How to Increase OSRS Mobile Performance

Small tips to make your game better

Mobile phones are small but quite capable. They’re mini-computers in their own right, though actual computers are still faster. Still, it’s incredible to see the smaller devices play OSRS, a game that’s been on the computer (for what seems like) forever. They can do all kinds of things in Gielinor through the phone, such as farm OSRS gold, raise skills, or trade in the GE.

Still, with less powerful mobile devices, the game could have some issues with graphics and lag. Here are some simple solutions to those problems.

1. Check System Requirements

Your phone or device might not be able to handle the app. The site lists the following system requirements to ensure the smooth operation of the game.

Your Android systems should be at least 8.0 (Oreo). If on Apple devices, iOS 13.0 and beyond will be good. The site gives no recommended processor or RAM size, but the faster/higher, the better. Also, make sure you have enough storage space. The download for Android devices might require under 120MB, but it can be more extensive depending on your progress and the game’s updates. It can go as high as 5GB, so clean your storage to make space.

2. Clear Cache and Exit Running Apps

These eat up resources the device needs to run the game smoothly. Keeping things cached will take up RAM, and apps running in the background take the processing power OSRS needs. The game will lag or be unresponsive if you don’t clear them.

Although you can clear the apps from the ‘Task Manager’ (that screen where all the recently opened apps are), some others continue to run. Going to the settings to Force Stop them can help. Ensure you don’t stop a critical app for your device’s OS.

3. Reset Your Connection to the Internet

Lag may be caused by slow internet. Turning off your data/wifi and turning it back on can resolve many related problems. If you live with somebody or your family, make sure they’re not using up the internet’s bandwidth by playing internet games or watching a video. Those activities take priority for the network, which could lag your game unless your internet is fast enough to manage both.

Otherwise, you might have to reset your modem/router like how you reset your device’s connection. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to talk to your ISP or upgrade to a better package.

4. Changing Worlds

The world you’re in could be too populated that your device struggles to render and animate all of them. This is an easy fix by switching to a less populated world. It will also ease up on the information the device must parse through, as there will be fewer things it needs the data for.

This is especially useful when trying to buy OSRS items for sale on the GE. Usually, there are so many players surrounding it (whether buying, selling, or skilling), and you’d want to avoid crowds as much as possible.

5. Conserving Battery Charge

You can play for longer by reducing the load on your device’s battery. You can do that by:

Lowering screen brightness

Doing no. 2 on this list

Also no. 3

Reducing the FPS in-game through the settings

Turning on (not all of the options) a battery-saving mode

Be careful of overheating your device, though. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can ruin the battery’s ability to hold a charge. It would help if you took breaks in the middle of a long session or did multiple short ones instead.

6. Fix Your Graphics Settings

Somewhat related to no. 1, your device might strain under some of the game’s settings. While OSRS isn’t a graphically demanding game (it is an old build, after all), enhancing it too much can stress your phone. That results in lag and buggy graphics.

Some other options increase the load on the processor resulting in lag though the device should comfortably run the app. You can mess around with the settings to find the best configuration that lets you play the game without any issues.

Additional Notes on Battery Care

A battery is an essential component of your device’s function. If it fails or otherwise malfunctions, your formerly mobile and portable device will need ‘life support’ (being plugged in 24/7). It will become useless as its battery can no longer hold a charge.

Here are additional tips to keep your battery healthy.

High temperatures for a short time are better than a low temperatures over a long time. Short here is an hour at maximum, but cooling earlier is even better.

Don’t overcharge your battery. The most frequent action that causes this is leaving the device to charge overnight. Once or twice in between long periods is okay.

In a similar vein, do not fully discharge it before charging.

Using the device while charging will increase the temperature it’s exposed to. If you want to, ensure the app will only contribute a little to the heat.

Sometimes, batteries malfunction due to age. A replacement (whether for the battery or the device itself) is necessary when this happens.

Use battery-saving modes or eco modes to make the charge last longer.

While cooling the device with a fan (or other cooling methods) can lower its temperature, make sure it isn’t too cold to form condensation. That makes it moist, and as we all know, water and electronics do not mix very well.

A recommendation is to maintain a 20-80% charge level for optimization. Charging batteries below and above those limits is harmful and will speed up their degradation.

Enjoy OSRS Mobile With High Performance!

With all these tips, you should be able to play games at a suitable performance level for your device. Go on adventures in Gielinor anywhere and anytime with OSRS Mobile, and have fun! You can care for your phone or tablet with these tips, too. That lets you enjoy the app for longer and keep your playing platform intact.

Whether on the go or at home, bring the whole of Gielinor in the palm of your hand. Have fun playing OSRS Mobile!

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