How to Play Escape from Tarkov with Friends

Every survival game pitches players against one another as they fight to stay alive or make it to the end of the game. That’s why the strategy in Escape from Tarkov is to avoid others or protect your head until you reach the extraction point. But fortunately, the game allows players to spawn in groups and not just solo. So, if you don’t want to be alone in Tarkov, you can play with your friends. 

But the way to do it is often difficult for beginners to comprehend. That’s why this article will help you with the simple process of doing it. Also, we recommend using escape from Tarkov hacks to play better amongst friends. Once you get that, follow the steps below to add and play with your friends now. 

Everything on Playing with your friends. 

  • Identify and Invite your friends.

You can play with your friends if you can’t identify them in the Escape from Tarkov lobby. So, the first thing to do is get the usernames of all your gaming friends so you can send them invitations. They can accept or reject the invitation, but accepting it brings them to your friends’ list in the game. 

  • Add the friends you want

After sending invitations to your friends, all those who accepted the invitation will appear on your list. Then check the lower side of the screen and locate the “Messenger.” When you click on it, you will find “Friends” on the top side of your screen. Check the listed usernames to identify the friends you want to play with and send them the request by hitting “Send Friend Request.” Any friend that accepts the invitation can be added to play the game with you. You can also find groups or people searching for groups to join. With the “Invite to Group” option, you can add them. This feature kick starts the matchmaking queue. 

  • Play the game together

Now that your friend is on board, you need to open the game-Escape from Tarkov. Then, choose the raid-PMC and choose the time phase and the map. The reason to play PMC raids is that Scavenger raids put players in an ongoing raid, thereby separating the friends to different locations. So, all the in-game elements should be the same with your friends, or you can’t play with them. Then all of you choose the point to enter the game and then press “Next” continually to get the message that reads, “Prepare for Escape.”

After the above step, you can now use the “Invite to Group” button to bring everyone on board. Then hit “Ready.” Once you hit the button, you and your friends will spawn in one time zone, and you can continue with the ongoing raid. Thankfully, the squad size for this game is 5, so you and 4 other friends can team up and play Escape from Tarkov. But keep talking with one another as you play. 

  • Communicating with friends in Escape from Tarkov 

Playing with friends doesn’t end in adding them. As you go about raiding in Tarkov, make sure you stay in touch so that no one will kill the other. Unfortunately, there’s no ping system in 

Escape from Tarkov. So, the best option is to use a voice chat system which might be TeamSpeak, Skype, or Discord. Then, when you all are in the same chat, it will be easy to keep in touch. Another means is to use the “Messenger” feature that enabled you to add them for messaging. This communication is necessary to plan together and carry out raids efficiently. 

  • Exchange items in the game

Sometimes when playing with your friends, you might have the need to support them with an item you got in loot but don’t need. To do that, first, start the raid and then drop that particular item you have in mind while looking up. The reason is to ensure that the item drops where your friend can find it. Then, once it drops, wait for some time until your teammate picks it up. 

  • Be a good team player.

Playing solo is different from playing with friends. When you spawn alone, you do things differently, but you must learn to plan and take actions together when others are involved. So, always try to communicate with others. Also, avoid shooting your friends in the game since you belong together. Moreover, try to hone your skills by using the offline mode where you can practice more. Unfortunately, the offline mode doesn’t support a team play. So you will play alone but won’t be penalized for losing or dying in a raid.  


Playing Escape from Tarkov solo is fun, but when you play with gaming friends, you’ll increase your chances of survival. Adding friends is simple, and we have shared the steps above. You can also find random gamers and add them to your groups using their usernames. Moreover, you can drop items for your friends to pick up at any time and communicate seamlessly using a chat service such as Skype or Discord. 

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