers can soon create Valorant Accounts on mobile phones, which many players are excited about. 

Valorant on Mobile 

Riot’s first-person shooter game has been one of the most popular games in recent years. Valorant just places second behind CS: GO as the premiere FPS game on the platform with over a million Valorant Accounts registered. The title has garnered over 14 million monthly players and is currently one of the most-watched tags on streaming platforms such as Twitch. With the success that Valorant has garnered, Riot wants to expand its reach to the global market.  

Riot developers have officially confirmed that Valorant Mobile is under development. League of Legends’ Wildrift was met with a degree of success, so fans expect the mobile version of the popular FPS game to emulate similar achievements.

What Do We Know About Valorant Mobile? 

The development of the mobile version is still in its mid-stages, meaning that the official release date will be way off. However, several leaks and pointers have indicated that Riot will try to release the game within 2022. Here is what we know so far from the updates: 

  • It is confirmed that Valorant Mobile will be available for both Android and iOS devices. The servers for this platform will be separate from PC players due to the limitations of smartphones vs. desktops or laptops. 
  • The game is currently under its optimization phase in preparation for its alpha and beta phases. Riot has been spending the last few months trying to smooth out and make the game playable on mobile phones without causing too many thermal problems. This indicates that there is already a playable working framework. 
  • The game officially went into testing stages on April 7 in China. 
  • Leaks have indicated that agents such as Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Skye, Sova, and Killjoy will be available during the playtests. There are no further details on whether other agents will be included. 
  • The updates have pointed out that the alpha phase for the mobile game will occur around the 2nd quarter of 2022. The closed beta version is expected to come out sometime around the latter half of this year if nothing goes wrong. On the other hand, the open beta will take much more time. 
  • According to leaks, Valorant Mobile will have a preset system that will allow them to make immediate purchases during buy phases. When used, these presets will automatically buy the listed weapon, armor, and abilities. 

While it seems that Valorant Mobile is entirely underway, there are still many things to fix and optimize before the public can get its hands on the game. However, there is a pre-registration process being offered by a third-party app for the game. 

How to Pre-Register? 

Riot is keen on offering the best gaming experience for its future players. One of the main steps to ensure a successful release is to have a beta phase available select players. Currently, TapTap is offering a pre-registration for gamers for Valorant Mobile.  

To pre-register, gamers need to log in to their devices’ app stores and go to TapTap’s page. There “Pre-Register” button is available, which will tag users as potential players for the beta phase. Several gamers will gain access to the Valorant Mobile immediately once the beta phase goes live.  

Issues with Hyper Front 

Many fans have high expectations for Valorant Mobile due to various games already out. Fortnite and CODM have been around, and many gamers will be comparing these titles to this highly anticipated release. Although, there is one game that many fans are wary of because of its potential copyright infringement. 

Hyper Front, which many fans have flagged as a Valorant copycat, is a 5v5 FPS team battle with similar gameplay and visuals to Valorant. Several of the game’s characters have eerily similar features to several agents from Riot’s FPS, such as Sova, Sage, Reyna, and Brimstone. Hyper Front might affect Valorant Mobile’s future, considering it will be coming out first. 

While there is very little detail to go on, the players are excited about its official release. Fans hope they will see their favorite Valorant skins and agents in the mobile version. For now, gamers will have to wait until the developers release more info about the game.

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